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Their Most Successful Student

Anthony Robbins

One of the people who studied NLP was a young Tony Robbins. Driven by intense passion, he looked for the world’s best strategies for helping people. When he discovered Erickson’s work, he found the next level of his work. Using these tools, he embarked on his path of becoming the most successful personal change expert in the world.

Within a short time, Tony was everywhere. He had the most successful personal change product in history. He was the guy that celebrities and athletes went to when they were stuck. He was filling areas around the world when the unthinkable happened.

It turned out that Tony’s fame had reached the White House. And the President wanted to talk to him. The connection became so strong that Tony’s number was literally on speed dial.

As Tony kept breaking new ground in his work in the area of personal change, he wanted to make a greater impact in the world. He decided to reach out to join forces with…”