Congratulations and Welcome to Robbins-Madanes Training!

We are thrilled to have you in the Core 100 training, and we’re committed to giving you the skills, strategies, and abilities to make you a major force for good in the world.
Now, your timing happens to be very interesting. Only once a year (September) we open enrollment to another training called RMT Coaching Mastery, which is the complete training pathway in the Robbins-Madanes Method. This takes you all the way to certification as a Master Coach.

Here’s how it works.

Core 100 is Level One of this pathway. You just joined – and that’s great.
But here’s what RMT Coaching Mastery gets you:
Core 200, which is Level Two of Coaching Mastery, where we focus on coaching for areas of life.
Level Three is Tony’s Total Breakthrough Training, where you get to see how Tony coaches in family environments.
In Level Four, you learn how Tony tackles strategy. And in Level Five, we dive deep into Human Needs Coaching.
RMT Mastery also comes with a suite of exclusive bonuses, extra courses, extra marketing support, and a mastermind where you get mentoring and individual attention.
The bottom line is that by joining RMT Coaching Mastery, you get the entire Robbins-Madanes pathway for 80% off. It’s a massive savings, so in case you’re thinking about training all the way to the Mastery level, we wanted you to know about it.
If this RMT Mastery is something you’d like to learn more about, let’s set up a time to talk about it.

Here’s What To Do Next

Click below to sign up for a time to discuss RMT Mastery with our Mastery Program Advisor.
Note that this is for serious students only, so there is a completely refundable $100 application deposit.
Once you’ve submitted your deposit, you’ll be taken to our Mastery calendar for an appointment, and we’ll be speaking one on one.

Click “Yes, let’s discuss Coaching Mastery” to get started.

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