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Hey, welcome to Robbins-Madanes Training!

We’re very pleased to have you joining us, and we intend to train you to become an amazing Strategic Interventionist and a great resource to everyone around you. The text below is here to clarify some of the terms of the work we’ll be doing together. It is written in legal language here, but we will also explain everything to you in plain language inside the program, and of course you can access us directly at any time with any questions. If we can help you with any questions now, please feel free to reach us at [email protected]

I’m looking forward to starting the training with you next week! Talk soon.

Mark Peysha
Robbins-Madanes Training


All material contained herein is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, redistributed, displayed in public, or in any way provided to individuals other than those with membership accounts except where expressed. Use of intellectual materials herein for the establishment of personal business, for which this program is designed, is allowed in most cases.

Under the Fair Use Rights of U.S. Copyright Law, Title 17 – Section 107, materials contained herein may be used for educational and not-for-profit uses whereby that material is pertinent to established course objectives. Furthermore, Robbins-Madanes Training encourages the use of these materials for educational purposes and supports the academic community to do so, but requests prior notification. For requesting additional information on these policies and available materials please contact us at [email protected]


Accounts are assigned on an individual basis. Revealing login information to other individuals is in direct violation of member agreements and may result in suspension or revocation of member status. Access to the content by more than one individual is in direct violation of Robbins-Madanes purchasing and copyright policies.

Legal Access

Members who submit payment or access the site by any means agree that they are of legal age or may present the expressed, written consent of a parent or legal guardian at any time. Those accessing the site, assume all responsibility for legal compliance specific to their location.

Non-Professional Advice

The information and services provided by Robbins-Madanes Training is intended for educational purposes only and is in no way to be interpreted as professional advice. For direction on matters of counseling and medical advice, seek a registered professional.


This site contains internal means of communication between community members. The content contained within these communications is the responsibility of users. Robbins-Madanes Training and all affiliates assume no responsibility for content posted or accessed beyond state and federal legal requirements in Oregon, USA.

Refusal of Service/Membership Revocation

This site is built on the premise of respectable participants in the internal community. Inappropriate conduct, including but not limited to harassment, sexual or explicit comments, aggressive behavior, or other intentional mistreatment of members or staff will result in refusal of services. Suspension may be a result while under investigation. If found to have violated these principles, the account will be banned, members will have status revoked, and payments refunded.

If you would like to report another user for abuse of this policy, please submit an email to [email protected] explaining the situation and we will investigate.

Brands and Endorsements

The use of any names, brands, or trademarks, including but not limited to Tony Robbins, Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Robbins-Madanes Training, or Madanes-Peysha Publishing, outside of this program are strictly prohibited without the expressed written consent. In no way may participants in the course or those with access to these materials present themselves as having the endorsement of previously mentioned names or brands without expressed, written consent of those individual parties represented. Students and graduates may cite their training with Robbins-Madanes Training. Graduates and authorized students may make use of concepts learned in the training with clients in educational or coaching settings.

Complaints Procedure

All complaints about Robbins-Madanes Training products or services must be directed through this site. Complaints and concerns may first be addressed through email at [email protected] or by phone (877) 260-0432. If your questions are not resolved, then access Mark Peysha or Cloe Madanes to address your concerns directly.

Complaints submitted to affiliates will not be acknowledged and may result in revocation of member access and possible legal action in the case of harassment.