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Total Breakthrough Training

Become a Certified Breakthrough Specialist

Learn the secrets behind Tony and Cloe’s real coaching work. Become a certified Breakthrough Specialist Today!

During your Total Breakthrough Training you will be learning about 6 families and the way Tony helped them achieve breakthroughs.

Together we’re going to go into depth and get really focused on what’s happening in a particular family’s life.

Just like in your coaching with individuals and couples, you'll find that even though your client might be coaching one or two individuals, you are effecting and changing a whole family system.

The work you do will have long reaching benefits for many generations.

This training is 22 weeks, however you can adjust this timing to suit your own requirements and schedule.

Each Mastery Unit of your training focuses on Tony’s work with one family and as you experience the transformations taking place you will also be learning how to model yourself after this master interventionist. You will be discovering layer upon layer of relationship and strength within the families. In every case there is an ownership process happening where you learn how Tony guides an individual or couple to redefine their challenges, create meaningful goals, and strengthen relationships, coupled with an understanding and expansion of their ability to connect with their world and larger family unit. This is a method for true coaching success at the highest level.

In the training we are going to be teaching you in detail about the following strategies: Mode of Being, Leverage, Discovering Strengths, Ordeals, Key Decisions, Finding the Spark, Expanding the Unit, Presence, Hierarchy, and Triangles in Relationships. You’ll have a whole selection of strategies to work with the problems in your client’s life. Some of the problems we cover in TBT training are: Destructive Communication Patterns, Owning One’s Presence and Purpose, Becoming a Leader in the Family, Making a new Key Decision, Overcoming Fear, New Patterns for Past Trauma, Turning Anxiety into Adventure, and Rekindling Passion as well as lots more.

  • Mastery Unit 1: Juaquin & Kim
  • Mastery Unit 2: Ron & Marie
  • Mastery Unit 3: Rick & Melissa
  • Mastery Unit 4: Frank & Kristen
  • Mastery Unit 5: John
  • Mastery Unit 6: Scott & Mandy

Each Mastery Unit is 1-5 weeks long and includes:

  • Breakthrough Episodes
  • Tony’s Challenge & Story
  • Round Table Intervention
  • Lecture Week
  • Action Form

Live Power Sessions.

In addition to the recorded teleclasses with each Module, we offer live Power Sessions where we take any number of questions about your practice or even your life. Participants often find while absorbing the material that they derive benefits or make new decisions in their personal as well as their professional life. You get weekly practice hearing the most typical problems coaches encounter, solved within a few minutes by applying the right strategy. You get six months access to the Power Sessions, where you can get personal questions answered. Invaluable.

Coaching Practice Sessions.
Participants learn to coach by practicing with another participant. Study Buddies can review material, discuss films, and are given exercises to do together. This is a series of extremely practical training materials that will take you step-by-step through key moves of Strategic Intervention. Coaching Practice Sessions are a great opportunity to make new and lifelong friends. You may utilize Coaching Practice Sessions as much as you like, and will do a minimum of three sessions as a coach, and three sessions as a client. Plus you get six full months of access to the weekly Practice Sessions. Every time you show up, youʼre growing your skills.

You will also be learning all about Tony’s Seven Master Steps. And because we know how important it is for you to experience all this growth in real time through your own experience we’ve included coaching clients, friends, or fellow students into your training. At the end of your TBT Guide you’ll find all the details about working with clients. These can be individuals you are already seeing, or friends that you get to volunteer to work with you, or new clients. We encourage you to find people in the world, other then fellow students to work with, so that you begin right away to expand your community and experience as Coach and change maker.

12+ Bonus films from Tony’s “Strategic Advantage” collection that take you through:

– Assuming Your Power
– Overcoming the Pain of Infidelity
Healing The Wounded Warrior
– Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Everything you need to give a speech on the Robbins-Madanes approach to coaching. If you like speaking publicly, this kit will get you started fast! A lot of people use speaking as a low cost way to get clients.

Official Coach Directory and RMT Coach Badge, after you graduate you will get a coveted spot on our official RMT Coach Directory. Plus, you’ll earn the right to proudly display the official RMT Coach badge, showcasing your expertise and affiliation with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Elevate your coaching career, attract more clients, and join a community of elite professionals dedicated to making a difference. This is your chance to stand out and make an impact!

Completing the Total Breakthrough Training earns you a Certificate of Completion for 100 Hours of Training as a Breakthrough Specialist Coach. In addition to this certificate, IF you graduated from Core 100 AND Core 200, then you will earn a separate Mastery Certification. This certificate brings a whole area of relationship expertise to your practice. Our business coaches refer to this as their “Secret Weapon,” as many clients have no idea how important this Mastery Certification is to them until they get coaching. When they do “get it,” it transforms their lives. 

When you finish Total Breakthrough Training (and you are Core 100 and Core 200 certified) you’ll be one of the few elite coaches who will have their Robbins-Madanes Trained Mastery Certification.)

For everybody who joins  before July 31, 2024 also get this valuable bonus.

  • 10 Anthony Robbins films focused on the specific needs of women and powerful strategies for women. These films have been produced specifically with this training in mind. Cloe narrates and walks you through the strategies used in each intervention.
  • Completing the Working With Women Training earns you a Certificate of Completion for 25 Hours of Training as a Working With Women Coach. This certificate brings a whole area of relationship expertise to your practice. Our coaches refer to this as their “Secret Weapon,” as many coaches have no idea how important working with women is to them until they get coaching. When they do “get it,” it transforms their practice.