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Core 200 Training

Become one of the best trained life coaches in the world.

Learn Advanced Strategies as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach. Enroll in Core 200 to go to the next level.

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Core 200 Training program is now open for enrollment by application.

This program is for lifelong learners who are serious about learning and mastering the whole range of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes’ change strategies. 

In Core 200 program you will develop your skills as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach to the next level.

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  1. Marriage education and divorce prevention
  2. Overcoming and understanding internal conflicts
  3. Changing patterns of addiction
  4. Ideal weight and health solutions
  5. Reorganization of social groups
  6. Working with families and organizations
  7. Resiliency in crisis
  8. Overcoming loss
  9. Advanced negotiation skill

This Mastery Unit will focus on building relationships and features a unique, exclusive one-day workshop Tony Robbins gave to a large audience of Marriage Educators. This is a unique distillation of our relationship teachings delivered to people like you who want to transform relationships.
 We will also delve into the core principles of igniting passion within a relationship. This mastery unit contains our core teachings on interpersonal communication, including the theory of double binds.

These are advanced strategies for overcoming internal conflicts and re-creating who you are. This training focuses  on delivering weight loss and health coaching strategies. They can also be applied to any other area of personal growth and re-patterning of habits.

Mastery Unit Three: GROUP DYNAMICS
In this Mastery Unit, we encounter a new level of complex engagement with systemic group dynamics. We have worked with individuals, couples, as well as third parties who influence those relationships (such as ex-spouses, children, or parents). We’ll learn how to work with a single person from a group (in these cases a teenager) and utilize that communication to completely re-organize the social group to which they belong. These strategies can be applied to any situation where you seek to create change in someone’s family, peer, or workgroup.

Everybody encounters crisis, difficulty, and loss at some time in their life. These modules offer a series of principles for overcoming loss and developing a new, compelling future. You will see people who were in deep despair reclaiming their ability to heal, choose their lives, and create a new direction.

You will learn how to use Tony’s Seven Master Steps to create maximum change in every coaching session. Teaching a group to rise above their past and their limiting beliefs into a space of strength and power will produce powerful group interventions whether you are working with a crisis, work team, or a family.

You will learn through:

  • Narrated Intervention training Films.
  • Live question and answer calls with one of the founders of RMT.
  • Group discussions led by RMT Adviser(s).
  • Live SI Coaching sessions with fellow students.
  • Workbooks and chapters focusing on SI Strategies.
  1. Finding Marital Passion: Learning how to work with the couple to increase love, trust, passion, friendship and leadership in the family.
  2. Overcoming Inner Conflicts: Discovering inner strength, Elevating State, changing patterns so that emotional needs are met.
  3. Group Dynamics: Strategies for coaching a family, coaching within a corporate setting, family business, or community group.
  4. Resiliency in Crisis: Enabling all of your clients and yourself to contribute at your highest level no matter what the situation or challenge presented.
  5. Overcoming Grief: Tools for working with loss of a loved one, transitions to a new stage of life, or different job or work position.
  6. Advanced Negotiation Skills: Creating resolution and connections within an environment of struggle or dispute. This may be within a family, work place, or any organization or individual setting.

We use a variety of teaching tools to train our Strategic Intervention students to become incredible coaches. Since we believe in your personal strengths, we always give you different modalities for learning. This way all different styles of learning are covered. Below is a list of the way the training meets different learning modalities:

Anthony Robbins Live Intervention Video
These are documentary films of Anthony Robbins’ live one-on-one interventions with real people in a group setting. The films begin when one or several people stand up to share a serious life challenge (getting a divorce, going bankrupt, struggling with their health, dealing with family or parenting issues, coping with sex or relationship problems, dealing with a tragedy or trauma) and ends an hour or more later when the problem is resolved. These films reveal to you step by step what enables people to create dramatic, permanent core changes in their lives, and how you can learn from these interventions to be able to do them as well. This is the only training available that guides you in detail through interventions “from the inside.”

Homework Journal
Each film comes with a homework and journal/questionnaire to strengthen your grasp of the concepts and experiences of the films. If you like to learn by writing, exploring, and doing exercises, this will stimulate your learning process in written form and solidify the concepts in you.

Recorded Teleclass with each Module
Cloe Madanes takes you through a one-hour discussion of a major strategy in Strategic Intervention, as well as key information about how Strategic Interventionists navigate different kinds of relationships and situations. You will hear answers to the most common questions from your fellow students, and exactly how these strategies work.

Reading Journeys in Strategic Intervention
To broaden your understanding of Strategic Intervention, choose some books from a library of relevant books in therapy, coaching, negotiations, management, psychology, or communication.

Coaching Sessions
These are sessions you have with clients or friends outside of the RMT community using strategies learned in your training.

Speaker’s Blueprint
The Speaker’s Blueprint guides you in the creative process of giving your first public speaking event on Strategic Intervention.

Live Power Sessions.
In addition to the recorded teleclasses with each Module, we offer live Power Sessions where we take any number of questions about your practice or even your life. Participants often find while absorbing the material that they derive benefits or make new decisions in their personal as well as their professional life. You get weekly practice hearing the most typical problems coaches encounter, solved within a few minutes by applying the right strategy. You get six months access to the Power Sessions, where you can get personal questions answered. Invaluable.

Coaching Practice Sessions.
Participants learn to coach by practicing with another participant. Study Buddies can review material, discuss films, and are given exercises to do together. This is a series of extremely practical training materials that will take you step-by-step through key moves of Strategic Intervention. Coaching Practice Sessions are a great opportunity to make new and lifelong friends. You may utilize Coaching Practice Sessions as much as you like, and will do a minimum of three sessions as a coach, and three sessions as a client. Plus you get six full months of access to the weekly Practice Sessions. Every time you show up, youʼre growing your skills.

Completing Core 200 Training earns you a Certificate of Completion for 100 Hours of Training as an Advanced Strategic Intervention Coach

Plus you receive a “Marriage Educator Certificate” which  brings a whole new area of relationship expertise to your practice. 

When you finish RMT Core 200 Training you’ll be one of the few elite coaches who can say they are a Robbins-Madanes Trained Advanced Strategic Intervention Coach.

Official Coach Directory and RMT Coach Badge, after you graduate you will get a coveted spot on our official RMT Coach Directory. Plus, you’ll earn the right to proudly display the official RMT Coach badge, showcasing your expertise and affiliation with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Elevate your coaching career, attract more clients, and join a community of elite professionals dedicated to making a difference. This is your chance to stand out and make an impact!

Everybody who joins before July 31, 2024 also gets this valuable bonus.

  • Treasure Trove of 70 Live Recorded Interventions. See Tony in action in films of recorded live sessions on 70 topics ranging from conflict between work and family, embracing values, living in the present, life with ADHD, and so much more!
  • Cloe Mastery Sessions Recordings. Audio recordings of one hour sessions by Cloe working through relevant and engaging topics for coaches and their clients.

For everybody who joins  before July 31, 2024 also get this valuable bonus.

  • 10 Anthony Robbins films focused on the specific needs of women and powerful strategies for women. These films have been produced specifically with this training in mind. Cloe narrates and walks you through the strategies used in each intervention.
  • Completing the Working With Women Training earns you a Certificate of Completion for 25 Hours of Training as a Working With Women Coach. This certificate brings a whole area of relationship expertise to your practice. Our coaches refer to this as their “Secret Weapon,” as many coaches have no idea how important working with women is to them until they get coaching. When they do “get it,” it transforms their practice.