The Personal Coaching Series

Unlock Tony Robbins' 6 Self-Empowering Techniques for Building an Extraordinary Life

Understand Your Mind. Apply the Tools. Improve Your Reality.

What's inside the Personal Coaching Series?

We've taken Tony's SIX CRITICAL LESSONS for empowering your mindset and broken it down into easy-to-follow audio & video sessions plus actionable workbooks. So you can learn to harness the power of the mind - your key to achieving laser-like focus, consistent happiness, and true wealth.

Here are the core teachings Tony shares with you in this series:

Energy For Life - The secret of elite performers is they're masters of putting themselves into a special mental "state" or "zone". In Energy For Life, you'll discover the 3 crucial factors to tapping into this very same zone - empowering you to develop the strong, resilient mind and optimally fueled body required to live your very best life.

The Edge - Your inner-life compass is your greatest weapon to achieving your goals, but it must be set correctly. In this section you'll learn the mind-sharpening secret to achieving laser-like direction, unbreakable focus, and the ability to summon a feeling of strength, purpose, and clarity at will.

Love & Passion - Our intimate relationships can nourish us with life-affirming pleasure… or heart-shattering pain. But there's a secret Tony lives by which ensures you're always on the winning end (and it's got nothing to do with the actions of your partner).

Find Your True Gift - Most go decades without identifying what their strongest attributes are - a recipe for frustration and lack of fulfillment. In this section, we show you the 2 ife-changing skills which allow you to unlock your inner powerhouse - the first is the ability to understand yourself, the second…

Financial Freedom - The secret to achieving financial freedom… creating a mindset of wealth - but, what does this actually mean? Here you'll discover the 7 areas of extraordinary wealth (yes, one of them is money) and how you can develop them to build a life of richness, abundance, and joy.

Time Of Your Life Mini - Course - Developing your vision of an extraordinary life is one thing, but it's the capacity to follow through which makes it real. With Tony's patented Rapid Planning Method (RPM), you'll harness the life-changing power of focus - your greatest asset to maximizing your internal resources and achieving your dreams

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The Personal Coaching Series

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