How to Start Making Money As a Coach

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If you’re like many people destined to become coaches, it may feel like you’ve been “coaching” people for a long time.

You’ve been listening, showing empathy, and giving advice to friends and family – people naturally gravitate towards you when they need help, because that’s just who you are.

You already know how amazing it feels to be able to help someone gain traction in their life and move towards their dreams.

And you’re ready to turn your natural abilities into a career that’s both meaningful and profitable.

Yet in order to turn that dream into reality, there are some practical considerations that come first.

Namely, can I make a living by coaching? How much can I charge? How much SHOULD I charge?

And another, more basic question:

“Do People Really Pay Money For Coaching?”

If you’ve been “giving away” your support, your advice, and your focus to people, it can seem incredible that clients will actually hire you for coaching services. But the numbers speak for themselves.

Coaching is a rapidly growing industry. More and more people are looking for the opportunity to work with a professional who specializes in helping you to clarify your goals and take powerful action to make things happen in your life—and they are willing to pay for it.

How to Hit the Ground Running

If you’re just starting out, you might wonder: how do I find paying clients?

The truth is that potential clients – people who would like to increase their effectiveness at achieving their goals – are all around us. Don’t believe the myth that clients are hard to find.

In fact, we encourage our students to start getting paying clients – even before you’ve completed your training. Why?

Because there’s no better way to get practice as a coach – than to work with real paying clients.

So, we’ve developed the most streamlined pathway in the industry – to take you from where you are now to becoming a well-paid professional coach.

How Long Does It Take To Start Getting Paying Clients?

This is the most common question new coaches ask us, and the answer is – it depends.

We’ve had some students who landed their first real, paying clients during our Core 100 program, and hundreds of successful graduates who go on to create serious full-time professional incomes.

Here are just a few of our students who have gone from total beginner to well-paid professional coach.

Shawn Carpenter, a coach from Victoria, BC says:

“I have always struggled with not feeling good enough – in part, because I didn’t live what I know, and I struggled to support my wife and three kids in all ways – financially, emotionally, etc… and now that’s finally beginning to change. I’m now making the income that I have always wanted (I’ve hit my first financial goal of $10,000/month, now I am aiming at my next goal of $20,000/month), and for the first time, looking at how I can love my family instead of gaining love from them. I’m also taking the steps to be who I am deep down inside, rather than stopping myself out of fear itself or fear of what others think. Who am I? In essence, a warrior, here to create transformation for myself and those around me! RMT has given me another chance at life – to be who I’m here to be, fulfill my purpose, and support my wife and kids in the way I have always longed to do.”

Kate Kolskog, a coach from Calgary, Canada says:

“Without RMT, I know I would not have been able to overcome the fear of going forward with my business plan to open my own private practice. Now I also have bigger plans to build on my business, and open a wellness centre. I am amazed as what I have done in the course of six-nine months just by watching the RMT tapes, listening to power sessions, doing the inner strength program, and now completing the coaching. It fine tuned many of the skills that I have as a Marriage and Family Clinician and as a Registered Psychologist.”

How Much Do Life Coaches Make?

Professional Coaches hourly income is similar to the hourly income of a Psychologist.

The level of that income depends on a few factors: the type of coaching you do, where you’re located, and how you position yourself.

Coaches who are starting out generally charge a range of between $100 to $300 per hour.

We recommend our coaches start at $150 per session as a rule of thumb, although we will also encourage you to offer three month coaching packages (at a flat fee).

As you gain experience, and your reputation grows, you can raise your rates – some coaches can easily command $500 or more per hour.

These are the average rates for a one-hour coaching session, according to the 2016 International Coaching Federation study:

As you can see, life coaching has a unique position of being both very fulfilling and very lucrative.

And because of this unique combination, coaching is one of the fastest growing industries right now, which also means more individuals are taking advantage of this incredible opportunity. However, the more you can become an expert and position yourself above your competition, the more successful you will be as a coach.

When you have a specialty and have the authority in your chosen area, you can also expand your services from purely one-on-one coaching to include group coaching, retreats, workshops, or becoming an affiliate for products that align with your expertise.

What to Do Next…

You’re ready to take the first step towards your new life…

A life where your work is meaningful, both to you and to the people whose lives you change.

And you can’t wait to start a career where you are in control of what you do and the hours you work.

Now, you can try to figure everything out on your own…

And learn through trial and error (at your client’s expense)…

But if you want to start earning money as a coach quickly, you’re better off investing in a program that will give you everything you need to get started.

As you can see from the numbers we’ve discussed, it’s an investment that quickly pays for itself when you start getting paying clients.

So what’s holding you back? If you have questions about how coach training – and succeeding as a professional coach – would fit in with your life, let’s have a chat on the phone.

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