Yes, Keith! I am ready to learn your incredible skills!


> Single Payment (one payment of $1,900)

By choosing the single payment tuition plan, you only have one single payment and you save money.

> Three Payments (three payments of $700)

By choosing the three payment tuition plan, you have three payments totaling $2,100)

By joining now, what are you getting?

  • Live, Executive Coach training. Each week, Keith will lead me through the most impactful strategies for coaching and influencing leaders, executives, and high performers. Each weekly, 2-hour session will be recorded, and playbacks will be available in my portal.
  • Live Keynotes and Q&A Sessions. In addition to the live training delivered by Keith, I will also have the opportunity to participate in live keynotes and Q&A sessions with experts in the coaching industry, authors, and executives. These valuable sessions will give me the chance to be trained and coached by some of the greatest influencers and developers of leaders.
  • Live Practice with Keith’s Clients. I will gain real-world experience by coaching managers, leaders, and executives at some of Keith’s client companies. I will not only learn theory, but also practical applications of executive coaching skills.  This valuable experience is offered at no other coaching school.
  • Executive Coach Marketing Gameplan. In addition to the world-class training I’m receiving, I’m also getting a dedicated training session on developing a dynamic marketing plan focused on personal branding and establishing my credibility as an Executive Coach.
  • A Certificate for 50 hours of Training. as an Executive Coach, showing that I have been trained by the pre-eminent coaching school in the world.

I’m Ready To Learn Incredible Skills

Additional Executive Coaching Bonus?

Everybody who joins the Executive Coach Certification training gets this valuable bonus.

  1. Executive Coaching Speaker’s Blueprint. A done-for you ready to go presentation that you can give as part of your approach to getting Executive and leadership coaching clients.  Includes slide deck, presentation notes and coaching on giving an impactful presentation.

I’m Ready To Learn Incredible Skills

Certificate for 50 Hours of Robbins-Madanes Coach Training

You will receive a Certificate of 50 Hours of Training as a Coach from Robbins-Madanes Training. This is the most cutting-edge Life Coach Training in the world and contains everything you need to become an amazing coach.

Keith brings to life every aspect of training sessions and thinks strategically to engage both business partners and those whom he is leading to success.
– Maria (Head of Human Resources)

If you need advice on how to improve your business or your productivity or morale, you need to call Keith.  He understands people like no one I’ve ever met before. I can bang my head against the wall trying to get through to someone and then Keith talks to them for 10 minutes and everything has changed.  We hired Keith to teach leadership to our managers and directors and the impact that was felt on our business was unbelievable. What I tell our leaders now is “You don’t need new employees, you need Keith”
Emily (Director of Talent & People)

We are spoiled by Keith’s high-caliber skills.  His training events are always fun and exciting.  He gets the most senior executives to engage in playful activities, it’s like magic
Richard (VP of National Sales)

I don’t know why but I remember more of what Keith teaches at his seminars than from anybody else. I think it’s because we always have so much fun when he is in front of a room.  He has a way of teaching where it doesn’t feel like you’re learning anything–you’re just having fun.  But when you leave, you know a lot more than you did before. There’s a huge difference between regular training and what Keith does.  He lights up the room and makes everyone laugh.
Jack (CEO)