Weight Loss & The Secret to Profound Change

Today’s video may surprise you. It’s about a woman named Beverley, who was pushing 50 and had spent her entire life overweight. She was 5’6″ and 360 lbs (“bigger than a linebacker” in her words) when she stood up to work with Tony. One hour later, she sat back down and went home… not with a new diet, not with an exercise plan, in fact with no specific plan for losing weight whatsoever… but with a new understanding of herself. She went home and lost 236 pounds, naturally. No drugs, no surgery.

In this video, you’ll see Beverley literally a transformed woman five years later. It’s like her self-esteem and appreciation for herself grew tenfold. The video is a 15 minute excerpt from an 80 minute film. You’ll see Beverley when she first met Tony, then you’ll see her in the midst of her transformation, and you’ll see her five years later and 230 pounds lighter.

So the question is: what could empower a 350 pound “chronically obese” grandmother to shed 230 pounds -from a size 28 dress to a size 8- without any of the modern tricks (surgery and pills)? Well, it’s the same thing that empowered a timid, self-confessed “terrified” woman to become the wise, witty, crackerjack of a lady Beverley became (as you can see in the video.) In other words, Beverley’s weight loss was not so much about diet books and exercise tapes. The real source of Beverleys’ shift lay in:

* Understanding her real beliefs and values, and how she creates meanings

* Empowering herself to act on what she believes is right, to express herself, and appreciate herself

* Resolving the pain of something that happened to her a long time ago

* Making new choices about the way she relates to people NOW so that her relationships bring her joy

Now, many of the changes listed above are “big ticket items” that we hope to resolve in a matter of years, right? What’s special about the video is that Beverley handled these items in a matter of an hour.

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