In celebration of the 7th anniversary of the Core 100 training, you can invest in the complete Robbins-Madanes library of certification trainings.

You have already invested in Training Level 1: Core 100 Certified Life Coach. Here’s what you get if you invest now in the RMT Platinum Package:

Training Level 2: Core 200 Sector Knowledge

You learn specific strategies for each of the 6 sectors of your client’s life. This will enable you to do a “deep dive” into the details of any client’s life and deliver a level of strategic insight they have never seen before. Sector knowledge delivers a strategic “mini-specialization” in six different areas that will enable you to navigate your coaching sessions with ease and pleasure.

Training Level 3: Total Breakthrough: Systemic Coaching

In level 3 you master leadership coaching, group dynamics, and multi-step coaching sequences, which enables you to plan ahead for your client, so you can lead them towards insight and breakthrough. Unlike most coaches, who work with their client in isolation, the systemic coach knows how to advise their client strategically in relation to their social group, their workplace, or anywhere else they need to succeed.

Training Level 4: Special Coaching Topics

This training level comprises unique Robbins-Madanes coaching intervention series focusing on specialized coaching topics. This includes Tony Robbins coaching series on Working With Women; the Strategic Advantage Series, focusing on Tony’s leadership strategies for creating win-win-situations; and the Business Breakthrough Coaching Interventions, in which you can study Tony’s particular skills and strategies for coaching business owners.

As a part of RMT Platinum, you also upgrade your access to the live RMT training system – getting 12 full months of live Power Sessions Calls, Coaching Practice Lab, and team support.

Remember: RMT Platinum is not for everyone. As a Core 100 student, you already have everything you need to prepare you to open your professional coaching practice. However, if you are someone who is committed to learning everything Tony knows about coaching and can manage the investment now, this is the very best value at Robbins-Madanes Training.

All you have to do is select a payment plan below to add it immediately to your training portal.

Upgrade with one payment of $5000 or three payments of $1750 with just ONE CLICK.

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