Core 200

Core 200 Training

Core 200 Training will develop your skills as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach to the next level.
You will develop your skill in solving interpersonal problems. To really impact your clients, you will help them in their key relationships and roles, which transforms every area of their lives. These advanced strategies will enable you to walk into any multi-person situation with a superior understanding and agility.

Training Focus:

  • Marriage education and divorce prevention
  • Overcoming and understanding internal conflicts
  • Changing patterns of addiction
  • Ideal weight and health solutions
  • Reorganization of social groups
  • Working with families and organizations
  • Resiliency in crisis
  • Overcoming loss
  • Advanced negotiation skills

Learning Modalities

  • You will learn through narrated Intervention training Films.
  • Live question and answer calls with founders of RMT.
  • Group discussions led by RMT Advisers.
  • Live SI Coaching sessions with fellow students.
  • Workbooks and chapters focusing on SI Strategies.

150 Hours of Certification

Completing Core 200 Training earns you a Certificate of Completion for 100 Hours of Training as a Strategic Intervention Coach. In addition to this certificate, you will also receive a second, separate Certificate of Completion as a Marriage Educator. This certificate brings a whole area of relationship expertise to your practice. Our business coaches refer to this as their “Secret Weapon,” as many clients have no idea how important this is to them until they get coaching. When they do “get it,” it transforms their lives.

6 Coaching Zones

Finding Marital Passion :Learning how to work with the couple to increase love, trust, passion, friendship and leadership in the family.

Overcoming Inner Conflicts :Discovering inner strength, Elevating State, changing patterns so that emotional needs are met.

Group Dynamics : Strategies for coaching a family, coaching with in a corporate setting, family business, or community group.

Resiliency in Crisis :Enabling all of your clients and yourself to contribute at your highest level no matter what the situation or challenge presented.

Overcoming Grief :Tools for working with loss of a loved one, transitions to a new stage of life, or different job or work position.

Advanced Negotiation Skills : Creating resolution and connections within a environment of struggle or dispute. This may be within a family, work place, or any organization or individual setting.