Discover 5 of the Most Powerful Strategies Tony Robbins Uses to Create Change Quickly

See the Patterns. Take Strategic Action. Experience Positive Change

What's inside the Breakthrough System?

We’ve created a short course that teaches you Tony’s FIVE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS tools for creating profound and lasting change. It walks you through the core steps you need to follow to understand any situation – that is, any person as well as the obstacles and challenges that stop them from achieving their goals and creating the life they want.

Here are some the things you’ll discover in this training:

The three forces that power all human emotion ,- As a coach, it’s not enough to be present with what a friend or client is feeling – you need to understand why they feel that way.

The Triad - This is one of Tony’s most powerful tools for getting inside a person’s head and understanding how they see the world. (Most folks don’t notice, but he uses this strategy in almost every intervention.)

An important (possibly the most important) principle of transformation – and why understanding this fundamental truth is vital for anyone who wants to help their friends and loved ones.

The 7 steps Tony uses to help his clients break out of the “Crazy Eight” - It’s one of the most common and destructive patterns Tony sees in his interventions.) This is the secret to creating lasting change.

How to win people over and get them to trust you quickly – to the point where they’re willing to share intimate information and talk about issues that are extremely personal.

The six fundamental human needs – and how they relate to different life stages, and, in some cases, cause people to get stuck in a “Crazy Eight” pattern for years, sometimes even decades.

And a lot more!

You'll Receive:

FIVE VIDEO LESSONS – one for each of the core strategies you’ll learn. Each video module is designed to be easy to consume.

So what are you waiting for?

The Breakthrough System

See the Patterns. Take Strategic Action. Experience Positive Change

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