Community Education Portal

This is our Community Education Portal, where we share with you intervention films, articles about coaching, recorded classes, and any materials that will benefit our broader community and clients. This is not where you’re learning how to be a coach – this is where you’re growing personally and learning more about what Strategic Intervention is and how it changes lives. This is also where our Core Training Coaching students send their clients to learn more about personal transformation within our tradition of Strategic Intervention.

Strategic Intervention Films

Whether you’re interested in becoming a leader, would like to transform a difficult relationship, or set a new course for your life direction, here you’ll get practical, actionable strategies you can use right away. One of the best ways to learn is by watching others learn and transform, so below you’ll see Strategic Intervention Films, in which Tony Robbins helps individuals transform serious problems within one conversation. You’ll see people standing up spontaneously to share their challenge with Tony – this is not rehearsed or planned in any way – and Tony using accelerated skills for producing positive change. These trainings are available on a temporary basis and may be replaced at any time, so I hope you enjoy this selection today.

Making Key Decisions


Transforming Relationship

Note: Training films are copyrighted Robbins Research International and Madanes-Peysha Publishing. Embedding or copying of videos is prohibited. All rights reserved.