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Yes, Tony & Cloe!

I am ready to learn your incredible skills!

The Tony Robbins Video Training Modules, which present the very best of Tony Robbins’ strategies and interventions. This world-class multimedia training can be taken on my own pace and schedule.

Live Power Sessions. I get six months access to phone-based Power Sessions, where I can get personal questions answered. I’ll also hear other coaches getting help and coaching for their practices. I’ll hear and participate in coaching in real time, and I’ll get a weekly boost of inspiration and community. In these live sessions youʼll get to meet with the Robbins-Madanes coaches, who will answer your questions and work with you one-on one on any area of your coaching career. Invaluable.

Live Practice Lab. I get six full months of access to weekly Practice Lab, where I can learn a strategy and get immediately paired with another student to practice it, getting valuable coaching experience every time I attend. The easiest way to build my skills as a coach. We roll up our sleeves and obtain real-life coaching skills at an accelerated pace. In these live trainings youʼll learn a new coaching strategy. Every time you show up, youʼre growing your skills.

A Certificate for 100 Hours of Training as a Life Coach, showing that I have been trained by the pre-eminent coach training in the world.

Board Certified Coach Certification. As a Core 100 graduate, I’m eligible to get the prestigious “Board Certified Coach” certification through the Center for Credentialing and Education.  Note: BCC requires a college degree.
* Number of BCC Hours of Credit Offered: 120 hours total (60 hours for Core 100 and 60 hours for Core 200)

I’m Ready To Learn Incredible Skills

Everybody who joins Core 100 also gets these valuable collections.

  1. RMT Speaker’s Blueprint, a done-for you ready to go presentation that you can give as part of your approach to getting coaching clients.
  2. Official Coach Directory and RMT Coach Badge, after you graduate you will get a coveted spot on our official RMT Coach Directory. Plus, you’ll earn the right to proudly display the official RMT Coach badge, showcasing your expertise and affiliation with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Elevate your coaching career, attract more clients, and join a community of elite professionals dedicated to making a difference. This is your chance to stand out and make an impact!

I’m Ready To Learn Incredible Skills

Everybody who joins the Core 100 before July 31, 2024 also gets these valuable bonuses.

  • Bonus: The Vault. We produce new Tony Robbins coaching films every year. We upload 5 new films each year to the vault. Get to access the Vault to see these amazing new films!
  • Bonus: Tony Robbins Personal Coaching Series. Tony’s multimedia programs have transformed over 40 million lives. You get access to a selection of Tony’s legendary personal growth programs, including titles like The Edge: Maximize Your Quality of Life; Love and Passion: The Ultimate Relationship; Career; Find your True Purpose; Lifeforce: Energy for Life; The Time of your Life: Life Management; and True Wealth: Creating it Now.
  • Bonus: Tony Robbins Business Coaching Collection. Many coaching clients either run businesses or work for businesses. As a coach, it’s useful to have some exposure to the principles of business coaching. Tony Robbins is the king of business coaching. So we’re also including our collection of films we’ve produced of Tony’s business coaching sessions. By seeing how Tony approaches problems and obstacles in business, you’ll greatly increase your own business coaching skills. Who knows – you might get some business clients yourself!
  • Bonus: Tony Robbins Breakthrough Series. Tony Robbins took on six different families who were experiencing problems in their careers, finances, and relationships – and within 30 days created a transformative Breakthrough for each of them. You’ll see Tony’s most advanced strategies for improving family dynamics, finding your purpose, and changing your state. This series is so powerful Oprah Winfrey purchased it.
  • Bonus: Tony’s Success Films (previously Seven Mindsets). A collection of some of Tony’s most outstanding interventions, these films contain examples of a plethora of different challenges such as infancy trauma, overcoming our deepest fears, addiction to our problems, lack of confidence in masculinity, and how to live a fulfilling and purpose-filled life even when faced with physical limitations that may have shaped your whole life. You will learn about Clare Grave’s model of 8 Levels of Existence how you traverse these levels when you face hardship.

I’m Ready To Learn Incredible Skills

For everybody who joins  before July 31, 2024 also get this valuable bonus.

  • 10 Anthony Robbins films focused on the specific needs of women and powerful strategies for women. These films have been produced specifically with this training in mind. Cloe narrates and walks you through the strategies used in each intervention.
  • Completing the Working With Women Training earns you a Certificate of Completion for 25 Hours of Training as a Working With Women Coach. This certificate brings a whole area of relationship expertise to your practice. Our coaches refer to this as their “Secret Weapon,” as many coaches have no idea how important working with women is to them until they get coaching. When they do “get it,” it transforms their practice.

I’m Ready To Learn Incredible Skills

A badge with "100 HOURS" in white text on an orange circular background, complemented by a blue ribbon behind it, symbolizes strategic training excellence.

Certificate For 100 Hours Of Robbins-Madanes Coach Training

You will receive a Certificate of 100 Hours of Training as a Coach from Robbins-Madanes Training. This is the most cutting-edge Life Coach Training in the world and contains everything you need to become an amazing coach.

A person with short dark hair and light-colored eyes, wearing a dark red and black top, smiles for a close-up photo.

“I am learning so much from the strategies and the training in general. It’s giving me a depth to how I use my intuitive skills with clients.”

Ameya Tanya Gwizdalla
A woman with long dark hair smiles while sitting in a car, looking ready for her strategic training session.

“I just graduated! What’s most useful is the Human Needs, for sure. I’ve learned about it during DWD but now I know how to understand people and my clients much better.”

Mariana Lacomb
A woman with short light brown hair is smiling, wearing a white jacket and pearl earrings. She stands indoors with a window and dark background behind her, exuding the confidence of a seasoned coach after an invigorating training session.

“I love the RMT training, I have found it valuable personally since losing my husband in June. Not only does it give me insight but it helps me start to shape what is possible for the rest of my life. Additionally I use it with my family and they are as seeing benefits immediately. The portal and disks are invaluable to immerse myself and repeat.”

Christina Briggs
A woman with long brown hair, wearing hoop earrings and a black shirt, smiles at the camera. A dark, textured background is visible behind her, evoking a sense of strategic depth befitting a coach in training.

“I am fascinated by watching people transform. I love learning how to help facilitate that transformation. I appreciate that the training takes the position that nothing is ever wrong with anyone’s behavior and that we are all attempting to meet our own needs, even if that action or behavior is not necessarily the best way to do it. I love how simple techniques and small adjustments can make such huge differences.”

Shelley Sims
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