How To Find Your Greatest Resource

Ever feel that the weight of the past is too heavy, you don’t know how to break through to a new future? This is a common problem, and often people waste months or years of their life suffering from guilt, shame, or feelings of inadequacy… then one day break through to the life of their dreams. How? Let’s talk about it.

In today’s film, you’re going to meet Lyndsey, a woman who seemed to be facing such difficult odds. She stood up to speak with Tony because due to some poor financial decisions, she had put her family $250,000 in debt… and the guilt and shame of doing this was crushing her soul. Tony dug a little deeper and discovered the root source of Lyndsey’s pain – she had two daughters with severe health problems, and this is what had driven Lyndsey to gamble.

So what did Lyndsey really need? She needed to be as strong as fulfilled in her life as possible, so that she could enjoy every day even while fighting for her daughters and rebuilding her finances. She spoke with Tony for a little over than an hour, found a solution, and sat down. Then she want home and got to work. As you’ll see, one year later, Lyndsey is a transformed woman – not only handling the demands of her home and family, but she also became a major contributor in her community. If you have ever felt that your decisions from the past are weighing you down, you MUST witness this method for turning yourself around and finally living the life you really want. Enjoy!

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