Only 50 coaches will be admitted to the RMT Coaching Mastery training program for the Fall 2019 enrollment.

This program is for lifelong learners who are serious about learning and mastering the whole range of Tony Robbins’ change strategies.

In this program you’ll progress through five levels of coaching mastery.

Level One: Core 100 Training: Primary Methods

You’ll learn the fundamentals of Human Needs Coaching. If you are reading this, you have already studied Core 100 training. (Core 100 is not included with RMT Coaching Mastery.)

Level Two: Core 200 Training: Relationship and Communication

This level focuses on interpersonal dynamics – romantic couples, communication, small families, and groups. You’ll learn advanced strategies for expanding the unit and creating change for more than one client at a time.

Level Three: Total Breakthrough Training: Groups and Sequences

Tony Robbins coached six different families who were in crisis and over the course of 30 days coached each of them in every sector of their lives – career, health, relationship, communication, and finances completely transforming their lives. He coached individuals, families as well as groups and you’ll see how these sessions work together in a sequence. This is different from any other Tony’s work you can find. It’s a lot like the kind of coaching he offers elite star clients – and the only way you can see that kind of work. It will give you a unique perspective.

Level Four: Strategic Advantage

A 16 video training where you’ll learn Master Strategies for maximum growth, personal freedom and life planning. You also see how Tony takes leadership in complex situations including how to coach affluent clients because many clients experience an overlap between their personal lives and their business careers.

Level Five: Human Needs Coaching

Develop a specialty as a Human Needs Coach. This training will show you four different coaching processes for your clients – and will show you how to use the Human Needs “under the radar” to guide your perceptions and decisions. A powerful new training.

Bonus: Coach Accelerator Workshop

There is a new paradigm in building your coaching business – one that enables you to focus 95% of your time and energy on what you love best – coaching. This means no long days trying to figure out technology, marketing, or copywriting. It will be a huge shift in your career success and your quality of life. You can set up your 100% online coaching business in five days working together.

Bonus: RMT Business Building Mastermind

As you build your business, you will encounter new questions and situations. You need a trusted marketing coach! The RMT Business Building Mastermind is our continuation of the Coach Accelerator and Coaching Practice Blueprint marketing systems. Have a question about growing to the next level? We will be meeting twice a month, where you can get one-on-one support and consultation so your business never stops growing.

Bonus: Tony Robbins Business Coaching Series

Our entire collection of Tony’s business coaching sessions – Tony is the king of business coaching and this really focuses on the interface between your business and your personal life. These touch exactly on the topic we were talking about – how to help a client to overcome interference between two areas of life.

Bonus: Marketing Makeover

One of the most important skills coaches need is to understand the client’s experience of looking for and singing up for coaching. In Marketing Makeover you look over Mark Peysha’s shoulder as he help coaches to make their marketing materials more effective.

Bonus: Virtual Coaching Guide

A new marketing training that will take you through the process of working as a virtual coach – someone who can find and coach clients from all over the world – which enables you to live anywhere in the world.

RMT Coaching Mastery Certification

When you finish RMT Coaching Mastery you’ll be one of the few elite coaches who can say they are a Robbins-Madanes Trained Master Coach.

Platinum Bonuses

When you join RMT Coaching Mastery on the single payment plan, you save money, and you get the following Platinum Bonuses:

Platinum Bonus: The Treasure Trove

You get access to an exclusive Platinum Bonus: The Treasure Trove, which is a secret library of all Robbins-Madanes Training films ever made. Anytime you’d like to learn about a different area of coaching, you can reach into your secret library and see Tony doing a session that will instruct and inspire you.

Platinum Bonus: Unleash the Power Within

Attend Tony’s legendary Unleash the Power Within event as our guest on a full scholarship. This is the gold standard for personal growth – and it will help you get positive momentum in every area of your life.