Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the training to help myself?

A good education as a coach begins with understanding yourself and using strategies to improve your own life and circumstances. When you are courageous enough to work on yourself, you gain the experience and “muscle” to help others in a more effective and heartfelt way. Most of our students experience intense personal growth during the first several months, and then learn how to use that personal change to help others.

Will this training teach me to do what Tony does?

Yes! This training features Tony’s most advanced strategies, which are not taught anywhere else. We have spent a decade breaking down this sophisticated work into strategies that are simple to understand and implement. RMT students are modeling their work on Tony’s strategies (as well as RMT expert teachers) and getting the same kind of results.

Can I receive CEUs by completing Core 100 Training?

Yes, Robbins-Madanes Training is certified to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to a number of helping professions, including for Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists. We are continuously adding to the CEUs we offer, so please check in with us to see whether your profession will give you CEUs for Robbins-Madanes Training.

I have no training in coaching, how will I fit into the training?

No prior training or particular background is necessary. The requirement is that you feel a desire to help people. Our students come from every industry, background, and walk of life. We always say that it’s impossible to predict which of our students will surprise us most in their progress and growth. One of our students went from zero experience to being voted the #1 Relationship Coach in Britain within two years!

How much interaction will I have with other students?

As much as you want! If you’ve wondered where you can find a community of like-minded people, you’ve found it. The RMT community is a remarkable rich, diverse group of incredibly kindhearted, intelligent, and successful people. You’ll connect and make friends with students through our online community and through phone-based discussion groups.

How long will it take me to complete Core 100 Training?

The training is designed to be self-paced so that it fits into your life and schedule. Many students choose to work on their training for 5 hours a week, for 20 weeks. The best way to do the training is the one that works in your life. Since the training is self-paced, you never fall behind and can always complete it as quickly as you like, too.

I’m an experienced therapist. How will becoming a coach help me in my practice with clients?

We have over 500 experienced therapists, coaches, psychologists, and physicians improving their skills with RMT. Some therapists join the training to enhance their skills (Cloe Madanes is one of the top teachers of therapy.) Some join to expand their practice to include coaching. The course is designed to enrich practitioners at every level. In the very first week, you’ll find ways of working with people that you’ve never considered before.

How much money do coaches make?

Coaches make a wide range of incomes, from $60 per hour to well over $500 per hour. Some of this has to do with how that practice is designed – for instance, whether you focus on serving your local population or whether you take your services nationwide. To learn about the local market for coaching, check in with at least 10 local coaching providers and learn about their services (check at least 10 to make sure the sample is representative). Bottom line: the general public’s demand for coaching is on the rise, and this trend is increasing.

When will I be ready to see clients?

We encourage you to start helping people right away! In your first week of training, you will learn tools to help just about anybody. We recommend that you set a goal of doing 30 coaching sessions just to get them under your belt. Some students start off by charging in full as a coach, some start off by charging a nominal fee, and others feel most comfortable coaching their first few initial clients for free. Many of our coaches start getting paid clients within a few months of starting the training.

I know I can help people, but how will I market myself?

To us, serving people and making contact with potential clients – it’s part of the same process. We teach a method where you initiate your relationship with clients by offering them value and results, so that they come to you in gratitude and appreciation.

Can I share the training with my husband?

Of course! Many of our students use the training to improve a variety of relationships in their lives, and we encourage that family members and spouses share the resources within the same household. We have numerous couples going through the certification training as partners. A discount is available if both of you should like to receive certificates for the training.

Will I be supported if I don’t understand a strategy?

We provide numerous means of support. You’ll have students who partner and work with you on exercises. You can also contact one of our kind, intelligent Program Advisors, who are RMT-trained coaches and experts in the content.

Can I use what you teach in a business environment?

Absolutely. Hundreds of our students are taking the training specifically to enhance their effectiveness in business settings. Coaching provides a global framework for taking whatever you do with people – whether you serve as a coach, manager, service provider, consultant, contractor, or employee – and making it more effective. Any part of your work that has to do with people and communication will be greatly enhanced by the training.

My goal is to change my own life, my priorities, find a mission, and get married. Will this help me?

Coaching focuses on your ability to discover the priorities, beliefs, goals, and relationships that matter most to you. You will find clarity about yourself and your needs, you’ll take intelligent strategic action to change your circumstances, and you’ll master the process of finding fulfillment and purpose. The strategies are designed to help you with yourself…and on that basis, you become able to help others.

Can I receive my certificate before I finish paying all my payments?

We require your tuition to be paid before issuing you your certificate.