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After reading through the incredibly heart-felt applications, Cloe generously awarded 2 first prize winners. We are delighted to announce Nina Adams and Shelley Stokes as our winners for September 2022. They will be joining the RMT Mastery Coaching journey, receiving the intervention tools that Tony and Cloe have developed to initiate fast and effective change with the people they will be serving.

Nina Adams, United States

Growing up in low income communities, followed by a life of poverty, Nina Adams never let her circumstances control her passion to help others rise higher. After becoming a Federal Police Officer she began her quest to become a Life Coach to help women and girls who are from the same side of the tracks she walked on – low income communities, jails, group homes, and detention centers.

“Renewing their passion for life is my target. Helping end poverty one person at a time – attainable. Jump starting someone’s dream – motivating. Helping to renew someone’s passion – priceless.”

Shelley Stokes, United States

Spending years as an Advocate working with impoverished families to set strategic self sufficiency goals and having spent even more years in Native American Traditional training working with people on transitional goals, Shelley is ready to fully immerse herself in the RMT coaching training to help others transform on an even more powerful level.

“I have never had the results or breakthroughs that Mr. Robbins has had. I want to be able to do THAT. The light bulb moments on people’s faces that squashes the self sabotage behaviors to manageable nuggets.”

We are still working through shortlisting the 2nd prize winners of
The RMT – Create Positive Change Giveaway!

If you have been shortlisted, then we’ll be reaching out to you via email shortly.

Please keep an eye on your inbox for more information from our assessment team, as you’ll be asked to book yourself an appointment with them, complete your final qualification call and potentially have one of the placements awarded to you.

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2 x First Place Prizes For

The Full Life Coach Mastery Bundle

(Core 100, Core 200,
Total Breakthrough Training)

Worth Over $10,500


$2,500 in Second Prize Funding Towards

The Full Life Coach Mastery Bundle

(Core 100, Core 200,
Total Breakthrough Training)

Bringing the Value to $8,000

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