Give yourself all the advantages of becoming a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach



Marketing Makeover


The 2020 Bonus Package comes with 10 amazing bonuses:

Bonus One: Human Needs Coach Training

One of Tony’s most important contributions to coaching is the Six Human Needs. It’s like the “Swiss Army Knife” of coaching because it lets you do anything! Most coaches don’t know how to tap into its true power. So we are offering this brand-new training focusing on the Six Human Needs. You’ll have a specialty as a Human Needs Coach.


Bonus Two: Online Impact

When coaches start out, we like to give them the fastest possible way to get paying clients. It’s called the Coaching Practice Blueprint, and it’s included in Core 100. Some coaches want to go to the next level and discover even more ways to grow their business. So you’re getting a brand-new coach-centric marketing training called Online Impact! We will cover Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Product Launches, Webinars, Email Marketing, and every system known to work for finding and signing up coaching clients. This training is like a delicious buffet. If one of the dishes appeals to you, great! Have some more and enjoy it. If you don’t like one dish, leave it and find one that works better for you. There are many options, and you can build your practice by adding the marketing methods that truly resonate.


Bonus Three: Seven Mindsets of Success Coaching

We’ve trained thousands of students in our productivity method, called the Seven Mindsets of Success. Since so many coaching clients want Success Coaching, we’ve transformed it into a series of coaching sessions that you can give your own paying clients. It will be great to have your Success Coaching Package ready to offer to your clients.


Bonus Four: The Vault

We produce new Tony Robbins coaching films every year. Often we keep them in “the Vault” while waiting to include them in a new coach training. Our 2020 students get to access the Vault to see these amazing new films!


Robbins Personal Coaching Series

Bonus Five: Tony Robbins Personal Coaching Series

Tony’s multimedia programs have transformed over 40 million lives. As a Core 100 Gold Member you get access to Tony’s legendary personal growth programs! This will include The Edge: Maximize Your Quality of Life; Love and Passion: The Ultimate Relationship; Career: Find Your True Purpose; Lifeforce: Energy for Life; The Time Of Your Life: Life Management; and True Wealth; Creating It Now.


Bonus Six: Tony Robbins Business Coaching Collection

Many coaching clients either run businesses or work for businesses. As a coach, it’s useful to have some exposure to the principles of business coaching. Tony Robbins is the king of business coaching. So we’re also including our collection of every single film we’ve produced of Tony’s business coaching sessions. By seeing how Tony approaches problems and obstacles in business, you’ll greatly increase your own business coaching skills. Who knows – you might get some business clients yourself!


Robbins Personal Coaching Series

Bonus Seven: Tony Robbins Breakthrough Series

Tony Robbins took on six different families who were experiencing problems in their careers, finances, and
relationships – and within 30 days created a transformation for each of them. You’ll see incredible strategies for improving family dynamics, finding your purpose, and changing your state. This coaching series is so powerful that Oprah Winfrey purchased it!


Unleash the Power Within

Bonus Eight: Unleash the Power Within

As a 2020 member you get a partial scholarship to see Tony live and in person at Unleash the Power Within! Tickets run $995. You only pay $595. We pay the rest! Tony creates an incredible transformative experience – you’ll love it! U.S. locations only.


Marketing Makeover

Bonus Nine: Marketing Makeover

What’s the most powerful message you can put on your coaching website? Would you like to know? In this live webinar series, Mark Peysha guides real-life coaches to optimize their marketing. It’s an amazing way to learn. You’ll be invited to share your own marketing materials and get a consultation as well.


The Virtual Coaching Guide

Bonus Ten: The Virtual Coaching Guide

One of the big perks of coaching is that you can have paying clients all over the planet – which means that you yourself can have “location freedom” and live where you like. Some coaches like to divide their time between two different locations. Some coaches like to travel. Some like to live in a less expensive place while getting clients from a more affluent place. All these options are available. The Virtual Coaching Guide walks you through the important points of coaching virtually – including how to find clients, how to sign them up, and how to serve them impeccably in a virtual environment