Dear Future Coach,

All your life you’ve been a great resource for others. You’ve been a great listener. And your advice is usually on target.

But sometimes it’s frustrating because people don’t always follow what you suggest. Sometimes they even make things worse for themselves – even though you’ve given them some valuable strategies for personal change.

Most people who have a personal calling to help others wish they had more skills to help their clients change. And aside from a deeper bag of tricks, they wish for one thing…

The Ability To Help Clients Change On A Deeper Level

Do you have the ability to understand and help people?

Then enhance your skills by becoming a Robbins-Madanes Trained Life Coach within your area of specialty. This will enable you not only to coach others in your industry, but to solve problems and offer consultation at the highest level.

Every industry is plagued by interpersonal challenges and dilemmas. As a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach, you will be uniquely equipped to solve problems, help individuals and businesses resolve conflicts, and free up energy and time for their business.

You’ve probably seen some of our videos of Tony Robbins interacting with clients. Acting based on what appears to be intuition, Tony focuses on a single point he uses to bring about massive change.

When he’s done, people are in tears, their life is changed, and very often, it’s only taken a few minutes. And people watching him work often think…

“I am learning so much from the strategies and the training in general. It’s giving me a depth to how I use my intuitive skills with clients.”

Ameya Tanya Gwizdalla

“I just graduated! What’s most useful is the Human Needs, for sure. I’ve learned about it during DWD but now I know how to understand people and my clients much better.”

Mariana Lacombe
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What’s Our Core 100 Training Really About?

Let me tell you the most important things we impart in the Core Training.

Ironclad Confidence

We install in you the ironclad confidence to handle virtually any problem that comes your way. We do this by showing you how there are patterns and strategies associated with every single situation you will deal with. When you recognize the strategies your clients need, they experience profound changes.

Behind every obstacle your clients present is a behavioral pattern. We teach you what to look for and how to give your clients strategies that will give them a new behavioral pattern. These strategies have been proven and tested on thousands of clients.

When you know what to look for, it becomes easy. You are giving your clients proven strategies for their lives. Your clients will love how you work with them.


You’re getting the best training in the industry. It’s no secret. There are lots of people jumping in to issue trainings and certifications these days.

Your coaches are Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Magali Peysha and myself.

We are the industry leaders in training coaches because we have joined forces on a mission – to raise the consciousness of the planet by teaching people how to live an enhanced lifestyle.

When someone asks you in the future, “Where were you trained?” and you mention the Robbins-Madanes program, you’ll have their immediate respect.

You are mentioning the brightest lights in the coaching world and their influence has touched everyone in the profession.


As a graduate of Core 100 you receive a Certificate of Completion from Robbins-Madanes Training. This is the leading brand in coach training, and a certificate that is enthusiastically recognized by millions of coaching clients. However, if you have a college degree you can also qualify to take the exam to be certified as a Board Certified Coach. This means you would get to put the letters “B.C.C.” after your name (standing for Board Certified Coach). This is the most rigorously tested independent verification of coaching skills in the industry, coming from the same institution that certifies all types of Counselors. Having one (or both) of these certificates will show the world that you are well-trained professional life coach.

The Training Comes With These Awesome Enrollment Bonuses:

Coaching Practice Blueprint.

Our turnkey marketing system for getting your first paying clients as quickly as possible.

Client Startup Kit.

This training guides you step by step through your first three sessions with clients, using examples of real phone coaching. You’ll never be left wondering what you should do.

RMT Speaker’s Blueprint.

Everything you need to give a speech the Robbins-Madanes approach to coaching. If you like speaking publicly, this kit will get you started fast! A lot of people use speaking as a low cost way to get clients.

Business Owner Psychology.

Setting up a new coaching practice means you need to start thinking like an owner – about your customers and your workday. This training will help you and your clients make that leap.

The Tony Robbins Personal Coaching Series.

You get access to Tony’s legendary personal growth programs! This will include The Edge: Maximize Your Quality of Life; Love and Passion: The Ultimate Relationship; Career: Find Your True Purpose; Lifeforce: Energy for Life; The Time Of Your Life: Life Management; and True Wealth: Creating It Now.

The Vault.

Our selection of recent, unpublished Tony Robbins coaching films.

The Virtual Coaching Guide.

Guiding you through how to develop and serve an international coaching clientele.

Tony Robbins Breakthrough Series.

Where you will see how Tony guided six families from crisis to celebration. Oprah loved this series so much that she bought the rights. It’s only available for you here.

Online Impact.

A brand new training on how to find clients online. Includes how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other traffic sources, email marketing, and much more.


If you sign up as a Gold Member you get a full year of live coaching and practice sessions with the founders of Robbins-Madanes Training. This gives you unparalleled support in signing up and serving your first coaching clients.

Tony Robbins Business Coaching Collection.

A series of coaching sessions Tony did with business owners and executives – so you can learn from the master at how to help any business owner to rediscover their edge and make their business what it should be.

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Rave Reviews For Robbins-Madanes Films And Trainings

“All the tools were practical and after completing my certification, I felt I was so much more advanced than other coaches I knew. I have so much knowledge on issues that other coaches (outside RMT) have never had! I can see that at the faces of my clients. I make a comment and they shine! It’s like doing psychotherapy (simultaneously) but everything comes into light so fast. I have read all Cloe’s books, and I have used the mentality (the way she is thinking) and this has helped me tremendously. I have insights that no other coaching school could offer. RMT is the best Training in the world (for that I am convinced based on the results I bring to my clients and the way the media perceives what I am saying when invited).””

Marea Laoutari Deligianni

“Everything that Tony teaches is invaluable. I find even after listening to the same one 3 or 4 times I am still learning valuable information that I haven’t remembered learning last time. This builds my confidence in my subject knowledge.”

Rev. Theresa Mitchell

“I’m in the Core 100 currently, and finding strategies that help people really break through, as well as relationship strategies really effective – in my practice and in my relationship with my wife.”

Shawn K Carpenter
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