The Official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes

The Official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes

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Our Mission

Our promise is that you will start seeing improvements in yourself from the very start, and that you will quickly transform your ability to influence, lead, and create positive change in those around you.

Our Courses

We offer high level training for the future leaders in the field of life coaching. We believe it takes a community to make an individual successful, and as an RMT student you will get a community of master teachers, fellow students, and expert advisors.

Become A Life Coach

Since 2009, we have trained over 14,000 students. As the foremost life coach training program in the world and the official life coach training of Tony Robbins, we take the responsibility of being your educator very seriously.

Learn from Our Expert Coaches

Tony Robbins

A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, the art of negotiations, peak performance and organizational turnaround, he has impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 nations.

Cloe Madanes

She was a direct student of intervention master Milton Erickson and was one of the originators of the strategic approach. She is a clinical member, supervisor and fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Hear from Our Graduates


Rabbi and Counselor
A great way to bypass all of the unnecessary schooling required by higher education institutions, and to understand basic, practical human psychology. A great way to understand what’s been holding you back all these years, how to get over that and to truly reach your own potential, and then be able to give this over to others as well, as a friend, as a mentor, as a coach, etc.


Naturopathic Physician and Muse
I would love you to know that never have I been in a more loving, supportive and conscious environment in which my potential is unfolding beautifully and effortlessly. I deeply appreciate you Tony and Cloe. By sharing your unique gifts and wisdom so generously, I feel inspired to do the same. Love & Blessings


Personal Trainer/Librarian Coaching Student
An awesome learning experience, which can be used in all areas of my life, enabling me to help others progress towards the life they desire. You guys rock! Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant training program.


Engraving Business Owner
I enjoy listening to the telephone classes. The course gives me an inner confidence and understanding when talking to others. I’m a much happier person. Highly recommend whether for your own personal development or as a change in career. So much more is offered than just the training. There’s a whole world of business and career advice too.


Therapist and Coach
It has been a life changing experience I feel honored to be a part of such a fantastic group of people. This training is taking me to a whole new level. Just keep up the great work and hold on to those core values you clearly all have. Fantastic Thank you.


Retail Management
The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is how to see my life as a series of facts rather than a story loaded with emotional content. Student Support was great. I had many questions regarding the restructuring of the training and Michael answered all of my questions and concerns. To others considering the course I’d say, do it!

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We will be your guides, inspiration, your friends, your colleagues and your bouncing board as you learn cutting-edge strategies for creating positive changes in yourself and others.