Real Stories of Coaching Success

If you’re someone who wants to become a life coach, you might find it hard to believe right now that you could become a successful, thriving, professional coach. And while that feeling is completely normal, don’t let it stop you from following the path that you truly want.

Now, we could try to convince you that you have what it takes to become a coach – because you do.

But instead of doing that, we want to tell you about some of our students who went through the training – and who are now successful coaches because of it. These are just a few of the hundreds of stories that we have.

All of these stories are true and are from people who have completed the Robbins-Madanes Core 100 training and are making at least $60k/year as a coach.


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Mariana Ferrari from Miami was inspired to become ‘the Spanish Tony Robbins’ after reading his book Unlimited Power. But she could never have imagined just how quickly and widely her success would spread.

Mariana joined RMT , and within a short time started helping thousands of people worldwide by posting weekly coaching videos on her website. Then Telemundo offered to feature her content, which meant an instant 12,000 new subscribers to her website.

Mariana feels that joining RMT gave her the tools to fulfill her purpose: helping middle-aged people to reset their lives, combined with the ability to make a great living.

However, she says that the most important thing RMT gave her is self-healing. “It took my life to the next level. I forgave myself. I forgave others. I became compassionate, loving and sensitive to other’s feelings. I could not ask for more. I always recommend my students who want to become coaches to do it through RMT.”

Kate Kolskog, a marriage and family clinician and a registered psychologist from Calgary, Canada, joined RMT to get the confidence to move forward with her business.

Fear was holding her back from opening her own private practice, and RMT gave her the tools and self-confidence to overcome it. Now she has even bigger plans to open a wellness center.

She’s also fine-tuned the skills she already had by incorporating RMT’s strategies and tools. “I am amazed at what I have done in the course of six months just by watching the RMT tapes, listening to power sessions, doing the inner strength program, and now completing the coaching.”

Dennis Giannetti, from Florida set out to become an outstanding coach commanding top fees and having a lasting impact on people’s lives, so he knew that RMT was the right choice, but he found it hard to commit to signing up.

But once he did, the strategies he gained through RMT provided him with critical skills and understanding of why people do what they do. Now he’s able to use them to help people to breakthrough self-imposed barriers, often both on a personal and professional level.

Nowadays Dennis specializes in helping sales professionals and entrepreneurs achieve the mindset, skillset, and strategies for a meaningful and profitable life and career. He;s much more confident about his coaching abilities and as a result has raised his fees and is looking to take advantage of new opportunities.

His deepest satisfaction comes from being instrumental in changing so many people’s lives.

Chad Cooper, from Michigan, had a successful career in the IT industry. He was earning big money, but felt depressed and angry. He decided it was time to start living by his deepest values and signed up for RMT.

Since completing RMT he coaches professional athletes, businessmen and also specializes in marriage coaching.

Now, as a businessman, philanthropist, and adventurer, he aims to live by example and helps others turn their dreams into reality.

He credits RMT for giving him the ability to step up in his own marriage and create an extraordinary relationship.

Chad says: “If you have never been to the top it can be difficult to help others visualize or understand that it is possible. I can now transfer that skillset into coaching using active listening along with specific relational tools to transform my clients relationships.”

Lyn DaSylva was an experienced coach when she came to RMT looking for new tools to help clients that were stuck.

The RMT sessions, and calls she listened to, gave her the language and perspective to help her clients create the needed shifts to face the glass ceilings they were challenged with.

Not only that but the Robbins-Madanes training rekindled her passion as a coach to more fully show up in her sessions and to listen for ways to be effective with renewed enthusiasm. “Working with passion and appreciating the ease of it all, has improved every aspect of my inner terrain” she says.

Lieve Jacobs had a successful corporate career but wanted to leave to concentrate on doing what he really loved: helping leaders with high potential, to get even better at what they are doing.

“If I hadn’t taken this program, I would still be working in corporate America, having my life directed by others” Lieve confesses.

He’s so happy he took charge of his own life and well being, and feels much more fulfilled now, as he contributes and helps many others, “Giving back what I’ve learned during my international executive career, and growing as a person, gives me a great feeling.”

Michelle Barr from Texas was working in a service based business earning a very low wage and struggling to make ends meet. Her work drained her time and energy, and she felt dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

Since training with RMT she’s left that all behind and built a global online business. Coaching has become her number one method of serving.

At RMT she learned strategies to help her clients align with their most important goals and values, especially in mindset, which leads to taking action and getting results.

“It makes me happy to be able to show up every day and do what I am made to do and be who I am here to be. The money I am able to make as a coach allows me to have a profitable business that is sustainable and to support the life I want to live.”

Shawn Carpenter had been a coach for two years when he realized that he needed more tools to take his clients’ businesses, and his own life, to the next level.

Shaun wanted to give his clients a complete transformation in every area of their lives – and one that was authentic and permanent. He was sure that RMT could provide him with the missing piece that he needed.

He was also looking for help in his own life, so that he could finally break through patterns and barriers that has plagued him: like not feeling good enough, and struggling to support his wife and three kids both financially, emotionally.

As a result of training with Robbins-Madanes, he has totally changed his life to embody the concepts and truths that he has always wanted to. He’s making the income that he has always wanted (he’s hit his first goal of $10,000/month, and is now aiming for $20,000), and for the first time, looking at how he can love his family, instead of gaining love from them.

He’s also taking steps to be who he is deep down inside, rather than stopping himself out of fear itself, or fear of what others think.

Shawn says that RMT has given him another chance at life: “To be who I’m here to be, fulfill my purpose, and support my wife and kids in the way I have always longed to do.”

Prem Dana Takada from Australia was feeling stuck in her career because she was busy with so many things.

She credits RMT for giving her back her motivation, and also a place that feels like home, something that she never found anywhere else in her 30 year career as a therapist and coach.

She says that RMT is much more than just a course, but has become a part of her spiritual and emotional evolution as she steps up to her next level of calling.

Neil Sattin from Portland, Maine felt that his business was growing too slowly and that he wanted to make greater strides.

Training with RMT skyrocketed the results he was having in terms of being able to effect change in people’s lives. That in turn has led to referrals, as well as new confidence in being able to tackle any issue that a client presented to him.

RMT also gave him key insights into how he was living his life – the places where he was showing up well and succeeding, and places where he was missing the mark.

“The effective strategies, and the confidence it inspires, is something that RMT has offered me that I either would otherwise have not had – it would have taken me years to make the same kind of progress in my own practice” Neil says.

Geraldine Anathan, from New York was a life coach before taking RMT, but felt like she was sometimes telling her clients what she thought they wanted to hear.

During the training, she particularly enjoyed the personal attention she received from Mark and Magali, who taught her a lot about being exactly who she is while coaching: sincere and focused.

Geraldine had been through coaching programs before, but says that “compared to my previous training, RMT is a far superior program.”

She also feels like she benefits from having the Robbins-Madanes brand name behind her, claiming that it gives her confidence and helps her to present herself enthusiastically.

Modita Judit Wieser, from Switzerland had been through a lot of different training programs as a coach and therapist, but still wondered if she was a good coach and whether she should quit her business. Before each session, she’d worry about not being able to handle a situation.

RMT gave her the foundation she was always missing, and just 4 weeks after attending the program and working through the materials, her self-confidence had grown 100%.

She is sure that her clients are much happier because they have more breakthroughs and deeper self realizations.

On a personal level Modita feels happier, more balanced, more energetic and more relaxed, because she now has the confidence that she’s a good coach and can handle any situation that her clients need her help with.

Will You Become the Next Success Story?

This is just a small slice of the true stories of our students who have built lucrative and fulfilling careers as coaches.

Some had previous experience, others did not. Some lacked confidence, others needed more training. Men and women, from all over the world, with a huge variety of life experiences…all succeeding because of the Core 100 training.

And if you want to achieve the same kind of success as these students, we invite you to speak with an advisor who can walk you through the next steps towards a coaching career and answer any questions you might have.

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