Working With Women

Working With Women

Become an expert in the strategies you need to transform women’s lives.

The truth is 70% of your clients are going to be women. Of the men you see 90% of their challenges will be linked to a relationship with a woman. You need to know how to work with women in all the areas, relationships, challenges and strengths that are unique to them. Through this training you will become an expert in the challenges and transitions women face in their day to day life and also on the big picture level. Our goal is to get you comfortable with ten strategy plans for your sessions with women. Almost always there are a combination of strategies that when brought together create rapid transformation, purpose and integrations. Through our weekly live trainings, video interventions, and strategy maps you will become a specialist in the solutions women need. All your clients will benefit as they achieve success, understanding and a deepening of their key relationships.

  • Ten Tony Robbins intervention films where you learn how to discover and solve the most common problems women face
  • Ten Live Teleclasses where Magali and Mark Peysha teach the unique framework for helping women achieve the lives and relationships they want.
  • Ten Strategy Maps breaking down step-by-step the strategies you can use in your coaching to create rapid understanding, change, perspective and improved relationships.
  • Ten Small Group Confidence Sessions where I can go over the strategy maps with an RMT Adviser and fellow RMT students.
  • Dedicated Community Area for Working With Women Students where we can discuss strategies, clients, and our own lives in detail receiving community support and suggestions.
  • Fifteen RMT Power Sessions with the RMT Founders Cloe Madanes, Magali Peysha and Mark Peysha, where I will get valuable experience hearing coaches present their challenges and getting help from a Master Strategic Intervention Coach.

You will receive a Certificate for 50 Hours of Training as a Strategic Intervention Coach.

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about this exciting new program and to find out how you can pre-register.

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