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Included in ALL RMT Black Friday Courses (Core 100, Core 200, Total Breakthrough Training)

Course Details

Black Friday Offers apply to Core 100 Training, Core 200 Training, and Total Breakthrough Training. Each course has a separate focus and certification.

In our C100 Training, you learn absolute essentials including:

  • How to handle any situation. The confidence to handle virtually any problem by teaching you to recognize patterns and strategies for client success.
  • How to create massive change in your clients. Learn to notice the limitations and patterns clients place upon themselves, and then the “magic” begins to happen by assisting clients in creating a world where those limitations no longer exist.
  • The secret for lasting transformation. By analyzing and breaking down the techniques of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, we share proven long-term strategies that help people uplift their souls and transform their lives.
  • Change doesn’t have to take forever! Strategies to help people effectively open their hearts to their authentic selves, for results which can be seen quickly in many aspects of their lives.
  • Professional Certification. The widely recognized Certificate of Completion from Robbins-Madanes Training. If you have a college degree, you can also qualify to take the exam to be certified as a Board Certified Coach (B.C.C.). This means you would get to put “B.C.C.” after your name.
  • Live Power Sessions, Practice Sessions, and so much more!
  • Read the full course description here.

Our C200 Training is for coaches who have already successfully completed C100, and are ready to take their skills to the next level. Coaches will benefit from:

  • Live Q&A Calls with RMT Founder: Your burning questions answered by Cloe Madanes, live! An unparalleled opportunity for regular access to one of the industry’s greatest minds.
  • Mastery Units: In-depth mastery units focusing on the most frequent and pivotal themes coaches encounter when supporting their clients, with the following 6 coaching zones:
    • Resiliency in Crisis: Enabling clients and yourself to contribute at the highest level no matter what the situation or challenge presented.
    • Overcoming Inner Conflicts: Discovering inner strength and changing patterns so that emotional needs are met.
    • Group Dynamics: Strategies for coaching a family, coaching within a corporate setting, family business, or community group.
    • Overcoming Loss: Tools for working through grief from losing a loved one, transitions to a new stage of life, different job or work position.
    • Finding Marital Passion: Learning how to work with couples to increase love, trust, passion, friendship and leadership in the family.
    • Advanced Negotiation Skills: Creating resolution and connections within an environment of struggle or dispute, whether within a family or workplace. .
  • Learn Your Way: We know everyone learns differently, which is why C200 is packed with a variety of teaching tools including narrated intervention videos, homework journals, recorded teleclasses, reading journeys, and coaching practice sessions.
  • TWO Powerful Certifications: Certificate of Completion for 100 Hours of Training as a Strategic Intervention Coach AND a separate Certificate of Completion as a Marriage Educator. This certificate brings relationship expertise to your practice.
  • Live Power Sessions, Practice Sessions, and so much more!
  • Read the full course information here.

When you finish Total Breakthrough Training, you’ll be one of the few elite coaches who can say they are a Robbins-Madanes Trained Master Coach. Your learning includes:

    • Family Focus. Study six different families, discovering how Tony Robbins helped them achieve breakthroughs. TBT delves deep into the dynamics of each family, teaching you how to facilitate changes.
    • Specialized Coaching Strategies. Go in depth with the following strategies: Mode of Being, Leverage, Discovering Strengths, Ordeals, Key Decisions, Finding the Spark, Expanding the Unit, Presence, Hierarchy, and Triangles in Relationships.
    • Profoundly Relevant Topics. Some of the areas we cover in TBT training are: 
      • Destructive Communication Patterns, Owning One’s Presence and Purpose, 
      • Becoming a Leader in the Family, 
      • Making a New Key Decision,
      • Overcoming Fear,
      • New Patterns for Past Trauma,
      • Turning Anxiety into Adventure, and
      • Rekindling Passion
    • 22 weeks, but can adjust it as needed. Each unit 1-5 weeks long and includes Breakthrough Episodes, Tony’s Challenge & Story, Round Table Intervention, Lecture Week, and Action Form. This training aims to equip you for true coaching success at the highest level.
    • Power sessions, coaching strategies, blueprint, website, etc. as mentioned above. You’ll learn how to model yourself after Tony as a master interventionist, discovering layers of relationship dynamics and strengths within families. 
    • Respected Certification: Certificate of Completion for 100 Hours of Training as a Breakthrough Specialist Coach.
    • Live Power Sessions, Practice Sessions, and so much more!
    • Read the full course information here.

Black Friday Bonuses

If you purchase our courses today, you’ll receive the following exclusive bonuses:

BONUS #1: Working With Women Course and Certification
(worth $390)

BONUS #2: C100 Bonus Room
(worth $2,990)

When you’re ready to expand beyond the core training of each program, we have bonus rooms absolutely packed with content for you.

BONUS #3: C200 Bonus Mastery Room (worth $1,990)

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Core 100

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(Save $5,380)

Core 200

Total value: $7,370
Your Price: $2,990
(Save $4,380)

*C100 and an introductory call with our team are a prerequisite

Training (TBT)

Total value: $5,380
Your Price: $2,990
(Save $2,390)

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C100 + C200

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C200 + TBT

Total value: $12,360
Your Price: $5,600
(Save $6,760)

C100 + C200 + TBT

Total value: $20,340
Your Price: $8,000
(Save $12,340)
*Successful completion of C100+C200+TBT bundle entitles you to the RMT Mastery Certificate. Take your coaching skills to the next level and create massively positive changes with the world’s pre-eminent coach training today!

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  1. The Black Friday Sale takes place from November 20 to November 27, 2023.
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  3. The discount can only be used during the advertised time for the advertised products, which are: Core 100, Core 200 and Total Breakthrough Training.
  4. The discount does not apply to products purchased prior to or following the sale.
  5. Acceptance of discount ends on December 15, 2023.
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