Study Buddy Coach Practice Sessions

Study Buddy Coach Practice Sessions


As you may have already learned nothing beats practice to make you an outstanding, comfortable and confident coach. At RMT we believe in you. All of you, what I mean is if you are shy, or anxious about starting your coaching practice, we actually know exactly how you feel, we’ve all been there. What we also know after training 4000 life coaches in SI is that you are ready right now to start doing coaching. And nothing will give you faster results than practicing.
This is why we are revamping, changing and improving our Study Buddy part of your training. Study Buddy is now easier than ever to become part of. All you need to do is show up. No trying to coordinate schedules, times, or wondering what to practice and who with. In the new Study Buddy Coaching Practice part of your training all you need to do is sign up by going to your calendar, click here. And then find the Study Buddy time that works for your schedule. We will offer you a morning time one week and an afternoon time the next week. This means whatever your schedule is you get to practice.

What happens when you attend the new Study Buddy Sessions is first we tell you about the coaching strategy, concept or conversation you will explore together with another RMT student. Then, like magic, we pair you with another student. You both take 30 minute turns as the coach and then the client. Then we get back together as a group to discuss the experience. Each week’s practice will be different and focus you on a key skill.

Benefits of Coaching Practice at RMT:

Learn RMT skills by doing, being and living (pretending is good too).
Meet new really nice, warm, caring and smart colleagues.
No need to worry about scheduling or time zones.
Experience a new client and coach each time you attend.
Increase your confidence every time you coach.
Help another person become a better coach.
Have fun, connect and have your own personal discoveries and breakthroughs.

When you register to attend these sessions you will be given a phone number and a pin that is exclusive to you.  Even though you will be given a skype dial in number, we suggest you purchase a calling card if you are outside the US so that you aren’t relying on skype or an internet phone. This means a much better connection over the phone which is key to easy communication when coaching.  If this is not an option, you can also download an app for your PC or Mac that will connect you right though to the conference, then you simply enter your special pin number.  Download the app here.
At RMT the whole team is excited to be training you and sharing in your growth as a coach! We can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your coaching practice!
See your class calendar for Study Buddy Coach Practice session times and registration details. Dates will be added on an ongoing basis, so please continue to check your calendar on a regular basis or if you don’t see a date that suits.
Note: These hosted Coaching Practice Sessions are available to you during the live portion of your training only. We encourage you to participate as soon as possible.