Rmt Team

RMT Team

RMT Advisers are here for you. They will discuss content as well as help you to grow in your own life.

Advisers lead discussion groups focused on your specific training needs.

Students are guided by advisers to share and question how the training helps them in their work with clients and in their own life and relationships.

Christie Curtis

What an uplifting experience it is to be part of such a great group of individuals.

Every day is a blessing so I am fortunate that I get to spend each of my days surrounded by such positive, caring and amazing students and team members.

As a health and fitness enthusiast I find RMT beneficial in keeping the focus on improving yourself and those around you.

CJ Harlan

Everyday I feel honored to be able to work with and alongside the gifted faculty and RMT team members who with their combined skills are able to truly help anyone who is committed to creating positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others.

I have applied coaching strategies in both my personal and professional life for many years, achieving fabulous long term results for myself, for my clients and for the wonderful RMT students I am privileged to coach. It’s all very exciting to help you discover all you can accomplish and…MORE.

Debbie Messick

I thoroughly enjoy working with the students and staff at RMT.

Every day I get the pleasure of connecting with our students and hearing about their breakthroughs. I enjoy the positive energy of the company and also enjoy that I learn something new every day through our programs and through our students.

Julie Daoud

Joining the RMT Team has been a delightful and uplifting experience. Not only have I had the opportunity to help people throughout their journey with Robbins-Madanes Training, I myself have been able to learn and grow.

Being a member of the RMT Team has been such a source of positivity in my life. Every day I am blessed to work with the students and staff members witnessing their transformations as they grow personally and better their lives.

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