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Keith Leonard, Executive Coach & Talent Development Expert

Polished Executive Coach and Talent Development Expert with a proven track record of empowering senior leaders to unlock their full potential and drive organizational success. Over 18 years of experience partnering with leaders and executives from diverse industries to enhance leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking. Adept at conducting insightful assessments, providing tailored coaching plans, and facilitating transformational growth. Known for fostering sustainable behavioral change and achieving tangible results. Committed to fostering leadership excellence through a collaborative and empathetic coaching approach. Ready to guide executives in reaching their professional and personal aspirations.


Founder & Owner – Keith Leonard Coaching LLC 

Feb ’10-Present | Shokan, NY

A full-service executive coaching and corporate training solutions firm, specializing in driving organizational improvement through talent development initiatives and one-on-one coaching arrangements. Partner organizations and clients include FedEx, Duane Reade/Walgreen Pharmacies, Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Christmas Tree Shoppes, Gabriel Brothers, Waste Management, McDonalds Restaurants, NY State Senate, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, The Philadelphia Phillies, Meridian Hospitals, Tatari, Vizio and more.

  • Trained and coached over 5000 leaders and executives across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia
  • Collaborate with C-suite executives to conduct comprehensive leadership assessments, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Develop customized coaching plans tailored to each executive’s unique goals and challenges, utilizing a combination of leadership frameworks and psychological principles.
  • Provide one-on-one coaching sessions, leveraging active listening, probing questions, and constructive feedback to enhance self-awareness and interpersonal skills.
  • Facilitate executive/leadership team workshops and group coaching sessions to foster collaboration, improve communication, and drive organizational alignment.
  • Create custom training content for sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and human resources employee development.
  • Mentor executives in strategic thinking, decision-making, and change management, resulting in enhanced leadership capabilities and effective problem-solving.
  • Assess and address emotional intelligence competencies, helping leaders navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and build stronger relationships with their teams and stakeholders.
  • Track and measure the progress of coaching engagements, using key performance indicators to demonstrate tangible improvements in leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.
  • Offer guidance and support during critical career transitions, such as promotions, onboarding into new roles, or navigating challenging professional situations.
  • Stay current on industry best practices and leadership trends, integrating the latest research and methodologies into coaching strategies.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and development within client organizations, contributing to long-term leadership growth and sustainability.
  • Create and deliver a bi-annual leadership development seminar, inviting clients from across the United States to participate in a weeklong intensive program designed to elevate skills, increase awareness and positively impact organizational success. (The 12 Decisions Seminar)


Classical Piano Performance | The Juilliard School | New York, NY

Music Education | Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts | New Brunswick, NJ

Life Coach Training | Robbins Madanes Training (Total Breakthrough, Core 100, Working with Women)

Body Language Expert | Joe Navarro Body Language Academy | Copenhagen, Denmark

Certified Partner | Wiley Publishing (Everything DiSC, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, PXT Select) | Minneapolis, MN

Certified Instructor | The Center for Leadership Studies (Situational Leadership, Situational Coaching) | Cary, NC

Certified Instructor | Franklin Covey | Salt Lake City, UT

Maxwell Coach | The John Maxwell Company | Duluth, GA

Certified Influence Professional | The Cialdini Institute | Phoenix, AZ

NLP Practitioner, Master & Trainer | The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology| Fife, Scotland

New Code NLP & International Coaching | John Grinder | Lagos, Portugal

Strengths Coach | Gallup | Chicago, IL

NLP Sales Practitioner |iNLP Center | Riverside, CA

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching | The Priority Academy | Peterborough, England

Certified Practitioner | Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Positive Psychology Practitioner | Positive Psychology | Maastricht, The Netherlands

Executive & Management Coaching | University of Cape Town | Cape Town, South Africa

Science of Social & Emotional Learning | Northwestern University | Evanston, IL


Available Upon Request

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