The Consumer’s Guide to Choosing a Coaching Program

Congratulations! If your dream is to become a life coach, or get more in-depth training to grow your existing coaching business, you’re moving in the right direction.

In this guide we’re going to cover:

By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, we hope you’ll have much greater clarity on your next step, so you can move even closer to your dream.

The Coaching Industry and Your Future In It!

Here’s what you need to know…

The demand for coaching is the highest it’s ever been—and it’s going to keep growing over the next few years.

Coaches are now helping people all over the world make changes in their health, their relationships, in the way they parent, with their finances, and with their businesses.

But the burning question for someone who is considering coaching as a career is:

“Can I make a living from coaching?”

The resounding answer is: ‘Yes.’ And the numbers speak for themselves:

What does all this mean?

It shows that coaching is a viable and profitable career choice if you’re looking to combine your dream of helping people improve their lives, with flexible working hours.

And to help you choose a training program to become a professional coach, here are some of the factors you’ll want to consider:

This Will Give You The Edge

Perhaps you’ve been listening and giving advice to your friends and family for years, and so taking the next step to making this a career seems like a natural progression.

But before you start calling yourself a coach, consider this…there’s a world of difference between offering advice to people who know and trust you already, and strangers who’ll be paying you to help them get results.

With paying clients:

  1. You need to establish your credibility so they’ll hire you.
  2. You need to win their trust so they’ll ‘open up’ and you can get to the root of the issue.
  3. And finally, you need to get them results, so they feel they are getting value for money (and will refer more clients to you).

Also, as a coach you’ll probably be working for yourself, so you’ll need to run a business, which is a whole new set of skills for most people.

The solution to fast track this process and increase your chances of success is to get the right training, from people with proven experience training thousands of coaches.

The Benefits Of Training

Here’s what a proven training program will give you:

  1. It gives you a head start on the road to success – According to industry surveys, certified coaches establish themselves more quickly, charge higher rates and stay in the industry longer.
  2. It gives you a leading edge – Certification sets you apart from others. It shows that you take the profession seriously, which makes people take you more seriously.
  3. It reassures your clients – Potential clients look for positive signs to hire you, like recommendations, certification from a respected source, etc.
  4. It gives you credibility – Clients automatically assume you are better qualified to help them when you have undergone training and have certification.
  5. It gives you confidence – Many coaches say that training and certification gave them a level of confidence they wouldn’t otherwise have reached as quickly.
  6. It will help you build a ‘tribe’ – You’ll meet teachers, other coaches and be exposed to resources you may otherwise not know of.

So how do you choose a training program?

What To Look For In A Training Program

The number one factor that you should look for in a training program is proof that it works:

In addition, the best training programs will include the following:

How To Choose The Right Program For You

When it comes to choosing a program that’s right for you, you need to consider whether:

  1. You want face-to-face interaction with your teacher, recorded lessons, or a combination of the two.
  2. You can commit to learning at certain hours each week, or need something more flexible.
  3. You want to learn at home.
  4. You need accountability to make sure that you get this done.

On the whole, there are three styles of training available:

Here’s a quick summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each kind so you can see what’s the best match for you:

Advantages Disadvantages
Traditional in-person classroom learning Personal interaction between students and trainers, and students with other students. This is usually the most expensive option.
Ability to receive answers to questions on-the-spot It’s less convenient in terms of travel and scheduling.
Student commits to a set timetable, so is more likely to complete the course. There’s no flexibility to learn at your own pace
Teachers hold the students accountable for completion of coursework. Industry leaders don’t generally teach in this format.
Less distractions during training than in a home environment. Personal feedback.
An online course with a mix of recorded sessions and live teacher-led sessions It’s usually more affordable than an in-person option. Students are usually only accountable to themselves for completing the program.
You can learn on your own schedule at your own pace. Interaction with trainers and other students in a group setting is less free-flowing.
You learn in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Questions and feedback are usually given in writing via email which can take time and is less personal.
You meet people from all over the world and so are exposed to greater networking opportunities. Need some technology know-how.
May include personal supervision & feedback.
An online course with recorded, self-paced sessions only The least expensive option. Students are accountable only to themselves for completing the program.
You learn in the comfort and convenience of your own home. No interaction at all with trainers or other students, meaning the process can be isolating.
You have total flexibility on when and where you can study. Often no opportunity for questions or feedback.
You can progress through the program at your own pace. No way to tell if the learning is being integrated.
Need some technological know-how.

In our experience, an online course with a mix of recorded sessions and live teacher-led training hits the sweet spot between convenience and flexibility, and personal interaction where you can get instant answers and feedback.

So now you have all the practical information you need to choose which training program is right for you…

Let’s get moving!

Here’s your next step:

Ready to Take The Next Step?

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