Continuing Education Credits

Students requesting Continuing Education (CEs) or California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

Robbins Madanes Training is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPCC’s, and or LEP’s. Robbins Madanes Training maintains responsibility of this program and its content.

Refund Policy

All of our products and trainings are covered by an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. You have a full 30 days to evaluate any program we offer, and if you don’t find it to be the most life-changing training you have ever undergone, just let us know and we will issue a 100% unconditional hassle-free money-back guarantee. Please take your 30 day evaluation period seriously, as we do not offer refunds after that time for any reason.

Core Training 100 Syllabus

In your Core Training 100 program, you will learn how to work with any client and help them achieve greater happiness, success, better relationships, peak performance, and communication skills. You will get a Certificate of Completion from Robbins-Madanes Center for 100 hours of training as a Life Coach.

Core Training 100 contains four Mastery Units which focus on Mega strategies, Navigating Life Stages, Personal Transformation, and Key Decisions. You will learn through watching, doing, discussing, listening, journaling and reading about Strategic Intervention Coaching. We like to empower our students by using every learning modality.

Core Training 200 Syllabus

Completing Core 200 Training earns you a Certificate of Completion for 100 Hours of Training as a Life Coach. In addition to this certificate, you will also receive a second, separate Certificate of Completion as a Marriage Educator. This certificate brings a whole area of relationship expertise to your practice. Our business coaches refer to this as their “Secret Weapon,” as many clients have no idea how important this is to them until they get coaching. When they do “get it,” it transforms their lives.

Cloe Madanes – President, Advisor, Teacher, Consultant

Cloe Madanes is a world-renowned innovator and teacher of family and brief therapy. She was a direct student of intervention master Milton Erickson and was one of the originators of the strategic approach.

  1. Students will discuss how to identify what is motivating the Client to seek help at this time and their level of motivation.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of coaching for Individuals, Couples, Families and Businesses.
  3. Students will describe the Six Human needs & how to utilize the information in their daily life, practice and or in business.
  4. Students will demonstrate how to create an alliance with Client.
  5. Students will discuss how to identify issues that could influence and require modifying the process such as health or behavioral issues.
  6. Students will discuss how to maintain a physically safe practice.
  7. Students will discuss applying ethical and professional standards into their practices.
  8. Students will discuss empowering skills and monitoring Client’s progress.
  9. Students will discuss how and when to refer.
  10. Learn how to set short and long term goals.
  11. Learn how to help a client with effective decision-making, and assisting them in building skills and confidence.
  12. Learn conflict management techniques applicable to your practice.
  13. Students will be able to Identify client obstacles.

    Students will also learn how to  accomplish these objectives:
  14. When dealing with an individual who is challenged by unwanted behaviors such as “depression, anger, lack of meaning” the participant will be able to describe what needs are being fulfilled by the unwanted behaviors.

  15. Students will be able to identify which 2 of the 6 Human Needs are most important for the individual.

  16. Students will be able to change a client’s physiological state, what the client focuses on and the meaning the client gives to events in order to change an unwanted emotion such as “anxiety, fear or sadness.”

  17. When dealing with a challenge in a couple’s relationship, the student will be able to identify at what level the partners are meeting each other’s 6 Human Needs.

  18. When dealing with a family challenge, the student will be able to carry out strategies for the purpose of resolving family conflicts.

Robbins Madanes Training prohibits any and all types of discrimination against a qualified applicant or Employee on the basis of: (1) a current disability, (2) record of a prior disability, (3) being perceived or regarded as disabled, or (4) a relationship or association with someone with a disability. A qualified applicant or Employee is an individual who can perform the essential functions of the job in question, the on-line programs, or workshops either with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Requests for accommodations can be either oral or in writing, and individuals are not required to use any particular words in making a request. Robbins Madanes Training’s CEO is responsible for determining if an individual is considered “qualified” and if a “reasonable accommodation” exists. As such, a Student or Employee in need of an accommodation, or a Leader aware of an applicant’s or Employee’s need for an accommodation, should contact Cloe Madanes, CEO. The Robbins Madanes Training company will promptly engage in the interactive process with the applicant or Employee regarding the requested accommodation.

Robbins Madanes Training will not tolerate any form of retaliation against an applicant or Employee on the basis of a disability, a request for a disability accommodation, or participation in a complaint or investigation of disability discrimination

Each student who applies for CE hours must complete either the RMT Core 100 or 200 along with the course evaluation form. RMT sends the Certificate of Attendance. A student will not get the CE certificate until the student has completed the program and an administrator has signed off on all the requirements. RMT receives the students name, license, address, the information for the certificate of CE hours. Once validated, the certificate is sent for signature. The certificate is then emailed to the student. A hard copy can be requested by the student via physical mail. The student will be responsible for postage fees. RMT keeps a copy in the student’s file.

Policy – Students have the right to file a written complaint. The form is available upon a student’s requests. The complaints will be reviewed within 14 working days. The complaint will be reviewed and resolved by the administrative staff when possible. If the complaint is not satisfied it will be escalated to Cloe Madanes (CEO). The complaint and resolution will be kept and reported to CAMFT, Annual reports and subsequent renewal applications.

Procedure – Student completes the complaint form and submits it on-line. The complaints will be reviewed within 14 working days. The complaint will be reviewed and resolved by the administrative staff when possible. If the complaint is not satisfied it will be escalated to Cloe Madanes (CEO). The complaint and resolution will be kept and reported to CAMFT, Annual reports and subsequent renewal applications by the Administrative Staff.

Cloe Madanes

She has authored seven books that are classics in the field and are taught in virtually every graduate school in family therapy: Strategic Family Therapy; Behind the One-Way Mirror; Sex, Love, and Violence; The Secret Meaning of Money; The Violence of Men; The Therapist as Humanist, Social Activist, and Systemic Thinker; and Relationship Breakthrough. Cloe has presented her work at professional conferences all over the world, and has given keynote addresses for the most prestigious conferences in her field. She has won several awards for distinguished contribution to psychology and has been featured in Newsweek, Vogue Magazine. The Washington Post, and the Boston Globe. Her books have been translated to more than twenty languages. 

Cloe’s strategic methods have created remarkably swift, effective, and lasting solutions to the whole range of human challenges, from the problems of the very poor, to so-called “chronic” problems such as eating disorders and sexual abuse, to the challenges faced by Senators, Fortune 500 CEOs, bestselling authors, and billionaires. Since 2002, Cloe has worked side by side with Anthony Robbins developing the new field of Strategic Intervention. This cross-disciplinary project combines their two legacies, distilling the most swift, effective, and practical Strategic Intervention methods from a variety of fields. With Anthony Robbins, Cloe co-founded the Council for the Human Rights of Children, co-sponsored by the University of San Francisco, which applies the insights of Strategic Intervention for the protection and healthy upbringing of at-risk children.

Since 2002, Cloe has partnered with renowned  life coaching leader Tony Robbins to form the Robbins-Madanes Training Center, which is dedicated to finding cutting-edge strategic solutions to the most pervasive and difficult problems.