1,200 RMT students
Speak About Their Experience

“I am learning so much from the strategies and the training in general. It’s giving me a depth to how I use my intuitive skills with clients.”

Ameya Tanya Gwizdalla

“I just graduated! What’s most useful is the Human Needs, for sure. I’ve learned about it during DWD but now I know how to understand people and my clients much better.”

Mariana Lacombe
“It has been a life changing experience I feel honored to be a part of such a fantastic group of people. This training is taking me to a whole new level. Just keep up the great work and hold on to those core values you clearly all have. Fantastic Thank you.”
Stephen, Therapist and Coach
“I enjoy listening to the telephone classes. The course gives me an inner confidence and understanding when talking to others. I’m a much happier person. Highly recommend whether for your own personal development or as a change in career. So much more is offered than just the training. There’s a whole world of business and career advice too.”
Linda, Engraving Business Owner
“An awesome learning experience, which can be used in all areas of my life, enabling me to help others progress towards the life they desire. You guys rock! Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant training program.”
Hilary, Personal Trainer/Librarian, Coaching Student
“I would love you to know that never have I been in a more loving, supportive and conscious environment in which my potential is unfolding beautifully and effortlessly. I deeply appreciate you Cloe, Tony, Mark and Magali. By sharing your unique gifts and wisdom so generously, I feel inspired to do the same. Love & Blessings”
Deva, Naturopathic Physician and Muse
“A great way to bypass all of the unnecessary schooling required by higher education institutions, and to understand basic, practical human psychology. A great way to understand what’s been holding you back all these years, how to get over that and to truly reach your own potential, and then be able to give this over to others as well, as a friend, as a mentor, as a coach, etc.”
Vitaly, Rabbi and Counselor
“This excellent program has been applicable to both my work and my life. I am looking forward to healing and growth in myself so I can forward it to others. I’ve taken many courses for Health coaching, Nutrition, fitness, etc. to help others. This time, this course is for me and my wellness. The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is seeing things from different angles. It is already shedding light on what makes me tick. I have a lot more to learn. It’s life changing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
Deanna, Holistic Health Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is learning that I can shift my mood, my feeling, in a heartbeat. To others I would say, “Go for it!” – whether they want to use this to help others professionally or just for personal growth and to help in their own personal relationships. I want to thank you all for your expertise and honesty. I love what you all do to make a difference in people’s lives! ”
Joyce, Telecommunications Solutions and Training
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is how to see my life as a series of facts rather than a story loaded with emotional content. Student Support was great. I had many questions regarding the restructuring of the training and Michael answered all of my questions and concerns. To others considering the course I’d say, do it! ”
Robert, Retail Management
“The tele-classes each week amaze me. People call up and it seems like there’s no hope, but you guys put your heads together and almost always come up with something amazing. I love it when someone leaves the call excited about what they’re going to do now. And you guys (Cloe, Mark and Magali) seem genuinely excited too”
Nadine, Author and Coach
“The training is great. There is a ton of support. I think you all are onto something very big. I believe in my heart that personal relationships are the single most important thing confronting our world today. As a yoga teacher and Structural body worker I witness and work with people everyday who are in physical or emotional pain. If, and when we can heal the pain in our own selves we look at the world differently, interact differently, and treat those around us more compassionately. Watching Tony’s magic in the films and then having Cloe interpret them is so incredibly helpful. When Mark interprets them again for us with the tele-classes things start to click”
Jani, Rolfer of Structural Integration, Nutritional Health Coach and Yoga Teacher
“The program is extremely well structured and there is a wealth of information that is absolutely amazing.”
Joana, Veterinarian
“This is a great course and the techniques to helping others are very interesting. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I now see that the best way I learn is on the spot, through live observation and interaction with clients, and my goal is to develop a personal vision and approach to coaching. This will be the focus of my work. I saw how fast change can take place within any of us if only we believe. Also, the student adviser always gave constructive support and directions and was dynamic even by email I would say that it’s a great way to get introduced to the methods that Tony and Cloe use in their coaching work. I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for all the energy, time, effort and love that you put into your work and into designing this course!”
Nonna, Well-Being Coach
“I already finished the program but I’m doing NLP training to watch the videos again on a new light. I also like very much the SI Solutions teleclasses. I think they’re magnificent. Professionally, I have a compelling career to look forward to. And I feel I’m very well prepared for Coaching. I think this is the best program out there. Personally, I got over my best friend’s death and have identified other limiting beliefs that were dragging me. Excellent service. Quick, personalized response. Very nice people. I even look forward to talking to them. Jarad has been great handling every question I’ve had Go for it! It’s the best investment I’ve ever done. It’s the best program for coaching and even more than coaching, it’s much better than what people are learning (and spending a lot of money on) in universities. And most important, you can sense the people behind this program are really making an effort to add value to people all around the world. I’m an Industrial Engineer. But I’m starting a Coaching Practice to help young professionals get clear on what they want out of their life. From the bottom of my heart… Thank you. People like you make me belief there’s a way for us as a human race to come around and makes me want to be a light for others as you have been for me.”
Jorge, Coach
“I’m so grateful for all the research and years of your life work so generously shared in the format, a heart felt thank you.”
Amerinda, Hypnotherapist
“Learned to trouble shoot myself and others, it works. Thank you Tony for your magnificent, amazing, determination and insight to put a program like this together and share it with world by elevating the consciousness and far better understanding of human relations.”
Paul, Yoga instructor and massage therapist
“Do this because Tony, Cloe are outstanding and so is Mark although you may not have heard of Mark he is a great communicator and teacher, authentic and has a real humility and eagerness to put his knowledge across. Cloe is so experienced and it’s a real privilege to be able to hear her react live to cases. I often hear her voice in my head when I’m with clients, which helps me.”
Carole, Couples Counselor and Stress Therapist
“This gave me the ability to communicate to others and myself how to overcome addictions, fear, and lack of confidence. I’ve sent questions via email and have always received quick and accurate responses. It’s the best training you could ever get. I love this training, I would refer it even to my worst enemy..it’s that great!”
Kiesha, Minister, Massage Therapist, Holistic Life Coach
“Thank you for putting all this together. I am very grateful to you and for you.”
Trent, Life Coach
“I highly recommend this program. Please join with them you will transform your life!”
Nubia, Consultant and Coach
“Thank you guys for what you gave to me, I have learned and grow at the same time, as person and entrepreneur.”
Rony, Life and Business Coaching
“Thanks, this is amazing! For understanding polarity in relationships and masculine vs. feminine energy and how this produces passion. If your relationships work then everything works!”
Tobin, Cognitive Skills Specialist, teaching classes to men and women in correctional and treatment facilities
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a clear concise way to not only better understand human behavior, but readily and easily guide people to change. I think anyone would benefit from this training. I have been working in the insurance industry, but have been considering life coaching as a career for many years. This training has made that dream more realistic for me. Thank you!”
“I would recommend this training, because I am learning so much about myself as well as for my job.”
Matty, Psychosynthesis Counselling/Life-Coaching
“I’m learning about what drives human behavior, Cloe breaks down the interventions explains things in easily digestible language, I also like Marks really practical advice and structure around concepts – I believe that both styles really compliment each other. Go for it, it is worth the investment. I’m very impressed with the genuine course content and I really like the different styles of learning & reinforcement from films, transcripts, through to live tele-classes. It helps the learning to come alive!”
Karen, Parenting worker and previously Youth worker for many years in local government
“It’s very rich and I’m thrilled to be in a class where what has been promised is delivered – in spades!”
Jonell, Somatic Educator, Movement and Massage Therapist
“I continue to look forward to all the new information that seems to become available to us. Also the availability of all the discussions and teleconferences is great. I go back and listen often always gaining more insight.
Niki, Marriage and Family Therapist, Mediator and Arbitrator, Teacher, Author
“From this course your life will be better, and the ability to help those around you becomes a ripple effect of love and support that is priceless. All the love in the world to you all.”
Andy, Coach
“I would recommend making the commitment by signing up and participating in learning as much as you can. And I would tell them to prepare to be positioned to blow your life open and become the best you. Your training is brilliant and wonderful! Thank you for collaborating and for caring enough to bring this to us! By simply watching the public videos I learned enough to make the choice that I had been wrestling with for years, to choose happiness in any given moment. Thank you for that!!!”
Aprilani, Medical Statistician for the US Army
“A massive vision for helping people transform their lives! You’ll never ever regret it.”
Julia, Teacher, Musician
“I am almost finished, but keep wanting more, every time I watch the films again I get new info, details more insights out of it. I like the simple (very workable) structure for insight into peoples’ motivation to do the things they do, and help them to change their actions and focus to be more aligned to what they really are longing for and make it in harmony with their environment. The training is priceless and life changing, it will improve your insights and quality in all areas of your life. You are absolutely amazing! (This is also the case for Magali!)”
“Cloe Madanes is a rare professional; direct, insightful, compassionate and dead on in her responses. Worth every penny for any professional, no matter experience level, as discussions are astutely relevant. Keep up the thoughtful and engaging work.”
Jan, Certified Professional Life Coach, Recovery Coach, RN
“Amazing insight into why we humans do what we do, and how to create lasting paradigm shifts regarding why we do what we do. I would strongly urge them to do so as it will forever change and improve their lives, as well as enable them to do the same for others. Keep up the awesome work and keep living with passion!!!!!”
Angel, Minister and Homemaker, and future Life Coach
“I think they’ve done a tremendous job with the site and training. EXCELLENT.”
“The six human needs and confirmation that work with metaphor are really powerful. Thanks for all you’re doing in the world!”
Coach and Musician
“In this training you get insights first of all about yourself. I can advise this training to everybody who is working with children or adults for a deeper and compassionate understanding of human nature. Your relationship rules changed my attitude towards my love. He is my priority! Thank you, I got clarity for my life on all levels.”
Irina, Grief Counselor
“It gave me confidence that I can be direct with my clients, love them AND not believe their stories. I have seen amazing results already!”
Heather, Coach for families with children with special needs
“Amazing insight into why we humans do what we do, and how to create lasting paradigm shifts regarding why we do what we do. Keep up the awesome work and keep living with passion!!!!!”
Angel, Minister and Homemaker, and future Life Coach
“I love marks voice…compassionate and wise.”
Irene, School Principal
“Worth the investment, even if you do not have a lot of time.”
Moshe, CPA
“I thank you so much for sharing all this information and your points of view, your valuable suggestions and inputs! It has been a great added value to my life and to my work and therefore for my clients.”
Bettina, Consultant, Trainer, Coach
“It is so great what you do, You are doing a great job, serving thousands of people, I wish I can learn more to help all people specially widows and orphans in my country as there are thousands after the wars in Iraq. I could save the lives of people because of what I study from you, as you are doing too.”
Intissar, Engineering Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning, Contractor, Engineering Supervisor, Teacher of HVAC
“Keep up de good work! The world is a better place with you guys and it’s my goal to contribute to that!”
Sven, Engagement Coach
“I am more understanding of why people respond the way that they do and find that I am more compassionate in my dealings with them.”
Marcia, Life Coach
“This is a fabulous training! You will learn so much about yourself, not to mention what you will be able to pass on to others! It’s the healing of the nation!”
LeeAnn, Coach
“Tony is a master genius and Cloe and Mark makes easy to learn from the genius. Thank you. I love you!”
Marco, Hotel Manager and Life Coach
“If you want to grow as a person and in your work to new levels, than you must join the program. ”
Martin, Coaching and Dental Area
“My life and my client’s lives are better because of your work, thank you!”
Katlego, Executive Coach And Leadership Development Facilitator
“I wish I could have them in my life everyday, and hope to be mentored by them. Thank you for the blessing you are for all of us. May God let us grow with in the knowledge and wisdom he has given each and everyone in RMT.”
Irma, Administrative consultant, a mother, friend and follower of Jesus
“The self-awareness I have gained from this course has been mind blowing! And the personal growth has been life saving! I look forward to learning even more tools to enable me to discover more about who I am and be able to use this to help others. For others considering this course I would tell them to commit fully and keep an open mind to a new way of thinking. Thank you for providing such an invaluable tool for students and the world too!”
Venessa, Full-time Mother
“I came to this course to learning new skills to use in my practice and the best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the realization that I can become far more effective. The Student Support and I would recommend this course to others. I really get the feeling that your mission is to help us coaches to be more effective, patient and loving with our clients.”
Marie, Business and Leadership Coach, Stock Market Investor
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is that it gave me a better understanding of myself and other people and transformed my relationships. I would tell others to absolutely go for it, this program is life changing and anyone interested in helping themselves and others on a personal level should go for it! Thank you for this amazing gift you have all put together and are blessing humanity with this fantastic, life-altering program. ”
Stephanie, Lawyer
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is to understand that all behavior has a positive intent. Student support was great and I loved talking with Luanne! Go for it! It’s a life transformational experience that w ill help you answer to the human needs of all the people who come in contact with you. I love what you guys have created: a universal training to elevate human capacity for growth and contribution. ”
Josiane, Psychotherapist, Integrative and Strategic Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of my own mindset and I’m getting started on working to make it more empowering.”
Yair, Environmental Instruction
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a completely new life!!!! Student Support was great and RuthAnn is awesome. If you are considering this course it will be the best investment you have ever made. Thank you all so much for your effort and the love you have poured into this training. ”
Gwendolyn, Coach and Real Estate Agent
“This course just gets better and better. It’s very w ell done! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is confidence in my skills as a coach. I’ve always recommended it highly to anyone who asks about my training. This is by far the best training out there. I love you guys. You have the most comprehensive and interactive coaching programs out there. You give 110% in all you do. It’s great to have the ability to interact with the leaders and founders of the program. You are a gift to the community and the world. Bless you!”
Hope, Software Trainer, Analyst
“This is an excellent program. I love the videos with Tony. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the 6 human needs. Student Support was great and very helpful. I would recommend this course to others. I really enjoy the program and I find the online questions and answers very helpful and I met some wonderful people through study buddies. I am learning a lot of practical skills with this training and that helps me with setting up my practice. I think you are a wonderful team!”
Matty, Psychosynthesis Life Coach
“I love all you all teach and I look forward to always learning and growing and looking for new stuff. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is transforming people’s lives. The support team has been amazingly efficient. Thank you for the long-term support. To others I’d say, DO it NOW. You are the best and I love you all most sincerely from my heart. You guys teach how to push and set new standards. Lots of Love. ”
Dada, Monk, Disaster Relief Coordinator
“I look forward to more videos and examples in the tele-classes. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is learning and utilizing the 6 Human Needs. The Student Support was great and helpful in gaining insight from the Facebook group. The course offers very helpful tools and resources. I would like to thank you all for taking the time to put together your years of knowledge in the trainings, videos, tele-classes and making it available for us to better lives. ”
Linda, Registered Nurse in Mental Health
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a new view on people, on life and on myself. Just do it! ”
Silvie, Corporate Training Specialist
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is getting to identify my main need and the difference between pain and suffering. I’d tell others considering the training that it will help them to know themselves in order for him to be an instrument in the life of other people for a positive change. Thank you for all you do! ”
Karla, Catholic Missionary
“This is a worthy program and I look forward to growth and be able to contribute helping others to grow as well. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is consciousness and actions to improve myself. Thanks for the great opportunity. ”
Norma, Psychologist
“This excellent training is applicable to both my life and work. It has given me open-mindedness. To others I’d say: Join. It w ill help you create positive change for yourself and others. Thanks for creating such a wonderful training experience! ”
Olivette, Counselor
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the ability to look at situations from different angles and understand emotional choices people make. If you are thinking about taking this course, absolutely do it, even for your personal life you learn skills that cross from personal to work life easily. The training is fantastic and I am learning some amazing skills. ”
Raylene, Customer Service for Airline
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a simple approach to connecting with others. ”
Anonymous, Education
“I look forward to learning more about mastering and applying the strategies. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is learning about the Six Human Needs. I’d tell others to absolutely do it. The training applies to everyone’s life on a personal level so even if you don’t plan to use the training professionally with clients you will still learn how to greatly enhance your own life. I’ve learned invaluable things so far and I know this training will take my coaching to a higher level. I’m extremely excited about it and wish I could devote my full time to the training so I could complete it faster! I cannot adequately express just how much I love this training.”
Loree, Life Coach and Book Author
“I look forward to gaining more tools to get the most out of life, for myself and others. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a great tool kit for my coaching practice. ”
Maira, Life Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is self-awareness to work on becoming a better human being for my loved ones and as a professional. To others I’d say GO FOR IT! Really. I recommend it to those that are even remotely interested to enhance their lives or develop as a coach or as a professional in what they are already doing. It is FANTASTIC and it keeps improving. I believe it has a lot more than one realizes at first and it certainly takes practice and digging in to realize the depth of what is given. Very generous! ”
Rody, Coaching/Consulting, Medial and Languages Services
“I look forward to integrating the material into my life and my business from this excellent program. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the understanding that I can apply these things in my life AND help others as a result. I don’t believe I’m alone in finding that my own issues cause me to delay completing the training and implementing the tools provided. The training is exactly what we need and we (people like me) are not using it. ”
Rebecca, Software Support & Real Estate Sales
“I look forward to the moment when my ability to absorb the strategies has become second nature! I have gained and INSTANT ability to serve and give benefit to others around me! Student Support was great. When I’ve asked specific questions, everyone contributed generously. When others’ questions were being answered, I was able to glean precious nuggets. To others I’d say: Go for it! If your heart is leading you to do this kind of work, you can’t find a better training modality. Thank you! It is a tremendous and exceedingly generous gift to the world for you to have replicated your own gifts, skills and abilities in a way that allows so many others of us to provide this same service of healing to so many! May God’s Blessings continually abound in your lives!”
Yolanda, Minister of the Gospel, life coach, mother and grandmother
“The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a deep set of tools to make an immediate difference with intervention. This has been a really good experience that enabled us to grow as professionals and to help the kids and co-workers. ”
Fernanda, lawyer that works with child abuse
“I look forward to a successful completion of the course, along with actively applying ongoing practice and improvement of all the new skills and tools learnt. The best thing about the training is listening to and learning from the Super Enlightening & Inspirational Cloe, Tony, Mark & Magali and connecting with wonderful likeminded students sharing the same journey. Student Support was great. Tracea has been very helpful during my time as an RMT student and I warmly appreciate her consistent warmth and professionalism. To anyone considering the course I would like to say this course is Life Changing and a Must for you and all those around you. I’d like to say thank you from my heart with the warmest gratitude for sharing your awesome knowledge and sending you all the biggest, warmest bear hugs. I truly appreciate all of you.”
Lisa, Real Estate Director and Owner
“The best things I’ve gotten from the training is insight into myself and my relationships. I thought Student Support was great and I’d tell others: Do it, now! I love this course! Thanks, you are all great. ”
Arjun, Sales
“The best thing about the course for me is the applicability of the training for the real life situations. I thought Student Support was great and the RMT Facebook is a great experience. I think it is an excellent course and the best training available online. Great job, great team! ”
Pawel, Coach and Nurse
“As I continue the course I look forward to gaining access to the RMT community, connecting with buddies and launching my business. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is being a part of the RMT community.”
Lorraine, Special Education Teacher, Business Owner
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is that I now better understand the reason people do the things that they do. I’m still challenged with how I can help enable them to behave differently, but now I have hope and some direction.”
Brian, Creative Marketing & Advertising, Personal Training, Life Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an of understanding the concepts of meeting needs and of changing state. Student Support was great, Cindy took great care of me w hen I needed input on a question regarding a client and she got me the help I needed. If you w ant to be able to help people beyond goal setting to changing how they approach life, this is for you.”
Sue, Speech Pathologist, Special Education Administrator
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training, so far, is reflection time on my life and joy in my life.”
Susan, Coach and Facilitator
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is learning about myself and becoming stronger. To others I’d say: Do it! Great Thanks, great work and I love the interaction.”
Yohann, Technology
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an appreciation for the importance of getting one’s needs met.”
Sue, Coach
“This excellent program is applicable to both my work and my life. I’m looking forward to pushing the envelope in terms of more impactful interventions with challenges like the ones in the Breakthrough programs. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is inner peace! To any one considering the course, I’d say: Do It! Thank you! I love you. You feel like family to me and are always welcome at our house any time you are in the UK .”
Lucy, Coach with Roleplay Business
“The best things I’ve gotten from the training are new strategies to deal with a personal problem. Student Support was great and they answered all my questions. To anyone considering the program I would encourage you to join. I appreciated workbooks and movies and look forward to seeing more.”
Aleksandar, Business Coaching
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the information on the 6 Human Needs. To others I’d say: Do it! To Cloe, Tony, Mark, and Magali I’d simply say, thank you! Your love and passion for what you do definitely gives light to the world.”
Terrea, Practitioner of Meridian Tapping, Reconnective Healing and Law of Attraction
“What makes this training valuable is the content Tony, Cloe, Mark and Magali relay. It is absolutely brilliant and insightful.”
Lalit, Medical Doctor
“The excellent training is highly applicable to my own life and the best thing Ive gotten from it so far is insight into my own limiting beliefs. The program is professional, well organized and has excellent content. Thank you. This program is changing me and hopefully will bring me a career change as well.”
Barbara, Physical and Massage Therapy
“I look forward to learning how to apply the concepts quickly and efficiently with clients. So far, the single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of people’s needs and how that motivates them and their behavior. My experience with Student Support was great. The support team is friendly, polite and effective. If you are considering this course and you have the time to invest, this is probably the best option out there! To Cloe, Tony, Mark and Magali I’d like to say: You’re doing an amazing job – changing lives, healing relationships, and helping people to help people! Keep it up!!!”
Tsvi, Teacher, Life Coach and Therapist
“The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is that I am much more happy-certain-energetic-mom, friend and coach. I found Student Support to be great and they helped me figure out my training schedule. To others I can say, the program is life changing and based on my own experience, you will just be so happy when you see how it can help you in your own life, and others too! It´s wonderful to see when someone changes and gets to be happier in life! To Cloe, Tony, Mark and Magali I’d like to say, you are the Four Musketeers of life change for the better! I love you guys, and thank you for all your contributions!”
Linda, Registered Nurse and Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is: A new life! Student Support was great. If you are considering the course: Do it! It’s amazing!”
Sarah, Life Coach
“As I continue with the course I look forward to finding peace and acceptance in my life so I may discover what brings flow into my life and do it. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is learning that there is hope. Student Support was great. I needed confirmation of facts and also more information about pain manifesting in the body and Magali explained it beautifully. This training offers wonderful insightful! It’s like nothing else out there. Your motivation is love and moving the world forward. That comes through in every lesson and conversation. Thank you.”
Irene, Retired School Principal and Mom
“The constant professional interactions, (teleclass and DG) are so well done! The practice and repeats are so necessary and they are there for us to get to our best self and there are very open communications. My experience with Student Support was great; it was very quick and pleasant. Taking this course is a great idea even if only to resolve your own personal issues and is a great replacement for psychotherapy. Thank you and great job! The course has a great design and structure and I’m always learning so much from your weekly input and interactions.”
Joanne, Business Coach and Archetypal Reader
“I’m looking forward to the group interaction in an effort to solidify what I’ve learned so far. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a solid understanding of the 6 basic human needs and how to use these needs to add to the skills I use in my practice. My experience with Student Support was great, offering excellent response time with specific solutions. To those considering the program I’d say it will help you find the tools to take your already compassionate heart and use it positively to change others.”
Micah, Physician
“To anyone considering the course: Do it! So far the training has been applicable to both my work and my life and I look forward to more self-growth in the training to come. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of what coaching really is. My interaction with Student Support was great.”
Odd, Coach
“The program has been excellent so far and I am looking forward to interacting with study buddies, watching intervention films, and simply reading inspiring stories on Facebook. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are the concepts and approaches I have picked up. This course is for people who are passionate about life coaching. Keep doing what you do. You guys rock.”
Lin, Student
“I look forward to gaining insights to help me with my life. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of human behavior, that my experience has many things in common with other people, even as it is unique. Student Support was great. The instructors are awesome.”
“I think the whole package is amazing. Don’t wait, just do it! The Facebook page expands the training we receive exponentially!”
Ricky, Engineer
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is discovering how we can always give different meanings to our circumstances, and that we are free to choose that meaning. Student Support was great, very nice people. To others considering the program I’d say: don´t think it twice. Thank you all. You are doing a great job and thanks to your decision for putting this online, I am sure many more people are being impacted positively in their lives.”
Juan, Educator and Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is that my relationship with my husband has never been better. Also, I was able to help a couple who thought they were headed for a break-up. Now they’re better than ever too! It’s given me confidence and purpose. To others considering the course I’d say: Do it! During the Q & A tele-classes, I enjoy getting to hear one person at a time doing an intervention. One day it was just Mark on the call working with someone, and I loved getting to hear Mark’s style of going through the whole process. It was a nice change from the usual with all 3 on the line.”
Mendy, Mother and Coach-in-training
“I have found the program to be excellent and applicable to both my life and my work. I am looking forward to the time when the principles become second nature and am able to seamlessly move thru the seven master steps. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training has been seeing the strategies presented in context. Student Support was great and to others considering the course I’d say, do it, do not hesitate. I hope you create a Jedi academy for growth, training coaches, martial artists and leaders of the community. Keep going!”
Tony, Business English Coach
“The program so far has been excellent and I look forward to the point where I can learn, apply and integrate. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is role modeling and understand Tony’s interventional strategies and realizing that a) there actually is always a strategy, even though it looks so organic and natural and b) those strategies are totally applicable and useable in our daily life and c) as a cherry on the cake, I met a lot of incredible people all around the world! So, thank you to the whole RMT team! Keep up all the good work! To those considering the course I’d say, with RMT you not only have the opportunity to learn from the very best, but RMT also is structured in a very professional way with the videos, comments, homework, pdfs, etc. – go for it! ”
Catherine, Corporate Marketing Assistant
“The course has been excellent and applicable to both my life and my work. I look forward to be able to apply the lessons and help make a positive difference to other lives. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is self-healing, confidence and being able to grow my happy place. It has been the best choice I have made for my life as it as enhanced it more that I could or would have believed without trying it for myself. Watching and learning from the interventions has helped me to heal my life and I so love to watch how you make such a positive difference to the lives of others.”
Bevely, Healer, Teacher, Facilitator, Trainer
“I love your tele-classes and the laid back coaching approach that comes from all of you. It seems doable for us newbies.”
Chera, Business Manager and Life Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the live coaching examples on the conference calls. This is a perfect place, which gives you real life coaching lessons and enables hands on experience. Nothing is like live situations, which is what you all deliver!”
Lazer, Business Analyst and Computer Programming Consultant
“This is a fantastic program for someone ready to jump ahead with their personal development and ability to help clients. The commentary really adds a lot to Tony’s interactive videos. You are all three very insightful and helpful! I have enjoyed the Thursday calls having listened to the archived ones and now going on live. ”
Pamela, Personal Assistant and Professional Organizer
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the self-belief that I have the resources within me to become an extremely successful coach. Student Support was great with prompt friendly service and emails were answered quickly. The program allows you to discover your own personal blue print, reflect where you are, to be present in relationships and serve others. The program is excellent and has the potential to be life changing.”
Roger, Researcher-West Yorkshire Police
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a better understanding and insight into myself and others in my life of why and how we operate. Profound! I would tell those considering the program that it is worth the investment for self even if there was no desire to coach. It is an awesome self-development journey. I have followed Tony over the years and was very blessed to have had the chance to see him at Radio City Music Hall with Oprah and now to be a part of this training puts me on my path to my divine destiny. I am coming into such a higher awareness about myself and others on this journey that opens me up for more understanding and compassion. I hope to meet you all one day. Thank you so much!”
Sheila, Independent Sales Rep
“The best things I’ve gotten from the training are the tools to be able to enhance my existing health coaching practice. Student Support was great and I highly recommend the program to others. I have loved this training and I hope to take part in the next mentor program.”
Ruth, Health and Nutrition Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the Mandy and Scott video, which has been my favorite and what I w anted to learn most from BBT. I signed up for BBT specifically to learn NLP skills. I am enjoying BBT, thanks!”
Peg, Therapist
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the RMT training is that it has transformed my life back into a state of success and thriving. To anyone considering the program I’d say, apply it to yourself, those you love, your career and all you meet. The tools are amazing the insights are priceless. I have lived a life of service, up until I burned out in life. The training you have provided me has assisted me in healing and now offers to carry me forward in a life of service to others. Thank you.”
Larry, Strategic Coaching
“I look forward to connecting with coaches in ways that w ill enhance my coaching abilities. The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the 6 human needs. It is different than many coaching schools. The intervention aspect may go beyond w hat some coach schools would encourage. I am guessing that there is a w ide range of coaching abilities. I do wonder how you manage to grow and maintain excellence.”
Fred, Clergy
“Thinking about taking the class? Take the leap, and then experience the “impossible” before breakfast! I absolutely love the weekly live tele-classes. Those are for me the most inspiring and profoundly transformative moments. Inside myself an avalanche of insights and understanding is triggered. I like the way the three of you Chloe, Magali and Mark, are in tune on a very deep level. It makes the classes very juicy. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is blossoming into my full potential as a human being. My experience with Student Support was great, they were knowledgeable, reassuring, gave a fast response and were so very friendly and professional. I appreciate every single one of you! You are contributing massively to my life. Thank you so much!!”
Deva, Naturopath ND, Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Visionary
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is insight into my own behavior and how and why I react to close family members the way I do. Thank you for all your hard work bringing this training together.”
Denise, Psychology, Counseling
“This course is an excellent way to see things in your life you have never recognized before. It is a great way to learn skills to help others. The best thing I’ve gotten from it is that I can help others and myself. I don’t know where this path will take me but I am certain it is the right path! I am learning to be more clear with my thoughts, words and actions. Every encounter I had with Student Support was with someone who cared. They were very personable and encouraging. I love the encouragement and support I feel with the program. I am excited about starting the SI Excellence to give me a “gentle kick in the butt” to take full advantage of everything I am learning.”
Carol, Physical Therapist
“To others considering the program I’d say, join! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is learning that permanent change is possible if you know how to do it and I look forward to learning how to sustain that change in the training to come. Thanks very much your insights, they are astounding!”
“The course is absolutely life transforming. Go for it. The program is excellent and applicable to both my life and my work. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is how we DO DEPRESSION, which I personally overcame within 3 days after dealing with it for 8 years. Grace! Keep up the Great Work and more videos where you explain. They are critical to understanding the material from a subconscious level and are very powerful and entertaining.”
Steve, Life Coach
“JOIN! It’s totally worth it! The best things I’ve gotten from the training are happiness, joy, and laughter for me and within my family! Thanks to each of you!! I hope to be able to keep learning and growing from each of you.”
Rachael, Coach
“The best things I’ve gotten from the training are improved coaching techniques. You have made a very good job putting this together.”
Carin, Personal Trainer
“Do it! You will understand people a lot better and know how to help them move forward. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an appreciation for how much art is in SI, as opposed to pure science.”
Aaron, Business Turnaround
“Keep up the good work. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is clarity about how to adjust thoughts. Student Support was great. To others I’d say go for it!”
Gail, Therapist
“Great job! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training so far is learning about the 6 human needs that every person has. I would tell others considering the course that it is great and they should take it.”
Leslie, TV Producer and Anchor
“Stop thinking and do this training! It has given me a new understanding of people. My experience with Student Support was great; they are courteous, friendly and nice.”
Gregg, Education
“The best things I’ve gotten from the training are tools to serve clients, and help them to change and improve their lives. I also, first, have gotten the tools to change and improve MY life. It is a comprehensive and complete training for coaching, and it also contains resources that help to build a coaching practice and have effective marketing. I love the program, and it is helping me to improve and get ready to help others.”
Juliette, Coach
“Thank you for your generosity! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training so far is a tool box to help my clients. To anyone considering the training: Just do it!”
Maja, Executive and Life Coach
“The course provides excellent information. By learning how to apply it all, I will gain knowledge and by practicing and making mistakes, I will gain wisdom. The program works if you work it.”
Christine, Accountant and retired military
“The best thing I got from the training is a better relationship with my wife, which has improved tremendously. We enjoy being together so much now. This to me is the best gift I got from this training. I would highly recommend the program to those who are interested. The program is Excellent!”
Jeff, Restaurant Owner
“The training is excellent! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a better understanding of how to help others.”
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the awareness of the “crazy eight”. I think that most problems arise from the failure to move forward into growth. I love teaching this concept. I really like what you teach.”
Donna, Restaurant Owner and Horse Trainer
“Thank you so much! The training has opened the door to sort personal issues To others I’d say: Go do it!”
Mandy, Children and Family Practitioner
“Congratulations. This course is a true contribution. The best thing I’ve gotten from it so far is a new perspective. The Student Support was empathetic and helpful. To anyone considering the training I would say, go for it.”
Bill, Clinical Immunobiology
“Keep up the phenomenal work.”
Barb, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
“I think you have done a wonderful thing by offering this course. Thank you so much.”
Joyce, Health and Wellness Coach
“I would tell someone who was thinking of joining this training, DO IT!! It will be the best training to help you understand yourself and others. The excellent course is applicable to both my life and my work. I look forward to learning how to use all this wonderful training, to help others that are going through changes they may be experiencing in their lives. It has already helped me overcome massive changes in my life, and has given me the ability to find peace in my life following a business breakdown, financial meltdown, health breakdown (massive dizziness), and family breakup (wife and partner for 20 years plus deciding to leave because of the decision I made in June 2004 to start a business). I love you all for your commitment to human growth and human peace.”
Clayton, Coach
“Expertise radiates from the advice you give. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a deeper understanding of these great tools. It is an excellent course and training and the setting for learning is second to none.”
Suzanne, Recreation
“I highly recommend it this training to others. Keep doing the fantastic teamwork you are doing.”
Mehri, Coaching Psychologist
“The course is excellent and listening to all 3 coming up with solutions is excellent. What I like about Magali is that when she gives an answer in the tele-classes she speaks slowly, waits for a student response and gives someone time to think what she is trying to achieve when solving problems. She has a calm approach. Cloe speaks with her heart. Mark is always there ready to help out with a solution. He’s a great helper in adding comments when needed. Tony provides good visual with his learning by using video. He’s videos are interesting and all well put together.”
Giancarlo, Musician and Teacher
“The excellent training has given me insights, awareness and massive growth.To anyone considering the course: Do it!”
Dina, Life Coach
“Thank you! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is confidence in knowing how to strategically approach the many difficult life challenges of clients. To others I’d say, you w ill be learning from the best!”
Colleen, Women’s Empowerment and Success Coach
“Do not hesitate to do it — it can change your life. It’s an enriching and excellent course. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the ability to be able to apply it in my every day life situations and get to know so many people and so many points of view. Student Support was great. Every time I have a question or a doubt they are always there to help me in a very efficient and kind way. Even though my native language is Spanish they are so clear and kind that makes it all very easy to understand. I enjoy listening very much to the sessions.”
Jessica, Life Coach and Codependency Specialist
“I would tell others who are considering the course not to hesitate. There is so much to make anyone’s life better even if they never used the information outside of personal application. I look forward to learning everything you have to offer. The insight is tremendous. There is so much good stuff. I always look forward to using what I’ve learned. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is how to create shift in someone’s life quickly and in a loving way that I know will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Thank you, to each of you. It is incredible, all that is offered, sometimes I’m overwhelmed, but I know that the next day I will get back on my horse and carry on.”
Simone, Certified Life Coach
“LOVE IT! If you are considering this course, you should definitely do it. It is the best thing you can do for yourself. You will become aware of yourself – become much happier – and be able to assist people in a productive way. The course actually gives you tools that you can put into practice. You will actually finish it and be able to coach people as it provides so much information, resources, instructions, and processes. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an enormous amount of information and tools that can actually be applied. This is the best course I have ever done and I have done a lot of them. Student Support was great — They are friendly, supportive and answer the questions. Thank you so much. You are all awesome. You are all so loving, giving, intelligent and entertaining. I love this course and I was reluctant to do it as I wanted to do ‘my own’ thing. I am so grateful for this opportunity and want to bring my practice to life. Thanks.”
Megan, Property Investment and Finance
“This course is a must. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the power of coaching. Student Support was great.”
Zlata, Business Management, Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a better understanding of of myself.”
Tyrone, Entrepreneur, Coach, Teacher
“This is a great program. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is my life’s focus and passion.”
Constance, Coach and Photographer
“This is a great program for personal development, you learn from the very best in the business! The program is excellent. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an awareness of how to develop my listening skills and understanding how to interpret behavior. Thank you for this program to enable us to learn the skills for creating better quality lives for ourselves and others. The training is interesting, enjoyable and practical to learn and your dedication to your work has inspired me to change my life.”
Peter, Motor Vehicle Repair
“It can catapult your life. Great training, great people. Thank you! This course has been excellent. I am looking forward to learning how to apply strategic intervention to my life and my coaching practice. The single best things I’ve gotten from the training are the keys to saving my marriage.”
Taylor, Coaching, Training, Speaking
“Thinking about it? Join. It will change everything. I look forward to learning strategies that offer a new way to look at old problems that we all think we already know. Like stress. I loved the video Magali posted about viewing the stress response as helpful rather than detrimental. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is “Change your plan.” Student Support was friendly with quick replies and good chats.”
Christine, Trauma Recovery Coach, Nursing Instructor and Forensic Nurse Examiner
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is self healing as I’ve come to better understand relationships and what they’re based on. Student Support was very helpful. Thank you so much for the self paced training and thanks again for this life changing teaching and for the opportunity I now have to transition careers to life coaching and strategic intervention coaching!”
Craig, Advertising Sales
“The training is sophisticated, thorough and unique. SI has the ability to provide solutions to every problem presented by the client and it has a “keep it simple” philosophy behind it. I love listening to Mark in tele-classes.”
Anne, Teacher and Business Owner
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the hope that I can help myself as well as others to truly realize our worth and express our appreciation for life. I have told everyone and anyone about it – if they express any interest I tell them to at least look into it. I think Tony has a gift. I am just amazed at his talent to pick out the issues and begin the healing – I am striving to really “get this.” I am so excited to speak with Cloe!!”
Jessica, Registered Nurse
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is self-discovery. Guys, you are awesome and I am so looking forward to my hour with Cloe.”
Ghada, Human Resources
“I have enjoyed watching and listening to the interventions and look forward to seeing more of those. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the opportunity to listen to Tony and Magali. I like the way Magali unpacks things and it is good to hear different perspectives.”
Robyn, Registered Nurse, Family therapy
“I love listening and watching Tony support and change the lives of people. In every video I learn something new!”
R., Certified Coach and Hair Salon Owner
“If you take this course you will change lives, starting with your own. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a more effective way to communicate and understand the needs of others. Student Support was great, the people are always friendly and affirming. I am not the same person I was before I learned about the 6 Needs! ”
Dave, Actor
“Do it! The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a better understanding of myself and my clients. Personally, I learned to listen more carefully and with more patience. I am not as impatient with my family as I was. Thank you!”
Ljiljana, Psychologist
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an absolute transformation of mind, awareness and thinking, and that life is not just about me, me, me. Student Support has been great, my questions always get answered quickly and I feel there is support available any time I need. If you want to live a really fulfilled and happy life in all aspects – relationships, work, your interests, health, etc., this training is worth every single penny from Day 1. Before I joined, it took me quite a while to decide whether I w as ready to spend all my savings on this training, but I had a hope that investment in myself would be the best way to spend money at that time when my life seemed to be in ruins. So I took a risk (which seemed to be the craziest idea ever for me). The truth is – it has paid off far more quickly than I could imagine or expect. I have been on about 50 training courses in my life with varying levels of real benefit or gain, but none of them is even close to this training in terms of contents, intensity, real effect and change. It’s like replacing your hard drive in your brain in its best meaning!”
Liga, Translator, Editor and Coach
“I look forward to learning about how people in a relationship influence each other, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. And how you can influence them to help each other and be happier together. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are insights into how people live their lives, trying to meet their needs and how to influence that so that they can be happier and live a more fulfilling life. If you don’t need it in your profession, you can use it in your personal life. It will give you insights of how you change your life for the better. I think the training is great and I am very happy that I joined.”
Daniela, Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is learning that there is a wealth of different approaches that can benefit someone who’s suffering. This is from the multitude of perspectives from Chloe, Mark and Magali during the live tele-seminars. Also how wonderfully creative the RMT style of thinking is. Student Support was great; they were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. ”
Alistair, Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant
“This is the best online coaching training in the world. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are the 6 Human Needs, working together with the Emotional States and the Crazy 8, plus the SI strategies. I love you guys — you are an inspiration to me. Your dedication to service and passion for what you´re doing have set the bar high for me. I learn not only from the amazing content that you share, but from you being amazing human beings.”
Luis, Corporate, Trainer
“The course has taught me so many new skills. Keep doing what you are doing!”
David, Small Business Owner
“The SI material is fantastic, and I’ve been impressed, even though I already knew a lot about Tony’s methods. The modules on how to set up a business have been very helpful. I would definitely recommend this course.”
Tom, Real Estate Investor and Coach, training specialist, public speaker, author
“Considering the course? Dive right in! I am wrapping up Core 100. I am thrilled with what I have learned. I feel like I am close to being ready to start coaching. I know there is always more to learn though. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of my own baggage and ultimately clearing it from my life. Every one of you is so skilled at what you do that I always learn and enjoy what you share. I feel like I am in the presence of excellence when I listen to the teleseminars and watch the videos. I would say that RMT is the best coach training out there!”
Rona, Military Contractor
“Considering this course? JUST DO IT! The training was extraordinary and Student Support was attentive and responsive.”
Andy, Coach
“It is an awesome program! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the ability to smoothly integrate the NLP techniques into a conversation. Strategic Interventions has given me the ability to be more flexible. It’s a life-changing program. Thank You.”
Ramon, Trainer for a Gold Mine
“Do it! The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is faith that every single person can change, when they realize they want to. Thank you!”
Cora, Actress and Writer
“To others considering this training I would say that it’s an invaluable life lesson that will benefit them greatly and that they will learn about themselves as well as their interactions with others. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is appreciation of how successful relationships work. My experience with Student Support was great. All of my queries were dealt with quickly. I’d also add that the team members that I’ve interacted with so far have been super polite! Thank you for putting together this training and making so much knowledge available. I think it’s an excellent course. Thanks again.”
Andrew, Sales & Marketing Consultant and Coach
“I highly recommend this training. I am a complete beginner so I look forward to diving into all of the good information you have put together for us in RMT core 100 training and learning the strategies to make a difference in peoples lives. You are all amazing! The best things I’ve gained from the course so far are great knowledge and experiencing personal breakthroughs. Student Support has been great and has always send me prompt answers. Please keep planting seeds. I love the combination of all of your talents together.”
Theresa, Supply Chain, Data Quality
“I would highly recommend this excellent course. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are how to ask better questions and that active listening is key. Thank you so much for the great work and dedication. I couldn’t be more thrilled with growing as a coach with this training program!”
Loc, Life, Coach and Corporate Strategy Lead
“This excellent training helps you take your coaching to another level! I look forward to more approaches to coaching and serving people. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are applicable scenarios — samples of real situations with real outcomes. Student Support helped me get access and was very friendly and responsive! Thank you for this outstanding program!”
Jennifer, Educator and Life Coach
“I look forward to starting my own formal practice. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a vehicle to have conversations and help myself as well as others to find truth, happiness and their own power to heal and make positive changes in their lives. I absolutely love and appreciate the live discussions. Each of you brings such a wealth of diverse perspectives that it never ceases to amaze me.”
Laura, Engineering Manager, Interior Designer, Coach in traoning
“I love the tele-classes and explaining modules. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are more clarity and methods to use in my personal life. To others considering the training I would say it helps not only to prepare to work with the potential clients, it also helps tremendously to improve the quality of your own life. I’d love to thank all of you for such a heartfelt approach to your students, especially during tele-classes. ”
Grazyna, Art and Creativity Teacher
“Absolutely do it! The best things I’ve gotten from the training are confidence and understanding. Student Support was great. Thank you so very much!!”
Gwen, Realtor and Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from this training is a deeper understanding of myself in relation to others. It is awesome because of the ongoing weekly discussion groups and tele-class.”
Lee, House Painter
“The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is so far is that I was already able to help a friend better their relationship based on what I learned from Tony.”
John, Engineer and Teacher
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the understanding that we are completely capable of creating positive change in our lives and the lives of others. All of the distinctions and strategies make it almost impossible to continue on a negative or disempowering path.”
Gina, Musician, Songwriter, Composer and Teacher
“If you want an enhanced quality of life with a desire to learn how to do it then jump on board! I look forward to watching more interventions with Tony and observing change and techniques, methods, concepts, principles and strategies that he uses that can be applied to serving others. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a better understanding and appreciation of myself and others in ways that makes it so much easier to make desired changes. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for the privilege to learn, and internalize this training. I have been extremely slow to apply and socialize however I feel a greater overall increased confidence, inner healing and recovery that is helping me to feel much more empowered. My perspective on people in general is forever altered to a much more compassionate state including patience with myself. Tony’s Creating Master Change CD program was the best of all of Tony’s program that I had ever experienced and prepared me and motivated me to launch into the core 100 and 200 programs. I love the interactive films. Thanks, Mark and Cloe for your narration and additional insights. I also appreciate Magali’s approach to counseling on the tele-conferences. I greatly admire and respect the passion and sincerity of Tony’s gifted impact on others. Thank you!”
Craig, Window Washer and Coach
“I would tell others to join who want to gain a deeper understanding of how to help people. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a deeper focus on patience and understanding in relation to the 6 human needs. I look forward to learning how to better solidify my use of these techniques and gain a deeper understanding of strategic intervention. For Tony, Thank you for helping me through some tough times. For Mark and Magali, thank you for highlighting the techniques in Magali’s work with Rebecca- very helpful! I hope to meet you all one day.”
Erik, Coach
“This training contains excellent information for any human being regardless of your profession or your personal background. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are information and insight into relationship patterns and coaching relationships. I look forward to cementing the strategies and having more personal revelations! Student Support was great. Keep up the good work!”
Darlene, Business Owner – Yoga
“I would tell anyone considering this course that it is relevant, practical, and results oriented. It definitely has the power to change lives. The video aspects of the course are great and scripts of them are available!”
Cathy, Company Trustee, Yoga Teacher
“Go for it – it w ill change your life! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of what drives human behavior. Thank you for putting all of this work together and making it digestible and comprehensible in small doses.”
Valerie, Social Worker, Therapist
“Go for it! The best things I’ve gotten from the training are the conceptual structure of the 6 human needs and how to apply these to change behavior. Student Support was prompt, and provided a clear response to a clarification question. Thank you for sharing your invaluable know ledge.”
Kim, Admin Support for family business and Homemaker
“I love the program and look forward to learning more about how to apply it to work. I deal in a lot of change management at work and it really just boils down to helping people better handle change. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is converting Chris, a software architect, by understanding that he was internally motivated and not externally motivated. It helped me adjust the way I worked with him.”
Marty, Software management Coach and Trainer
“The course has excellent applications for any aspect of your life; business, family, friends, etc. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the elevation strategy, which helps me to look at a person’s problem or situation or behavior and see the positive intention behind it, to be able to call out their strengths. I love the 2 new videos that you put out recently that are just 30 minute long interventions with Tony. Thanks!”
Kevin, Coach and Youth Mentor
“I love the interventions and learning from the experts.”
Ian, Hypnotherapist
“Oh My God, every one should join, if not to help others, it will definitely help them with their own life. This excellent course is applicable to both my life and my work. I look forward to gaining more understanding of self, and using the tools to transform my own life and my family life, and build the confidence to one day help others. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are recognizing my faults, accepting responsibility for my actions and learning to forgive. I am thankful for this program, it has help changed my thinking about how I have been living my life and in turn it changed me as a person, and my husband no longer wants to divorce me. I am working on helping my daughter to forgive my husband.”
Lan, Healthcare Management
“Considering the course? Stop thinking and just do it you have so much to gain. I look forward to continuing to expand my depth of knowledge, to grow as a coach and as a result be able to contribute even more to my clients. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a very deep understanding of the principles of SI. The tools to make a positive impact in the lives of others, to be able to make a difference and to leave anyone I meet, not only feeling better but with the determination to raise their standards and take massive action to make the changes they desire possible. Student Support was great. Any questions or anything I was unsure about have been answered both in a timely fashion and professionally. I received excellent feedback on my final paper, which was most encouraging. Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for the wonderful training I have received it is by far the best training I have undertaken. I feel honored and privileged to be a part of the SI community. Thank you.”
Stephen, Therapist and Coach
“This is a great program and one of the best videos is where you recap the 7 master steps with the 3 short videos. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the chance to dive deep into my own behavioral patterns and really understand where some of my confusing behavior comes from. I’m working on integrating it so that I feel more balanced.”
Jose, Business Owner, Sales
“Considering the course? Do it! I look forward to gaining more insights that I can use in building my coaching practice for wellness coaching. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of relationships between couples, it helps with creating and serving others. Student support was great. I had questions regarding what to do to complete course, had a great conversation. Thank you so much for being who you are, Cloe I was very inspired by talking to you, you make it simple to change, love you guys.”
Michael, Personal Trainer and Coach
“This training is a definite must! It will increase the quality of your life as well as all those around you! Right now I am very satisfied with w hat I am learning, and the new distinctions! It’s very eye opening at this time. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is more clarity in my life. Thank you for making this available!”
Brandon, Realtor, Real Estate Sales Agent
“This training offers solid material that’s valuable and applicable to your practice and life. It’s a great investment in your self and your practice. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the 6 human needs and I look forward to the relationship related material. Keep the material coming!”
John, Peak Performance Strategist
“I would highly recommend the experience. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are the practical examples, which demonstrate the theoretical constructs shared by the instructors. This is excellent training. The caliber of information and real time knowledge being presented by the RMT faculty is second to none.”
Mario, Life Coach, Mental Health Clinician and Supervisor & Peak Performance Consultant
“The course is excellent and I look forward to continuing to learn more every time I connect with anyone in the RMT family or any RMT learning tool. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are better listening skills. I highly recommend it for personal growth, improvement in relationships, improved communication skills, and a better understanding of all humans. Thank you for developing this program. It has made a big difference in my life. I will be at UPW in Florida.”
Connie, Life and Nutrition Coach
“This training is worth the money and offers great value and content. The videos with explanations are awesome as is the RMT forum. I look forward to more terrific tools! Student Support was very prompt and friendly. I absolutely love the course. As someone who has been working in the field for years I can still say that the training has opened my eyes in many ways and given me new frames and tools for how to work. I am incredibly grateful.”
Tzippi, Coach and Therapist
“Go ahead, it’ll open a new world for you! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding that change is possible if you really want it.”
Nadia, Life Coach
“This is an excellent course and I look forward to more continued insight. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a framework that is very easy to explain to clients. Thank you! I am enjoying it so much!”
Tonya, Psychotherapist
“Do it!! Absolutely!! It w ill change your life! I’m looking forward to listening to (and learning) about even more situations. Watching different scenarios and how they are handled are very interesting. I’m also seeing a huge change in my own life and I’m looking forward to an even higher level of living! Exciting!! I love the way Tony throws out “interrupting” phrases to get the client out of their whining. LOL It really shocks them and makes them realize how “into” the drama. Thank you for proving this valuable information and making it possible for all of us to learn. Truly a God send!! I’ve been looking for you guys all my life!!”
Janet, Beer sales and Distribution, Coach in training
“Be like a Nike commercial and just do it! Everyday is a new concept or idea that can help me in my life and in helping others. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the ability to see in myself and others the deeper reasons for my actions or lack thereof in my life.”
Mark, Entrepreneur
“This is a revelation training that has given me self–awareness. The staff is extraordinary.”
Dumitru, Consultant and Social Worker
“Do it! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is how to make my story “right size” by taking the emotional power out of my story. By making different choices I have a different life.”
Robert, Retail Management
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is inspiration. I’m looking forward to integrating what I’m learning and putting it to practice with my existing clients. Thank you for making me a better person on ALL levels.”
Eva, Psychotherapist
“Do it! This is an awesome, easy to learn program on making changes in your life and the life of those around you in a heart beat! The best things I’ve gotten from the training are tools to help myself and others to improve the quality of life. Thank you for making a difference in the world!!!!”
Cis, Registered Nurse and Life Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a better understanding of relationships, mostly my relationship with myself. It’s amazing and it is so obvious how much professional talent and compassion has been put into this program. I haven’t met you all but I love you and appreciate everything you do! Thank you!”
Sara, Mother and Homemaker
“I love the videos and my study buddy. I’m looking forward to attending UPW in February. This program is the best training I’ve ever taken. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are practical tools to help transform my life and the lives of my clients. This stuff really works! I now have the confidence to begin coaching! Student Support was friendly and helpful. You guys are doing a really fantastic job – keep it up!”
Christine, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach
“Do it. It’s a life changer. This is an excellent course. The principles taught are not just for coaches, but for anyone looking to improve their lives. I look forward to applying the principles to real life situations that I have the opportunity to experience. So far I am just amazed at the positive feedback. Probably the most important thing to date is overcoming my fear of providing the appropriate or correct assessment to clients. Student Support was great and provided very knowledgeable and insightful feedback. I appreciate the willingness to assist me to understand different aspects of the course. I feel a sense of positive support and a genuine desire to help me succeed. I was somewhat cynical of the course, but I am happy to admit that I have changed my opinion. Now that I am almost at the end I totally enjoyed and benefited from the course. Thanks Cloe, Tony, Mark, and Magali.”
Glen, Assistant Director of Operations – Law Firm
“I really love the material and want to integrate it into my personal and work life. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is language to describe and understand strategic interventions and use them more effectively. When I contacted Student Support I asked for a return call and got it immediately. The person was helpful in answering my questions.”
Bonnie, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a new perspective. The situations in my life haven’t changed, but my perspective has changed, and so everything has changed! If you are passionate about being able to give the gift of strategic interventions to those you know, or the ability to create a career doing so, then go for it! This is an excellent program. ”
Eric, Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is skill to talk people through their mental obstacles. It has been very rewarding to see the light come into their face as they realize they just made a different conclusion about life. Children respond very well. It is a great feeling to give a new fresh outlook to someone who was bound to a limiting conclusion. Thank you”
Terri, Performance Coach
“Organizing the program around the 6 Human Needs is brilliant! The concepts make perfect sense, apply in all situations and solutions are effective because they come from the client. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is renewed motivation and the belief that I can do this!! ”
Jean, Certified Professional Life Coach
“This is the best training in the world. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of why we do what we do.”
Michael, Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is improved clarity within my life. Student Support is great, they are always prepared with an answer, I like that. If anyone were to ask, and had good intentions, I’d tell them to sign up ASAP.”
Robert, Investor
“There’s nothing better than this training. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the certainty that I can really make a difference in my own and other people’s lives. God bless you and keep giving us the videos.”
Elsa, Psychotherapist
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is discovering ‘me’. Student Support was great. If you are thinking of joining this program find out what your reasons are, imagine the result, commit and join. I believe this to be a life-changing tool. It has been not only a discovery of myself, but how to study as I have never been to college or learned how to do this. Now I study with passion.”
Dylan, Corporate Casino Host for CCL
“Cloe, Magali, Mark and Tony are true leaders, who awake the desire to follow their humanistic attitude and study their professional experience. I dream once to read a book written by Cloe Madanes, not about her clients though, but about her own life experience, her own choices, “ups and downs”- in other words, memoirs of the great Cloe Madanes. The RMT team is a real example of a highly effective working team where every member is special, unique and different from others by the manner to speak, to teach, to influence, but at the same time they all stay together as one perfectly working team, following common goals and plan.”
Svetlana, Consultant and Coaching (work with newcomers, Russian-speaking immigrants who relocated to Canada)
“This is a very in-depth program. You can learn so much about yourself and others.”
Thera, Caregiver
“Go for it. It will change your life! The understanding of how “we” operate on a day to basis will open up your relationships, career, and business. Each lesson brings more awareness, clarity and multiple “ah-ha” moments.”
Andy, Life and business Strategist (Using SI)
“I think there is no other training like this one. It is so much more in depth than a lot of life coach training. And it is so much more than just life coaching. I have been a Tony Robbins fan for a long time, which is why I chose this course, even though it is more expensive than a lot of courses out there. I am confident that there is no other place on line that you can get this kind of quality, applicable skills for 3500.00. Checked into getting a masters in counseling on line from Wake Forest University. Guess how much?? $70,000!!! And I would bet I have learned more actual skills from this course than I would at Wake Forest.”
Myra, Realtor and Life Coach
“Get out your hankies, get out your note-pad, be prepared to dig deep with-in, be prepared to take a real hard and honest look at your life and your relationships. This course will teach you about yourself and who you really are, in order to teach you how to motivate others. This training/education should be mandatory at the high school/secondary school level as it is real life, every day living material that all of us need in order to reach our true potential.”
“Do it. You won’t regret it. It will change your life for the better and you will not find a better program or better service from Magali, Mark and Cloe.”
Delaine, Martial Arts Instructor, Office Admin, Student
“It’s definitely worth it both from a professional point-of-view, especially if they are in the coaching or consulting fields, and from a personal point-of-view, as it does impact the way you perceive your relationships with others and your interactivity with them. Keep up the excellent work & keep rolling it out to more & more people!”
Liana, Marketing Consultant
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from this training is a wonderful relationship with my husband. Thank-you it’s a great program! This approach of the six human needs is so right on and it has help me understand so much better people around me and why they do what they do. It’s an excellent tool to solve difficult problems and add great values to people’s life. Having the film to watch is great as it’s a way to observe what and how Tony does it and to be able to replicate it in some ways plus it’s fun and lively. What a great way to learn! It’s so great to have the transcript for the film as sometime the dialogues in the films go so fast and I cannot catch everything so the transcript come in handy for deeper study of the material presented in the film. I especially like the tele-class each week where we can stay in touch and continue to learn and practice coaching.”
Joy, Missionary Work, Teaching and Counseling
“I think Cloe and Mark are the perfect team on the tele-calls they offer the same idea or solution, but highlight different facets of the same point. I have learnt much from this kind of approach.”
Tricia, Hypnotist
“I am so happy that I am taking this course. With every module I do I learn something new and insightful. I don’t regret taking this course. A message for Tony- Eighteen years ago I purchased your book Awaken the Giant Within, and my life has never been the same since. It is an absolute thrill for me that after eighteen years of reading your books and doing your programs that I am currently taking the SI training. Cloe and Mark are amazing. I have always loved helping people and when I watch the interventions that you have done it feeds my soul and I am so grateful to be taking this course. I have not yet had the pleasure of going to one of your live events but I have posted a picture of a UPW event on my vision board and I am trusting in the universe to get me there! You are a true inspiration for me. God bless :-)”
Tammy, Master Colorist/Hairdresser
“Having a professional of Cloe’s caliber is one of the things that clearly puts RMT over the top for credibility and quality. The combination of Tony and Cloe’s expertise is what sets this coach training apart from the others. The dynamic of this team is worth more than the price of admission! The weekly calls are great and please keep the student discussion calls going. Excellent program, excellent work all!”
Mona, Non-profit Business Coach, Author
“Love… By understanding patterns and going through processes I did realize that love is the most important thing. In my own life, but also in helping parents to solve their problems with their kids. And I get words to explain processes better to parents (and children). I would tell others, that they just have to do it! You can use it as a professional. And you can use it for your personal life.”
“I’m very grateful for this training. My goal in my personal life has become to be happy. My work has changed dramatically. I don’t feel responsible for the luck of the kids and the parents anymore. They are responsible for themselves. I give the kids I work with full responsibility for their own happiness. The only thing I have to do is give them space to be themselves. They do the rest. My job has become to translate their behavior to the parents and teachers and to take care that the adults give the kids the space and trust to solve their own problems and more important that they give their kids space to be themselves so they can live their own life. My job is to teach kids to trust themselves. And to let parents trust themselves so they can trust their kids. I really expect a lot of the children. All the kids can handle this responsibility and they are really happy that someone is expecting from them that they can do it. That makes my work, especially with the kids, like a party everyday. I’m very grateful I can live the life I dreamt of with my partner, my kids, and my work. I believe it’s achievable for everybody. That is my biggest drive in work. I’m very grateful that I did discover that during this course.”
Marlies, Psychotherapist for children
“I believe this training is a great resource and asset for any human being to have and I truly desire to pass the strategies and understanding on to others. You have done and continue to do an amazing job with the development of this training. It would be great for it to get worldwide accreditation, which would help new graduates to be taken more seriously. I look forward to meeting you all one day!”
Vicky, Holistic Practitioner, Massage Therapist
“It is great training especially when dealing with relationships and family stuff. Thank You so much for opening your toolbox for us and letting us see behind the curtain.”
Jana, Coach
“I am looking forward to watching and absorbing the strategies more clearly. The simplistic way in which Cloe explains the concepts are great. I have gained a clearer understanding of my own motivations and the decisions I made as a small child which have colored my life for years. Awareness gives the ability to transform a life. That the coursework is excellent, but more importantly you will learn so much about yourself and your own life. This allows you to see others with more clarity, empathy and compassion.”
Allanah, Writer and Teacher
“It is the greatest thing on coaching, I would highly recommend the training.”
Marea, Relationship Coach, Athens, Greece
“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights while packaging them in tangible and applicable tools!”
Alexandra, Relations Coach
“It’s a great eye opener on real life situations and gives great tools and techniques that can turn around lives in a very positive way. I love the tele-classes that talk specifically on the interventions and break down what Tony does. I find these invaluable in understanding how to approach the coaching and use the techniques.”
Linder, Project Management transitioning to Coaching
“My life is completely different after a year in the training — I´m a very happy, strong, feminine woman in control of her life. Now my well-being does not depend of my circumstances. It´s the greatest thing you can do for yourself, you can really change your life in a year of training and be on your way to a magnificent life. You´ll never be average again in any sphere of your life. Thanks to you I now have great self esteem, self respect and I feel very proud of myself, the bonus is how much my family and friends admire me now.”
Carmen, Translator
“I have gained so much: Here goes; a relationship with my sister, a new career (multi-faceted) a new body, self confidence, understanding of those around me and how to interpret their actions, etc., etc. You three have given me the tools and training to finally realize my full potential as a woman, as a wife and as a leader among leaders. I am blessed beyond what I can express in words and have gratitude at a level I have never known before. I have a feeling, it’s going to be even deeper in the future as I continue to grow and fulfill my destiny.”
Gwen, Real Estate and working with those with developmental disabilities
“Life Changing”
Anonymous, Yacht Chef
“I have a very busy job that requires travel and for the first 6 months of the training I have struggled to find time. I asked if I could have an extended period for the course rather than rushing it and the support team were fantastic!! They told me not to focus on time, simply enjoy and get the most out of the training, which re-framed my concerns – excellent. Only a thank you for the inspiration and for sharing what really is a precious gift you all have. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing what really is a precious gift you all have. Thanks!”
Ashley, Managing Director of Group of Export Companies and Coach
“Its so real to see Tony doing all these things. You could not find a better teacher than his work with Madanes. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful work. It’s an inspiration!”
Øystein, Coach
“Every step is full of good tools and pieces of a puzzle that fall into place. It gives me a better understanding of myself and of the world around me. It is a real eye-opener. I would highly recommend it. I’m extremely grateful that they put this program together and I got to know about it. I was looking for a change in my life and I am certain in my soul that this is the right track.”
Victoria, Engineer and Coach
“Thank you for your wonderful contribution. Thank you for the great values you stand for and the great example you are setting – thank you for helping me see and experience what is possible!”
Kristin, Teacher, Speaker, Coach
“It gives me some perspective on the decisions I have made in the past and the decisions I can see others have made and a greater understanding of myself and of others. It is a valuable and worthwhile training program. I particularly enjoy the vast knowledge Cloe brings to the tele-classes.”
Renee, Social Worker
“It has given me emotional freedom and the power to choose emotional states. It is a great training program that can help you develop the tools needed to strategically coach somebody to deeply improve their lives. Thank you for all your hard work, passion and commitment. It is an honor to learn from you.”
Alison, Intuitive Coaching and Consulting
“I’m really grateful for your heartfelt work. It’s so empowering for me as a beginner coach.”
Anonymous,Engineer transitioning into coaching
“It is has given me the confidence to help people who come to me with a concern or simply to help people feel better about themselves. I can t thank you enough for this training.”
Luis, Real Estate Sales
“I’ve gained self-healing and upgrading of my knowledge and understanding of the suicides of my brothers and peoples behaviors. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.”
Beverly, Trainer, Facilitator, Teacher, Healer
“Thanks so much for getting this information out there! I totally recommend it!”
Debbie, Life Coach and Business Manager for a small charter school
“I’ve gained a greater understanding of myself and a better way to live my life. Your work is amazing and thank you for helping to improve the world.”
Vanessa, Write and Producer
“If helping others is your life’s purpose, this training is a must! The insights into relationships have enabled me to coach others in a far more beneficial way than otherwise would have been possible. As always, it seems to be Tony’s modus operandi, trying to save and improve the relationship goes hand-in-hand with helping the individual. Just a simple “Thank you!” for being there at the most opportune time in my life! This program was exactly what I was looking for to launch my coaching career. The material, the strategies, being able to see Tony in action and having Cloe narrate and explain it is incredible. I feel 1000 times confident that I am capable of helping people breakthrough their challenges because of this program. The coach was knowledgeable and the ability to schedule time was great. It will make you 10 times better in your coaching business and in your relationships. ”
Evan, Certified Life Coach and Licensed Helicopter Mechanic
“The single best thing I got from the training is increased awareness of my personal issues and hope and understanding on how to overcome them. It’s a great experience and a major shift of perspective if you’re ready to apply yourself.”
Daniela, Naturopath
“It’s kinda pricey but worth it! Besides you won´t find a better training for life and relationships coaching. I love you guys! Thank you for following your dreams and impacting my life with your passion!”
Luis, Corporate Trainer
“I’ve gained clarity within myself and learned how small key information can create great results and transform your life.”
Rebekah, Student and Counselor
“I’ve only just begun and it has already been life changing in so many positive ways. My sense of freedom comes from understanding how this world and people work, so what I’m learning through this course not only guarantees I can make the world a better place, it also sets me free in it. So far, the six human needs has been the best skill as I am able to use it everyday. The best thing is my vision for the future, which is so positive not only for myself, but for my children.”
Tahlya, Bar and Restaurant Owner and studying to be a certified counselor
“I have learned a lot in your program! Thanks for sharing.”
Karla, Coaching and NLP training
“I have gained a new understanding of our needs and how they help/hurt us in our lives. I love the interventions and look forward to being able to apply this on a small scale individually as I coach others. It is great!”
Erin, Director of Sales and Professional Coach to be
“Thank you so much. I am so grateful for you teaching and sharing, inspiring and educating. Love you, admire you and respect you and what you are doing. Keep it up. Love you all!”
Margie, Coach
“The training is great. Every time I listened, I gained more confidence that one day I will be finishing all the requirements. My life is turned a little different corner than I was expecting and improved a lot as the course was unfolding. As a total beginner in this field, it took longer to clue in what coaching is about. But, what I understood, I enjoyed. Cloe is phenomenal with her down to earth, yet very logical solutions. Mark is great to explain and frame the answers in clear to understand paragraphs. Tony is Tony!”
Anna, Dentist
“Thank you! I had already purchased, watched and studied Tony’s work for a long time before I was able to take the course. It has been amazing to have more in depth training. I want so much to be a Strategic Interventionist getting to the bottom of life challenges in a short time, putting tools into the hands of those needing them to make lasting changes. My passion is to decrease the divorce rate, preventing and mending as many broken hearts as possible.”
Bernice, Life Coach
“Tremendous thanks!! will dramatically improve your relationships. It helped me to look for what’s right instead of what’s wrong. See the best in others and the situation. This is a huge shift for me.”
Martha, Retired Flight Attendant with Masters in Counseling
“I’d like to thank you all, and I hope to have more training in the future as these things are never ending. I gained great tools in working with clients in many dimensions – coaching, individual development, anxiety/depression treatment, dealing with life changes, relationships, and family issues.”
Hania, Psychotherapist and Development Coach
“I gained understanding of, and more acceptance of, the differences in people’s value systems alongside the common underlying desires of everyone… and the practical application of this understanding for mutual benefit. It offers high quality, deeply transformative insights combined with practical ways to help yourself and others have more fulfilling, successful lives. I like what it’s been so far. I’m looking forward to whatever more good stuff you guys create. Keep up the good work.”
David, Writer/Author and Business/Life Coach
“It’s very informative, great for self development in addition to becoming trained to help others. I’ve gained clarity about my own human needs. Keep the videos rolling in! Success like this is so encouraging for humanity.”
Greg, Chiropractor
“Thank you for a superb product and experience. It has given me a better understanding of my part in a relationship and a much clearer understanding of the relationship dynamics of the people I see as a marriage and family therapist. SO pleased I am taking this training. Thank you. Worth the money and time.”
Anonymous, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
“Thank you so much for putting this training together and helping us help lives. Highly recommend it!”
Marina, Life Coach
“I love your work, thank you for sharing with us all. It’s very efficient and I feel their good vibe. I would highly recommend the training. It is a life changing experience for not only you but it flows out into the family, friends and whom ever you come across. It is a fabulous treat to trickle along with for a lifetime. I’d say commit and enjoy.”
Susanne, Service and Supply
“The world is a better place because you were born. It has given me the certainty that I can grow faster than I thought possible.”
José, Entrepreneur
“Very interesting and worthwhile and has given me awareness of the nature of problems that so many people seem to have. Although I have only completed one unit in module one I am enjoying the material. The combination of video and reading material works well to ensure different types of learning modes are catered for.”
Steven, Project Manager for a software company moving into coaching
“I have attended Tony conferences since l993 and love his work. I have really enjoyed delving deeper into Tony/Cloe’s approach. I am writing a book so it has helped me define what true contentment is in life. I appreciate your teaching.”
Ingrid, Marketing / Public Relations
“It is worth every dollar of your investment and more. I’ve gained better self awareness and also a greater understanding of those around me and the actions they take and the decisions they make.”
Robert, Entrepreneur, Business Manager
“Recommended. I’ve gained more insight into myself and others.”
Patrick, Vice President Sales
“This program will allow you to understand yourself and others while giving you the tools to reach self mastery. It has given me a deeper understanding of myself, my thoughts, beliefs and emotions. I would like to express my gratitude to you all for creating this program for the lost souls out there striving to bring meaning and purpose into their lives. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you!”
Francesca, Artist, intuitive healer working as the personal assistant to the Prime Minister in Haiti
“Thanks for sharing, the content is outstanding! It will help you make a difference in the relationships and growth of other people.”
Joy, Business Coach
“Powerful triad that brings together the highest knowledge, skills, and insights into a world-leading training on human behavior and the art of loving. It’s a life-transforming experience.”
Josiane, Psychotherapist and Integrative Coach
“It is the best Investment you can make in your life! Tony I want to have your skills. Cloe you make me proud to be Argentinian. Mark thanks for your time and patience.”
Juan, Policeman and Entrepreneur
“It is the most worthwhile training I have seen in years as a psychiatrist.”
Chris, MD
“It’s given me confidence to apply my knowledge and validation of what I already know. I believe it will pay for itself even if you never do anything with it.”
Barbie, College Instructor and Life Empowerment Coach
“I’ve gained a better understanding about myself and others. It is a great way to learn strategies and skills you can use in your life every day.”
Anonymous, Dental Hygienist
“Keep up the great work.”
Helena, Mental Health Nurse and trained gestalt therapist
“This training is wonderful. I can’t wait to get into it further. It offers very detailed explanations, and is easy to follow. Tony uses everyday people with issues that many of us face. Videos with Tony doing the ‘doing’ and Cloe narrating are fantastic – easy to get and understand.”
Caryn, Healer, Energy Coach & Spiritual Mentor, Social Work – Mental Health Counseling, Educator and Author
“The single best thing that I’ve gotten from this training are specific frameworks and tools that help me to get to more accurate reasons for mine and other people’s behavior. To quickly and methodically cut to more of the truth of what’s occurring rather than well-intended subjective reasoning.”
Maria,Middle School Special Education Teacher
“Incredibly informative. Support is amazing. Life changing!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn in depth about human behavior and for the opportunity to be helping those that need help. I enjoyed learning about human behavior and most of all learning about myself.”
Peggy, Beauty Therapist and Coach
“I’ve been able to find solutions and the strength to solve any problem I face, I love being my first client for I’m learning so much about myself and others. It’s a must and not only for you, but for all the people you care about, there is no greater skill set to have in life. Thanks again for this training I’m not sure where I would be without it, I now have the power to find solutions in my life no matter what happens, this is the most meaningful thing I have ever done and been a part of. Thank You.”
Zeb, Carpenter and part-time Stock Options Trader
“It’s all wonderful. I am glad that Tony is doing this work, and Cloe came on board to make it accessible through making it into a course.”
Tom, Social Worker
“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. It is a good program.”
Silvia, Psychotherapist
“I can’t thank you enough for helping me change me first. If I did not end up using this course professionally, it has been so worthwhile on a personal level. You all did the hard work. How can one say thank you enough? I’ve gained a better understanding of myself and those around me.”
Michelle, Counseling Student, working in Finance
“It is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing what you know with the world. The online training allows your influence to spread so much more effectively than face-to-face seminars or events. It is the best thing you can ever do. You will get so much out of it personally, and it will allow you to help others in very powerful ways. I’ve gained the knowledge that I can control my state at will. That is very powerful and has helped me to choose to be in a useful state in many situations where I would previously have allowed my emotions to run loose.”
Suzi, Executive Assistant, government
“Tony – Thanks for doing you and using the gifts God gave you in service to others and generously sharing it with coaches and leaders. Cloe – Thank you for the wisdom on the Thursday calls and all of the work done on Tony’s videos explaining what was happening with the client and techniques that were used. Mark – I enjoyed your facilitation skills and advice on the calls and on the trainings you and Magali did together, your skills really compliment one another. I also am enjoying the workbooks.”
Tery, Coach and Trainer/Educator
“Everyone should do this program to understand how complicated some people make their lives.”
Debbie, Direct Marketing
“Thank you – an amazing resource. I’ve gained new skills in helping people AND understanding more about why people do what they do. ”
Anonymous, Business Coach
“Excellent work! You are contributing in a magnificent way in helping humanity heal and move into a new space of consciousness. It is very comprehensive, full of good techniques that can be applied personally and professionally. It’s given me help with my personal situation and relationship.”
Lynda, Laughter Yoga Teacher and Happiness Coach
“For both professionals and others, this is an insightful course and well worth the money. Your efforts and focus have produced a much-needed contribution to the current plight of humanity.”
Bill, Immunobiologist in clinical practice.
“Keep up the great work and thanks for having this great product for us to partake in. It is some of the best training you’ll ever come across. I’m learning more great new techniques to apply both personally and professionally.”
Deb, Mindset and Relationships Coach
“I value the way it has retrained me to describe my emotional state. I had always considered myself to be someone who was in touch with their feelings. However, I found it very challenging and incredibly powerful to rate my needs and values and to see how this “hierarchy” has affected my life. I would just like to extend my thanks to everyone involved. It has made an extraordinary impact in my life, work and relationships. I would like to use this training to begin a coaching practice and I believe this program is perfect for me. My heartfelt gratitude for making this available. It is thorough and rich and would enhance anyone’s life or career.”
Robert, Retail Management
“Its a great program so far. Keep up the good work. You’re touching so many lives and especially the ones who are reaching out for your help. Love your work.”
Marie-Christina, Border Officer and Visa Officer
“I am fascinated by what I am learning and want to learn so much more. I am truly looking forward to continuing the transformation I have already begun based on the training I’ve completed to date. I’ve gained a much better understanding of myself and the choices I’ve made in my life. I have more compassion for the child who made some key decisions that are no longer supporting me as an adult. I feel better able to let go of those decisions and make new ones which will allow me to greatly increase my personal growth and contribution. Thank you!”
Christine, Strategic Interventionist-in training
“You are in for the ride of your life… one of the best things ever! I’ve gained confidence in myself, I got to know better my weaknesses as well as my strengths, worked on my fears and understand them and really, the list goes on… Plus I learnt to LISTEN which that alone is one of the most important things I got.”
Limor, Mother, Personal Coach and Actress
“Keep up the good work.”
Pen, NLP Coach and Hairdresser
“I appreciate the clear grounding in evidence-based practices. It’s given me a sense that I am on target with my instincts about coaching.”
Gail, Addiction Treatment
“It is fairly expensive, but I found it a life changing experience both personally and professionally so it was well worth the money. I started off a farmer who did a bit of part time tutoring and coaching with kids- now I’m a full time kids tutor/coach who does farming after hours and at weekends. Certainly a huge THANK YOU from me.”
Ian, Tutor, Coach and Farmer
“It is life changing and will challenge your own belief systems and understanding while learning how to help others.”
Adrienne, Registered Nurse who wants to become a life coach
“It will greatly enrich your life as well as give you tools to help you might positively affect the lives around you. It offers A deeper understanding about how people’s emotional states operate and why people do what they do.”
Byron,Executive Protection
“Absolutely worth it.”
Nancy, Management and Sales Consultant
“You are all excellent role models. By doing this work you enable so many people to really change their lives and that´s the most valuable gift you can give to first yourselves and then pay forward to others: Thank you for sharing this training! This is one of the most valuable educations for learning how to lead yourself and others to a breakthrough. It offers a whole new set of tools and a new way of looking at problems and solutions.”
Klara, Director, Writer and Counselor
“I feel that you are really doing your best and I find the product amazing. The weekly calls and all that is great! Thank you very much! It’s great for your life and offers a good structured approach. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is more understanding for my wife and my relationships.”
Joachim, Management Consultant/Trainer/Coach
“The course offers a view of real-life problems and excellent skills and tools on how to understand these better and how to guide people and myself to enjoying a more fulfilling and happier self, relationships and life. I’ve advised many people that the RMT Core100 is a valuable beneficial course that most people should consider for a deeper more informative understanding of others both personally and professionally.”
“I feel sharing your mastery is a great gift to me, my family and to all the people who will greatly benefit from these truth teachings, thank you!”
Shar, Business Development, Strategy and Coaching for Transformational Business Coach
“If you are a life coach or a therapist this is a great program.”
Cadey, Trainer and Business Coach
“I’ve gained knowledge of myself, which has shifted me to a more positive state. It will change your life for the better! Thank you so much for creating this training. I now have the tools to make a difference with the families I work with, which is amazing! Thank you again. I have also had so many personal insights and un-blockings of stuff and now I am getting out of my own way and life is flowing!”
Mandy, Children and Family Practice Worker
“What I’ve learned so far are the 6 human needs. It’s very simple and yet very important to identify. The course is a great choice!”
Lorna,Customer Service, Retail and Hospitality
“Thank you, thank you! It’s my privilege and honor to have been allowed to participate in this great work. There is no word to describe the incredible amount of personal growth I have experienced.”
Rachael, Work with Special Ed /Autistic Children and starting Life Coach business.
“Thanks for sharing your hard work and expertise with the world. There is a wealth of information here, and the class takes dedication. You will go as deep as you care to venture.”
Allison, Direct Support Professional for people with disabilities
“Love it! Keep up the content.”
Chad, Professional Performance Coach
“I love all of it. Thank you so much. As a huge follower of Tony’s teachings, this awesome training based on his wealth of knowledge and experience with added knowledge from Cloe is empowering me to now empower others. I’ve gained understanding of myself and people a lot better, which gives me the tools to contribute so much more to people’s lives. I would tell others: Go for it! Best thing since sliced bread.”
Gideon, Counselor, Consultant, Trainer, Pastor
“Love it, absolutely! Gave me my life back!”
Britta, Physician, Life Coach, Clown
“A big, huge, gigantic thank you to Cloe who answers my emails every single time with the best answers, I love you Cloe. Thank you.”
Leva, Life Coach
“Well done for all the hard work you have put in to this. It is very much appreciated.”
Bev, Psychotherapist
“I feel the entire program has been well thought out and there has been great respect shown to the student and their needs. I feel the program meets all my needs…Visual…Auditory and Extremely informative. I truly love the program and I truly love the fact the info I learn will help the practice I will be developing. I am a women’s advocate and humanitarian and the info I learn benefits so many women and benefits my own family. I truly love Tony and Cloe, however, Mark’s style and sensitivity to the caller has really touched my soul. He is really sensitive to the caller’s needs.”
Valerie, Professional Photographer, Photographic Artist, Journalist, Humanitarian, Women’s and Children’s Advocate
“I love the way the training builds the concepts for personal use and also for developing coaching skills. Each module is organized perfectly to introduce, develop, and make you an expert in each of the strategic intervention skills. I am so grateful for the material available and the self-paced learning program.”
Nandini, Software Technical Writer looking to develop my skills as a coach to switch careers
“It’s well worth it and a life changing experience.”
Ramon, Sales
“If you are struggling to understand relationships, and really have a desire in knowing yourself better and how you interact with others, you should do the training. Thank you for your heart in this work!”
Deborah, Ballet Teacher, Artistic Director of a Ballet Company and a Studio Owner
“It is really good! Great content. It is he best training out there!”
Sheri, Counseling and Coaching Women
“Wonderful work and people around! Thank you so much for your energy, love and motivation! Looking forward to more dialogues and coaching examples with real people, dealing with provocative questions.”
Irina, LOA Coach, Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, Trainer
“Congratulations! You are doing an excellent job helping people to find new ways to improve their lives. To others I would say, join it as soon as possible as the benefits you can get from the training in all life’s areas are great! ”
“It’s the best investment personally and professionally and offers a good foundation of human behavior to build on.”
Anonymous, Life Coach
“The single best thing I have gotten from the training is applying the principles to myself and my life. This helps me apply them to others.”
Donna, University Professor and I am currently in the dissertation phase of my Ph.D. in Psychology. I am starting up a coaching practice.
“I would highly recommend the course to upgrade one’s treatment capacity and training. The program provides a selection of perspectives that enrich both the knowledge and the practice exercise. This plan is a must for anyone who looks after and works with people. Any person, coaches of all kinds, such as therapists, psychologists and business owners who want to work with people and who want to improve their communication with employees and of course, first and foremost, to master trainers of NLP to empower caregivers using NLP. ”
Dganit, Organizational Consultant
“I understand myself and the people close to me in a way that was not possible before and this happens in an instant without thinking about it much, things just “reveal”. I personally love Cloe’s work. Thank you all for the dedication and the effort you put into this training. I am grateful for what I learned from you all, there could not be better ones! Thank you! I will make you proud.”
Oana, Entrepreneur and Coach
“Thank you! I learned so much! The films are excellent. The training will help with your daily life as well as prepare you for being a better coach, consultant or counselor. I discovered who I really want to work with – the films that made me cry were both eye and heart opening.”
Colleen, Coach
“It gave me self-confidence to help and show people other ways to improve life.”
Odd, Coach, Spiritual Healer
“The program really helps me to have an understanding and language I can use to help my clients. I still need to understand how I can utilize 6 human needs, how to help clients get unstuck, to create alternative means to fulfill the 6 human needs, and to set up healthy expectations of the outcome.”
Kaori, Energy Reading and Coaching
“I’ve enjoyed understanding the 6 human needs, the crazy 8 and meeting such dynamic people! I am convinced now that moving out of a therapeutic pathology model to a positive psychology coaching model is the absolute best move I have made in my career and I thank this program for providing the foundation and the model to make this transition! I am looking forward to integrating the knowledge to the point that it is second nature for me. I am also looking forward to the continued inspiration. I love the videos and the information! They were instantly applicable both personally and professionally! I tell them that they will gain many valuable tools both personally and professionally that will allow them to go right to the root of an issue and elevate them to a positive place that will create forward movement in their lives! Then I tell them that it is the best gift they could give themselves! Ya’ll are just such amazingly talented individuals and have put together an amazing program! It is so heartfelt and it is such a great gift for humanity! These tools are incredible and instantly useful to create more love in a room in a heartbeat!! Ya’ll rock!!!! Much Love, Cindy”
Cindy, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
“The program has given me confidence. I would tell others to do it. Thanks.”
Joel, Interventionist and Leader of a Spiritual Community
“It has given me tools to transform my life and has given me an extraordinary tool to become a coach. It’s one of the best coach trainings I have participated up to now. And it has given me a better insight into why I, and others, do the things we do. It’s a great gift we get from this, that enables us to help other people to a more content everyday life. I would tell others that if they take the time to look through some of the films at your website, and read about the training, they will find a high-level training that is not available anywhere else and with tools that really can change yourself, and others, to a more fulfilling life.”
Helge, Department Manager in Elkjøp. The largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Island)
“It has given me understanding, clarity and peace. Thank you.”
Viviana, Fund Raiser, Volunteer Work
“This is definitely the best home study coaching program and because I do not know of classroom study courses then this may in fact be simply the best. I am so pleased to be a part of it and proud that I am receiving my training from RMT Center. Thank you so much for developing this program. You have all touched and changed my life. The sad part is that every video I watch I personally can relate to with tears in my eyes as I watch them. I am so thankful for the change in these peoples’ lives. I also notice my change and attitude is in fact positive with a better countenance in my physiology. Energy that up lifts me daily in what I am learning. Addicted to the training!”
Jimmy, I am a Residential Painter now transitioning to coaching
“Dear Cloé, Mark, Tony, when I see around me in my profession, people crashing down, burning out, breaking down and I am still standing, moving forward, I know I owe this to you, to your teaching. More important, joy is back in my life and for that I am so thankful to you. Thank you with all my heart. To others I would say: You will understand why this program came your way not long after starting it. It happens that sometimes we are lucky enough to be offered tickets to a better life. This training is one of those tickets. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is that I have now a place where I can find answers when I need it in terms of what I should (must) hold myself to in my private life or in my profession.”
Esther, Commercial and Negotiation Business
“RMT transformed my life to a higher level and provided me with a framework for building my coaching career. I am forever in your debt, thank you. In 2002 I was burned out on life. I was at death’s door with the door open. I was 450 lbs., 5’11”, stressed out, untreated for PTSD and ADD. Today I am thriving, and deeply thankful for RMT’s part in saving my life, wellness and happiness. ”
Larry, Strategic Coaching and Video Services
“Thanks a lot for the hard work you’ve put in the training and your willingness to spread your strategies. God bless your hearts.”
Sura, Computer Engineer, University Teacher and Mother
“This has been the most interesting course of study I have ever undertaken! I am enjoying every part of the training. What I look forward to is trying to master all the information presented and seeing where that takes me. It has given me an awareness that I am in charge of my emotions and that there are excellent tools to help me become the person I strive to be. I am thrilled to have found this program! From my studies, I have come to believe that the concepts explored in this field of “Strategic Intervention” address fundamental issues that enhance our lives. I am determined to share the principles I’m learning with everyone I come across!”
Thea, Legal Aid Attorney, Jewelry Business Owner and Mother
“You guys are the greatest. Thank you. It’s the best training of it’s kind in the world.”
Michael, Sales Manager and Coach
“The program gave me a new framework to learn, grow, and contribute to heal my relationships and help others to do the same. Your work really makes a difference.”
Anonymous, Counselor and Coach
“You all are so wonderful and it is your incredible kindness, your consideration and how you present that has made this course so worthwhile. You are all a wealth of information.”
Evelyn, Coach
“Thank you – for decades I have watched Tony perform what looked like magic and miracles – (like technology to a caveman) with this training the magic becomes obvious steps to clarity which leads to real change. Best of all I can share these lessons with others helping them to reconnect with the joy of living. I’ve learned that I don’t have to live in the past. I can change my perception and change my actions, change my actions and I change my life. Change the perception of others and I can change the world. To others I would say: If you aren’t ready to take an honest look at yourself then you may find this program difficult at first, but if you are ready for real lasting change and helping others there is no better program on the market today.”
Kay, Business Consultant and Writing and Personal Relationship Coach
“The course has given me the ability to change the meanings I give to situations, and elevate my emotions and thoughts. This training will change your life, and have a positive impact on everyone you know and love – and even if you aren’t that keen on some people it will help you understand and help them too! This training is given with so much sincerity, honesty, love and desire to enable people to take these amazing life lessons and spread them across the world. I feel really privileged to be part of this incredible mission! I thank you for all your hard work time and effort in putting your combined experience into this course.”
Sarah, Strategic Intervention Life Coach and EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner
“It works. You become more confident as a person and in your ability as a coach. It’s the one program I have seen that gives you what you need to succeed at coaching It’s a great investment in your life and career. Mark and Cloe have done an excellent job with this program. It’s well put together.”
Dennis, Trainer and Coach
“I appreciate what you all do, thanks for your contribution to helping others with the gifts you have been given! It can benefit you in many ways! It has given me a greater understanding of behavior habits and ways to help those wanting to change, guidance in making those changes in their life!”
Brad, Entrepreneur
“I completed the training and loved the whole process. Thank you with gratitude for your dedication to co-creating this program. Tony’s work has been part of my husband’s and my life for over 20 years! The course is a great investment and training and great for your life and if you are a coach or want to incorporate this into your business model.”
Moira, Life Coach, Speaker, Mentor, Forthcoming Author
“I love the training. It is the best thing I have ever purchased.”
Katerina, Human Resources
“Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to helping others. As a young coach, I am extremely excited about the future and how I can play a role in improving other people’s lives. It has given me ability to work with others and seeing amazing breakthroughs and progress. There’s absolutely nothing more fulfilling!”
Loc, Project Manager and Life Coach
“I’ve learned that we create our own depression and suffering. I would tell others to do this course now.
Steve, Formerly Mortgage, now Coaching
“My relationship with my husband has improved and it was already great. Now it’s just even better. I’ve noticed a change in his presence and I feel like we’re lucky to have this so early on in our marriage. We’ll be able to get through anything! Best investment you can make in your life!”
Courtney, Beachbody Coach, Actor, Acting Teacher
“Thank you. The single best thing I have gotten from the training is much greater awareness of the patterns we run and the commonality of the patterns. I would tell others, stop thinking and step forward, you will be rewarded.”
Chris, Healthcare
“I’ve developed online university programs, and been a student in them, and the information and delivery of information in this program is the best I’ve ever seen. Each module uses various teaching modes to help students master the concepts and put them to use. The Study Buddy program is a terrific idea and I was very fortunate to pair up with a compatible study buddy in the second week. I feel like RMT positions its students to be successful – everything we could need is here. Thank you!! It’s given me an improved understanding of myself and my spouse and our relationship via six human needs analysis. The journaling work has been quite powerful.”
“This training will make you a better friend, partner, manager and leader. It will help you understand yourself so much better. It’s applicable no matter what kind of work you do.”
Karen, Chaplain (in training)
“The program is amazing and has given me an awareness of the underlying needs of others.”
Brenda, Speech Language Pathologist, Crisis Intervention Worker at women’s shelter
“It is a very eye opening experience and all of the training videos are excellent. It has helped me personally to break some limiting beliefs in my life and to also find out where some deep hurt resides within myself. Thank you for doing this training, it has changed my life and actually changed the course of my thinking. I plan to use it to help my parents and many other people. One small program created by 3 people is saving millions of lives. Thank you for doing what you are doing. This is no small act of kindness, it’s a large act of love.”
Joshua, Accounting
“Thanks for providing this. I have seen the amazing growth and your making it widely available. Great job.”
Dar, Foster Parent, Practical Living Coach, Business Owner, Mother and Grandmother
“It has given me a clearer understanding of my own behavior and how I can help others more effectively. It’s incredible for personal purposes as well as provides you with a strong foundation to help others.”
Esther, Speaker, Trainer and Coach
“I’m really thankful for the work you all do. It will change your life. I’ve learned how to help people understand the choices they make based on human needs. It’s HUGE.”
Paul, Personal Coaching
“From the Tahnee video, I had the life-saving realization that I choose to be depressed and I have the ability to choose not to be depressed. It was like a light bulb went on after years of not seeing it.”
Gloria, Artist, Production Designer, Renovation Specialist, Mother
“It’s a great tool to add to whatever else your doing or on its own.”
Hypnotherapist, Deborra
“Thank you. I’m becoming aware of the potential for shifting someone’s directions.”
Amba, Director of Homeless Youth Services
“The training is fantastic! Thank you to all of you for putting this together and providing the support for the learning.”
Martha, Psychotherapist
“It’s an awesome program.”
“Thank you all for the passion you execute with excellence and commitment. It is making a big difference for a lot of people, including me… DONT STOP! It is amazing!”
Andrea, Life and Business Coach
“Thank you for all you have done and keep going. This course is the best gift you can gave your self.”
Richard, Construction
“This course has given me greater awareness of the needs that we try to fulfill and a new paradigm for interacting to help clients find solutions to their problems.”
Gary, Public Speaking Coach and Personal Trainer
“The personal growth and the tools to better help people. It has long been my passion to make a positive difference in each life I touch. This brings that a lot closer to reality for me. This is an excellent program for improving your own life and for gaining tools you can bring into every aspect of your life. It changes your way of thinking and the way you see the world.”
Beth, Massage Therapist, Doula, Animal Communicator, Relationship/Adult Sex Educator
“Every lesson is a treasure. It’s hard to find one best thing. Its possible to transform in one hour (or in some people 10 minutes or in an instant), if you are open to it and if you address the root cause or rewrite or let go of old rules that no longer serve you. This program is delicious. Thank you.”
Jim, Technical Writer, Trainer, Videographer, Designer, Communicator, Collaborator
“This course gave me mind clarity. Love you all.”
Chris, Holiday Home Owner and Starting Coach
“I’ve gained a renewed relationship with my wife!! And many rich transformational experiences with clients, even with rough first time applications. To others I’d say: This is powerful training. The keys are self-application and application with others. One lesson can pay for the program. to get full value be ready to work. Find people to practice. My most rewarding experience so far is my one couples application. A miraculous turnaround in their marriage simply following the guide. Scary but a breakthrough resulted after two sessions. Incredible!! My business applications are creating big changes, sustained interest and powerful results. The momentum continues to build. Good job! Loving it. Thank you.”
Michael, Transformational Coach
“It will change your life. It is amazing to be able to watch Tony’s interventions, and you can’t help but be transformed by the process. Thank you!
Melissa, Life Coach, Actor, and Theatre Teaching Artist.
“You are awesome! Thank you.”
Lamia, Teacher
“I have gained from all I have learned about relationships and family work. It has totally changed my own life and to elevate people, because it makes quick results. I just want to say thank you for spreading this amazing work around the world and for doing it in a way, so I can take the training in Norway. ”
Johanna, Coaching and Network Marketing
“I have gained confidence. I appreciate the different perspective that Cloe and Mark offer through the tele classes and also enjoy Tony’s approach and skill.”
Joelle, Massage Therapist
“This program has given me an expanded awareness about life.”
Anonymous, Spiritual Life Coach
“I have gained an understanding myself better which enables me to understand others. Excellent program! All you guys are doing an amazing job! It’s very apparent to me that you guys are truly putting your best efforts, hearts and souls in order to train us the best way possible! I applaud you all! Thank you!”
Estee, Life Coach
“I’ve learned form this course, that everything is possible! I can tell you poured your heart into this, and continue to, thank you! The program is very thought-out and organized, I sincerely appreciate all the hard work you all have done!”
Michelle, Sales
“I have gained more insight into how you can tell what motivates somebody most.”
Bart, Finance Professional
“The training changed my life and it opened up so many new opportunities that have led me to become really enthusiastic about personal growth and enlightened my inner desire to help others and make a difference to become a strong vision in my life to thrive for. Even if I don’t know (yet) how this will all happen, I trust that my strong intention and hard work on myself towards that goal will get me there! Thank you!!!”
Alexandra, Currently Student and aspiring Life Coach
Tino, Life Coach
“It’s great. I like it because you can use the information to grow and contribute. I’ve learned that when people have problems, it’s not solved by one person getting revenge over another, but rather by trying to meet each other’s needs. Everyone there is great. Cloe has such a comforting voice when she speaks to people. It’s different than the way Tony energetically helps people. Both approaches compliment each other.”
Giancarlo, Musician and Music Teacher
“I’ve gained the realization that virtually any problem can be solved quickly and simply by understanding the root cause and shifting one’s perspective. Fabulous job!”
Dave, Bio Hazard Cleaning Company Owner
“This course has given me a better understanding of human nature and a brilliant relationship with my husband and my family. I just think this is the most wonderful opportunity for people all over the world to experience this type of coaching. Never before would I have been able to do this and it has been awesome. Thanks so much!”
Sarah, Qualified Chartered Company Secretary and studying to be a Life Coach
“This course has given me the opportunity to have extraordinary relationships both private and professional. It is the best investment ever in yourself and your life – both private and professional.Thank you from all my heart. You are masterful!”
Kerstin, Retired Teacher, Coach and Executive in Private Business
“The best part has been the interventions that work very quickly. In my opinion, the training synthesizes the very best of psychology and business in a way that focuses on the issue very quickly so that the client can see it for what it is and begin to make changes immediately. It’s awesome. It works. Even if you are not as charismatic as Tony or as well-known, it is easy to use the strategies in this training to get people to see their problems differently- as solvable. And you can easily help them substitute a useful behavior for ones that are meeting their needs in a way that isn’t working for them from there. I definitely recommend this training. The training with videos by Tony and narrations by Cloe and Mark have been very effective. The repetition helps solidify the concepts and processes. I completed the strategic intervention modules and now am working on the relationship coaching and business/marketing modules. I will probably do some of the strategic intervention earlier modules again since I did them a year ago even though I have already used these techniques and have told so many people about it. This training is powerful and effective! I want to learn all I can from them so I can continue to serve others in the best way possible.”
Lisa, Author, Coach, Fraud Investigator and Auditor
“Cloe is just simply wonderful and very endearing. Her knowledge blows my mind. Tony is very inspirational and I feel like I’ve grown up with him. I unknowingly applied the seven master steps into one of my presentations before I joined the training and will probably submit this as my final paper. I attribute that to following him throughout the years (how else would I know?) Mark and Magali are beyond impressive. Undertaking all of this and organizing it into training is basically heroic in my book. It’s a lot of work and you’re doing a great job. I love Magali’s approach. (more Magali please.)”
Shelley, VP, Executive Creative Director in a Global Ad Agency
“This program has given me a positive vision for the future of my work and my life. I think that the connection to Cloe and Mark has been amazing. To be able to listen to teleclasses and connect with them is a priceless part of the program.”
AnnMarie, Non-Profit Executive and Trainer
“You are amazing! I feel blessed to have found you in my way.”
Shuli, Life Coach, Medical Coach, Therapist, Spiritual Care
“When I have learned this I can pursue/live my purpose of making this world a happier, better and more consciously aware world, one conversation at a time/one person at a time.I thank you so much for creating this training. I’m grateful, speaking from my heart. I am really hoping that you will help me find my strength as a coach cause I haven’t found my growing roots yet. Thank you for your time and inspiration!!! Thank you for being you!”
Cora, Life Coach, Actress, Inventor
“This is amazing and I look forward to the life that I have now. I had no hope, and now I have created my own hope.”
Samantha, Coach and Professional Speaker
“I absolutely love it! It is an excellent course and you will gain so many tools and insights to help you create a true life.”
Nance, Travel and Tourism Professional and Bed & Breakfast Owner
“You are providing an invaluable service to the world. Thank you so much for the care and wisdom you are sharing with all of us.”
Komra, Business Growth Consulting
“It’s very insightful, applicable and you learn a great deal about yourself as well an how to handle situations.”
Sandy, Sales Management
“The course gave me a new mental perspective for emotional mountain climbing for myself, friends, family, and future clients. Thank you for all do and for sharing your talents with the world. We are making a difference in a loving positive way.”
Helen, Registered Nurse ICU
“You have done a magnificent job in producing and offering this course. I wish I had known about it years ago, and I am grateful to be taking it now.”
Anita, Licensed Professional Counselor
“The insights are amazing. How do you teach the whole planet this information?!”
Fizza, Theatre Teacher and moving into Life Coaching
“It’s all been great, so just looking forward to continued learning from the masters! There are some amazing tools and strategies to help people.”
Jessica, Educational Psychology
“I have gained an understanding of the human race and that there is no bad intent. I would tell others the information and knowledge provided will enable you to grow and contribute so never before. Congratulations, well done!”
Susanne, Personal Trainer and Business Owner
“I have gained insights and understandings of my own and others’ underlying psychology. This has helped me to not judge and be more understanding toward people. Thank you for putting this comprehensive training college together. You are on the right path so continue to trust your own judgment. I would tell others to join the training no matter what the cost. It will expand your mind and teach you things about humans in general that many people would never have the privilege of knowing.”
Peter, Restaurant Owner
“Thanks for your work, and for your kindness in passing on what you have invested great energy and many years in order to understand. I salute all of you.”
John, Training Nuclear Engineers
“You are the best! I highly recommend this program.”
Ozlem, Life Coach
“This is a great program. Everybody is great.”
Hector, Heavy Equipment Operator in Construction
“I started the program in November 2011. I believe the new program/outline encompasses so much more and looks/feels much more like a true certification program. I love everything about this program. I have told everyone that this program lets you see Tony in action and how he can change someone’s life in a short amount of time. It is great for understanding people.”
Dianne, Relationship Results Coach
“Every module is exciting and so very real. I love the tools (strategies) and I really appreciate the weekly online opportunities. I have gained a better understanding of myself and my relationships! The knowledge is invaluable, real and so applicable! It will take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery as well as tools to assist others in their journey. Thank you for the opportunity to learn what I have always admired about your “work”!”
Linda, Create and Facilitate Workshops for young women
“It’s fantastic. I am very grateful for the opportunity and privilege to learn from you. I tell lots of people about the wonderful training. They can, not only benefit in their work from these skills, but also in their personal life.”
Elizabeth, Network Marketing
“It is great, thank you! It has given me more knowledge about human nature, human needs and ways to help those looking for growth and change.”
Erin, Director of Sales
“Thank you, I’d like to give each I you a hug as a dear friend.”
Terri, Coach
“It has given me insight into my relationships especially my love relationship with my husband. It has really brought an awareness for the both of us that we never had before. You well get so much out of it personally regardless of what you do with it professionally.”
Monica, IT and Business Consulting and Organizational Development
“Well worth it. It has given me confidence in my coaching ability.”
Jacquie, Educator, Homemaker
“Wonderful journey. You guys are so knowledgeable and helpful.”
Ali, Life Coach
“I would tell others that this program is very well organized, structured and that assistance is offered in many forms for one thing, but the essential for me is the value of what we learn in our own life as well as in our professional life. What touches me the most is how genuine you all are in your approaches to help others. Thank you for all you do!”
SylVie, Life Coach
“Fantastic. Thank you all so much for making your knowledge and skills available to others. You are all making such an amazing difference to lives of so many people. Thank you. It has given me a different perspective on life: That people are doing the best they can with what they have.”
Alex, Property Development and Volunteer Telephone Counselor with Lifeline Australia.
“Awesome, thank you! I have gained confidence and enthusiasm that this is a great step in the right direction toward my purpose here. It is incredible how much I have learnt over the past 6 months that I feel confident using it immediately in my work and daily life. It is delivered in a way that it reaches all and makes a lot of sense, in this day and age. It is now time to continue this work to get people ‘confused’ 😉 and out of their heads.”
Louise, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner
“It is excellent. It provides key constructs that really make a difference when applied in your life and the life of your clients. There is a vast amount of well -esearched resources available to students along with the opportunity to be part of a global community. The content is well researched, grounded and practical while being creative and innovative in how to solve issues. I love the diversity of expertise you all offer as a team. I really like it is self-paced. I really like that it is practical and it works. I experience a significant amount of freedom of thought and creativity through this solution focused approach. I also really appreciate the affordability of this training at a point in my life where I am opening my own practice. I like being part of a global community and the feeling of connectedness and resources beyond my own thinking as an individual alone in serving my clients should I need it. My heart felt thanks to you all and the wonderful members of the support team.”
Angelle, Executive Coach and Organizational Transformation Expert
“Thanks for creating such a powerful means for change and benefit in the world! It’s very powerful and there is a lot of useful information and powerful interactions to witness and learn from.”
Barbara, Singer Songwriter and Life Coach
“I would tell others that the training is excellent and the community is an incredible support and resource!”
Christina, Consulting
“Keep up the great work and continue with the program. Looking forward to the new content.”
Chris, MD MBA, Hand Surgeon
“Love the tele classes; really great feedback!”
Derryll, Business Co-Owner and Author
“I already refer people to the training. I love it. Your contribution is priceless!”
Indhira, Psychology
“Learning by example is so valuable and while Tony’s work is integral, the tele classes are just as important if not more so than the videos. Like Tony says, surround yourself with the best… and you don’t get better than the instructors that we have. I can’t summarize in one sentence how this program has enriched and changed my life. It has given me insight into myself and those whom I love and just as important, those I am about to. This insight allows me to live richer, love deeper, risk more and suffer less. It seems that for most people life is a struggle and when you are given the vision to see the struggles in a clear concise way you can take steps to make change in areas of your life you never thought possible. If I had to pick one word, it would be wisdom. It’s worth its weight in gold. Despite the efforts and wisdom of your closest friends, there is something for you to learn and become better. There are insights and tools to help you become all you can be and when you find that person you will want to share it enthusiastically! In a world of uncaring you are enriching lives and truly making a difference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and showing us what it’s like to truly care for ourselves and others and getting to the core of all people and our needs.”
Delaine, Martial Arts Instructor and Life Coach
“I am so very grateful for all you do. Thank you.”
Karate, Teacher and future Coach
“I am very grateful that I found this program. It has been of immense help to me in my personal life and now I feel I am in a position to offer help to others. It’s helping me evaluate myself and what’s truly important to me at this point in my life.”
Anthony, Marketing Consultant, Product Development
“Honestly, it’s a whole framework of how to perceive reality. I know that sounds grandiose and more that a little corny, but I truly feel like this gives me a frame for interpreting other people’s communications and outlooks. Maybe it’s a little reductive but I feel like I can understand just about anyone’s motivations behind their argument or actions. I often now see people on both sides of an argument expressing the same needs through alternate perspectives. As a result, even if I don’t agree with their stance on a topic, I can feel compassion for their needs and beliefs.”
Dan, Manager at a software company
“This program gave me greater insight into my needs/behaviors as well as those of the people around me. I was already certified as a coach through another extensive coaching program that took 9 months to complete. This was very different and provided a wonderful compliment to traditional coach training.”
Chris, Coach
“Your work in fantastic and I am extremely grateful for your insight.”
Bernadette, Development Worker, Coach and Trainer
“Every training teaches me something new, and that’s what I look forward to. I love knowing that with each module, each video, I’m going to grow and get better at what I do. I‘ve gained an understanding of how my needs get met, and how I make choices when they’re not getting met. I would tell others that this training will change their life, and the lives of the people they use the skills with that they learn through the training.”
Paul, Hypnotism and Coaching
“Congrats! Your work is amazing and very inspiring, and so is your effort in trying to “multiply” the goodness and contribution people can give to one another. I also find very inspiring the way you have developed the whole program from scratch and how you are keeping all (current and future) SIs together!”
Liana, Marketing Executive
“This course has given me a whole new way of looking at the world and those around me. Thank you so much for giving me the skills to not only improve my life, but the life of those around me. ”
Hilary, Group Fitness Instructor, Librarian soon to be Robbins Coach
“Just finished unit one and I love the fact I can already apply what I have learnt with my clients and get results. Love the training and appreciate all your efforts!”
Christele, Consultant and Coach
“This is really a wonderful program!”
Lori, Retail Operations Manager and District Trainer
“Thank you. I was very skeptical when starting the course. However, I am extremely happy with it. It is so refreshing and exciting to find that everything new comes to us without adding to the cost. I feel a part of a growing community – not a customer who will continue to be asked for money. Thank you!”
Niki, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Mediator, Anger Management Trainer and Arbitrator
“I have total appreciation of the training. I totally recommend it. It has helped me to deepen my experience of how you deal with the different challenges of different clients.”
Joerg, Body-centered Psychotherapist
“I love the website. I am looking forward to learning more of your relationship series. I joined the workshop and loved it. I have gained a better understanding of intimate relationship dynamics. I would tell others that this is an absolutely great program that continues to grow, evolve and is always bringing it up to the next level. If you want to coach people especially in intimate relationships this program is a must! Mark, I am looking forward to your relationship program, I really enjoyed the workshop. Cloe, love your work and the program.”
Tara, Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the understanding that I enjoy helping people live better lives and it is called being a Life Coach. What a cheerful and helpful staff! Cloe I enjoy your gentle, simple and humorous solutions in many situations. I am also enjoying Tony’s video sessions and the tele classes by Cloe, Mark and Magali”
Sandra, Professional Substitute Teacher and Part-Time Nanny
“Keep up the great work! Tony, thanks for allowing your work to be so transparent and for helping coaches learn your techniques. Cloe, I love your insights on the conference calls and in the video work. I had heard of your work through professors at USF, your honesty refreshing. Mark looks like you have managed to coordinate and execute an excellent program others won’t be able to match. You have put together a top-notch training experience and I feel as though I have found the best coaching program around. I feel supported to complete the courses at my own pace and that works well with my life. Thanks.”
Tery, Counseling and Training
“The interaction between all three of you worked well for me.”
Tyrone, Teaching/PhotoArt/Marketing and Real Estate Sales
“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Many AHAA! moments.”
Rick, Business Owner
“Thank you! This has changed my life. I started out doing it because I had the desire to coach people, so I sought out the best. But taking the course has done so much for my own sight into me, how I operate and what I must change to live the life I have always dreamed of. No longer does my state rely on the outside world to make me happy or sad – I can do that deliberately. So thank you all for your life’s work, and for making it available for all. Thank you for putting together not just words but videos to see it in action, the commentary during the videos and all the ways to discuss the material. Thank you for setting the structure in place to create a community. I will pay it forward.”
Andrew, Strategic Interventionist
“To all three and Magali: I feel very blessed that you are my teachers. The changes I experienced and I am still not finished, are beyond words! The positive effects will reach million of people because I have decided to follow your example and be a force for good in the world and I will touch others who in turn touch others.”
Nadia, Business Development
“Love this training. It has given me the belief that I’m in charge of my feelings. I would recommend this training.”
Natasha, Cabin Crew
“Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your knowledge. People like you – we need more of. I am telling everyone how much I have benefited already in a short time in my own life and at work and that I only can recommend it.”
Veronika, Naturopath and Well-Being Practitioner
“I´m looking forward to watching and learning from the videos and tele classes. I love to watch the videos over and over again (and to read about Cloé’s teachings) to learn as much as possible from them. You have had a huge impact on my life. I love the training and you guys!! You set such an amazing example and teach well.”
“I have started recently. The films I have watched in the past and presently are extraordinary. Watching the process is enlightening to me as a coach and has had a great impact to my personal growth. I have been so touched watching each of the interactions. I have known of Tony Robbins for many years and saw him in person with Oprah in New York last year. I have never experienced the energy that was present in the theater that day. He is an exceptional human being. The additional gift and surprise has been Cloe and Mark. The weekly teleclasses are conducted with honesty, authenticity and trust. I always feel that Cloe and Mark are generous with their knowledge and wisdom and want to share all they have learned for the good of humanity.”
Blanche, Project Manager in the Cosmetic Industry and Volunteer Coach
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work.”
Gordon, English School Owner and Coach
“I would love to thank you all for this amazing, useful, appropriate, comprehensive and applicable training and information. I’ve learned how I ‘can’ live and create the best life I can.”
Ida-Lee, Call Centre Work and Meditation Teacher
“That out of all the programs for online coaching that I have reviewed this is by far the most engaging and profound training I have come across. That the strategies that have been developed by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes cut through to the source to allow the individual, family or group to let go of limiting beliefs and get in touch with their heart and soul and to recreate their lives with these new found models of their universes. Truly amazing! It has made my life richer. I have been able to integrate what I have learned into my intimate, familial and working relationships in ways I never would have. As well, I have been able to let go of a limiting past that has had me feeling stuck and occasionally depressed for 15 years.”
Dreana, Former Massage Therapist and Nurse and future Coach
“This was a wonderful experience I’ve learned so much and have even more to learn. I wish that we could get ahold of more of Tony’s films. Thank you for creating this training and allowing us into your world so that even more people can have happier lives through learning about their needs and how to take care of themselves. Thank you for sharing.”
Dale, Senior Administrative Assistant and Coach
“This has given me the inspiration and confidence to help others, not to mention the tools to do so.”
Nica, Nutritionist
“I love having Magali on the weekly calls. Her sensitive approach and insight are a great addition.”
Beth Doula, Massage Therapist and Professional Animal Communicator
“There’s a ton of value here! It’s given me confidence in what I have to offer in my field.”
Lorna, Life Coach
“I’ve gained the strategies learned and have applied them, the RMT community and the friendships created with others who share a common purpose of growth and contribution.”
Kali, Management Support Officer(Federal Government)
“Keep up the good work. This is a specialized training that isn’t ready available or accessible for people. I read quite often that people are unable to attend Tony’s seminars and see him live; however this training allows people to see his teachings in a way that a person can feel that they are at a seminar. ”
Steve, Assistant Director and Counselor of an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center
“Amazing Personal Growth and Development! Gratitude for the wonderful gift of human understanding and self-awareness, which you have brought to my life.”
Todd, Diamond Seller and Coach
“You are incredible, keep up the good work!”
Laura, Health and Fitness
“This is the best thing that could have ever happen to me and I’ve enjoyed the benefits that have brought in to my family and personal life. Thank God for your hearts, Thank you for sharing all that is in you and that God has giving you to help others and to help ourselves. By helping us we could also help others that are lost and hurting with no hope. For giving me the straight to see what I have been looking in others to accomplished in my life and to learn that Is with in me already. Now I know more of my purpose to share with all those who come my path. May you be blessed with the fruit of all that you have planted in all of us.”
Irma, Mother, Counselor for Women and Church Mentor
“I am blown away at the variety of fields students are applying the training to. Mark is as amazing as Tony and Cloe, each in their own unique way. Wow! Thank you SO MUCH! Hugs! Hugs! Hugs!”
Cathlene, Strategic Interventionist
“The training is phenomenal on the content and the way it is presented. The teleseminars are vital for more in depth understanding. Looking forward to my brief conversation with Cloe and hoping for a longer session too, Mark has done an excellent job putting all this together and a very big thank you to all of you for this education.”
Katie, Veterinary Technician, Ski Patroller, Part-Time Wilderness First Aid Teacher
“Empowerment and improved quality of life and the ability to help others thus fulfilling my passion and purpose! Thank you for this amazing tool. ”
Michelle, Executive Coach, Facilitator and Business Consultant
“Thank you for creating such an inspiring program – I don’t want it to end! It has given me a better relationship with my husband!”
Charlie, Leadership Coach and Facilitator
“First and foremost, thank you for being the conduit for this incredible truth into our world. Blessings to you and your families. ”
Mark, Call Center Director
“You just keep up the excellent work. I am so thankful also for your personal touch, interest and effort and especially the accommodation in the payment plan and online flexibility with time. God bless you. I’d just hug all of you there! Thanks!”
Margie, Coach
“Just a big thank you. You have, and continue to do so, helped me tremendously in my day-to-day life. It has also helped me to forge an excellent relationship with my 22-year old daughter.”
Linda, Engraver and Online Marketing
“Cloe Mandannes and her suggestion to stop complaining for 90 days has transformed my marriage and changed my life.”
Irene, Retired School Principal
“Thank you Cloe, Tony and Mark for the most wonderful enlightening experience. I have found myself and I never even knew I was lost!”
Lucy, Role Play and Coaching
“It is just an amazing training. ”
Horia, Aerospace Engineer, Team Leader and Life Coach in training
“I have been reading Tony’s books and doing his cd’s for about 17 years and I am a big fan of his work. I have been through some hard times but no matter how low I was, I could always find strength just by playing one of Tony’s cd’s and listening to his voice. I am in a much better place by applying the skills I learned from Tony and I will use what I have learned and will continue to learn with Tony and Cloe to fulfill my life’s purpose, to help others. So yes I definitely have a message for Tony. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and my family. You guys are all awesome, I love working with the Cloe-Maddanes group, your energy is amazing.”
Tammy, Hairdresser
“Love the training. And love Cloe, Tony and Mark. Thank you for being so passionate. That is so motivating to me.”
Doug, Financial Advisor
“The improved website has really helped to engage me and keep me wanting more. Much easier to navigate and understand. Thank you for offering this certification training – it’s very powerful stuff!”
Sandy, Media Sales Management and Fitness Business
“I think this is one of the best strategic coaching programs available.”
Yolanda, Yoga, Wellness and Life Coach
“I think my favorite thing was watching Tony work on the videos and listening to Mark and Cloe work on the calls. I find Tony, Cloe and Mark to be three of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever been witness to. Their level of patience and caring in helping people in each moment has been the greatest role model for me. I guess that is my biggest takeaway from this training. Here are 3 people who could be retired, and they continue to bring their priceless work to a suffering world. It has deepened my commitment to help wherever and whenever I can.”
Linda, Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist Life Coach
“Thank you for giving so much.”
Javier, Writer, Speaker and Trainer
“Keep up the good work….you are definitely changing the world for the better….I just want to get on board.”
John, Departmental Director
“Just a huge big THANK YOU for all they are doing. I feel so grateful and humble. It gave me inspiration! Now I know that anything is possible and any situation can be solved.”
Marianne, Clinical Nutritionist
“The course has given me a greater ability to understand others, beyond the limitations of my own model of the world; in doing so really show up and serve. I am really liking myself as a result of this training.”
Robert, Lifestyle Architect
“It’s tremendous because the interventions are clearly described and very comprehensively worked out. It is a very generous program as the ability to link in to it just continues and the access to the support phone calls continues too. It is better than any other online education or training program, it is not primarily to make money but to convey in a very high quality way the skills that Cloe andTony have. Through the phone calls, it is clear that Mark has also very high-level skills. In the world of therapy it is rare to find such experience and skill coupled with the ability to convey in an empowering way. I really value it, thank you very much.”
Carole, Couples Counselor
“I’ve gained an understanding and have been able to apply the 6 human needs and also how to choose the right vehicle with a class 1 experience. Because of understanding all of this it has helped every area of my life as I apply them to all the areas. Thank you so much for putting this together I’m sure it was a lot of work. The world and people needed this so that we can really work together to help and make a difference in the world.”
Zeb, Construction Carpenter
“I’ve gained a better life! Both privately and professionally. Thank you!! You are doing wonderful work – contributing to making the world a better place. We need this.”
Kristin, Dance Teacher, Coach and more
“Thank you so much!!!!!!”
Monique, Acupuncturist And Coach For Healthy Nutrition
“This is the best training in this field I’ve done so far. I think the methods and processes approach is state of the art. Simply brilliant! I keep going back to the pure training and focus on the amazing teachings I get from that and I just love it. And Mark and Cloé, I’d like to thank you two especially. Cloé, you’re always so cool. Your answers are like mental osteopathy. You just say one simple sentence and it turns things around 180°. And Mark, you’re like velvet. Kindness and grace in a masculine form. Love your approach. All in all, the taped Tony in combination wth the tele classes where we actually can talk to you live are excellent. As I have said to you and as I say to all my friends and my clients, this training is the best, most efficient and fun program I’ve ever taken. Thank you all for your effort and for making the world a better place. Truly. ”
Leva, Life Coach
“I appreciate a lot your continuous efforts to improve this program, very good job indeed! I enjoy it a lot, learning a lot and just love listening to teleclasses on Friday.”
Ioana, Psychologist and Coach
“This course is a constant reminder that change is possible. A big thank you for sharing your knowledge.”
Louise, Coach/yoga/nutrition
“Thank you! I’ve been fortunate to have been able to take many trainings over the years and this by far is the most comprehensive, informative and well presented training I have done.”
Ashley, Owner of a Coaching and Therapy company
“Thank you, and never stop teaching us how to help ourselves and others.”
Pen, NLP Coach and Hairdresser
“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and secrets of a happy life! It’s the best practical course for our busy lives. It changes your life almost instantly. Change is unavoidable.”
Andrea, Finance
“You are really great! Thanks for your efforts!”
Sandra, Coach and Trainer
“Thank you very much for your teaching and help. I’ve learned that there is always a way to solve any problem and to rejoice about the process.”
“This course has given me happiness. I love listening to the modules and learning about human behavior. It fills my days and weeks with more love and respect for the people I meet and myself. I keep thinking that everyone in the world should know what we are learning here. Slowly surely, one step at a time… maybe they will. Thank you Cloe! Thank you Tony! Thank you Mark! This is a wonderful journey. I am extremely thankful for this program and what it has given me. I also love that right from the beginning I could really feel how carefully this program is being developed, with love and ambition!”
Svanlaug, Coach and Singer/Performer
“It is very valuable and powerful. Thank you for these precious lessons of life.”
Delia, School Counseling
“I would tell others that I spent three years and $35,000.00 on a degree in Psychology and I spent $3500.00 on this course. The Psych degree gave me an understanding of why the field of mental health isn’t working. This course, and I am only just starting, has given me an understanding and real change that I didn’t think possible. It’s given me hope and freedom and joy already. Thank you. I am so enjoying the ride.”
Gloria, Artist and Production Designer
“The course has given me some confidence, the chance to begin enjoying working with people and also to find a better way to see my relationship. I have only done a couple of units yet, but watched quite a few videos. I had heard a lot of the concepts before – had studied counseling – but this approach seems to let it fall into place somehow. Oh and Cloe’s jokes and unexpected no nonsense solutions. She cracks me up. Keep the jokes coming. Laughter is the best therapy.”
Carmel, Quit Smoking Hypnotherapist, Food Coach, Counselor
“Congratulations! It is great.”
Silvia, Psychotherapist
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is that strategic intervention is going to help me help a lot more people at a deeper and lasting level than any other coaching approach I’m aware of. Ruthanne represents RMT extremely well. He’s knowledgeable, honest, enthusiastic and credible.”
Rob, Advertising & Video Creative Services and Coach
“The training has really worked. It has given me the ability to get to the “core” issues with people I coach and we both walk away feeling great about how good they feel and their great progress. Thanks!”
Wendy, Broadcast Radio Show Host and Marketing
“This is great training. I’ve always been appreciative of Tony’s work, and he, together with the whole team at Robbins Madanes is super. There are occasionally times when I differ in how I might approach a situation, however, one of the beauties of this program is that each coach and each situation can be approached in many different ways.”
Heather, Minister and Psychotherapist
“Tony’s energy healing technique and Cloe’s strategies are excellent. I appreciate that your group has open the doors to this new realm of knowledge, thanks. ”
Juan, Respiratory Therapist and Certified Hypnotist
“They are an inspiration and a model to me and the proof that I, too, can contribute in a great and positive way.”
Marybeth, Business Owner
“All I can say is thank you. You guys are doing a great job! I am really happy I joined this training. Wish you all the best. Please keep adding more videos if you can.”
Katerina, Administrative Assistant
“The videos make it real, seeing the content being used in real life equates to ‘ seeing is believing’ as it can be challenging sometimes in the past — to belief it and you will see it! The training is useful whether you are a coach or not it is a study of leading yourself first and others….and most important finding an even better meaning.”
Hament, Coach
“It is very very good, very well structured, planned, logical, on the point, practical, assertive, real, no beating around the bush, like other trainings, that are mostly theoretical. This training has given me the possibility to grow in knowledge about how to deal and understand people and myself better. I see there is a lot more to be learned and changed in me. I have now the tools to do it. To become a better leader, a better example, a better mother, companion, citizen.”
Josephine, English Teacher and Farmer
“Thank you for all you have created and how you are changing lives all over the world.”
Annie, Retired
“The program favors an active, dynamic approach to problems. The tools and strategies are excellent and effective. The concepts are non- dogmatic and allow the coaches-to-be to apply and use them in the context of their own unique belief systems and life experience. I love the practical wisdom and expressive freedom with which life problems are discussed and solutions are created. The weekly calls are the one of the most helpful and informative sources. Thank you for your intelligent and inspiring work, wisdom and commitment to high standards. I am looking forward to more classes, workshops, discussions, and sharing of new ideas.”
Nona, Wellbeing Coach
“I am happy to have found a training that is not only about facts but, also and most important about understanding emotions. Cloe, I was so happy when I found out that you were born in Argentina. I admire the easy way that you explain difficult situations, you are very clear and go to the point. The three of you make a good team. You are great!”
Susana, Teacher
“Thank you ALL for putting this training together to give me the opportunity to learn and really enjoy. I think you put your best in this.”
Le, Sales Operations and Psychotherapy
“The training is exceptional and intriguing. The training is a dream come true. It will give me a profession to go along with massage therapy and something I can do when I can no longer do massage. I think all of you are amazing, wonderful people and I thank you for creating this training. God Bless.”
Terri, Massage Therapist
“I really like that this training is at my own pace. Attempting to transition from my current occupation into strategic intervention coaching is taking longer than anticipated. I am glad I can continue to work and earn a living while I learn and apply these principles. I especially enjoy being a part of your terrific team! You three seem to care about our success and I appreciate that very much.”
Craig, Advertising Sales Consultant
“I’m particularly surprised and happy about the humor and creativity of the solutions Cloe has found for her clients. Great inspiration!”
Wenke, Librarian and Coach-in-training
“I’ve gained the joy of discovering life in its wholeness. Awe inspiring, wonder-filled, magical… I appreciate so much! I would tell others to take the leap and experience with 100% commitment to grow.”
Deva, Naturopathic Physician, Metaphysical Healer, Shaman/Medium
“Thank you for your detailed attention and explanations and helping students with there clients. It’s action packed and full of very useful concepts.”
Anonymous, Bookkeeping and Sales
“Knowing life is a growth experience and being able to assist others has been the single best thing I’ve gained from the course. Love this training…its amazing.”
Danijela, Finance Manager
“From the course, I’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to effectively intervene when I see a dysfunctional situation. I love it and you rock.”
Christina, Research Instructor, Pharmacologist and Biology Professor
“Whether you intend to start a coaching career or not, the program teaches you skills for your own life! I love it! I just want to be a sponge and learn as much as I can to help others and myself!”
Kathy, Independent Sales Director and Trainer with The Pampered Chef
“Thanks for you dedication to helping people and training others to help more people. I gained the feeling that I have tools to really help people.”
Joel, Pastor and Life Coach
“I experienced such joy and happiness that changes can be brought so quickly! Cloe brings such wisdom and intelligence of years of professional counseling. Toni brings the techniques alive with the demonstrations. Mark and Magali provide wonderful tele seminars that are like sitting in a classroom as well.”
Michelle, Adult Mental Health
“This training is one of the three best things that have happened in my life. The other two are my daughters.”
Carmen, Movie Subtitler and Image and Makeup Consultant
“Thank you for being the message. I’ve learned how to do the same. I’d tell others to do it yesterday and apply what you learn as fast as you can because you are about to truly experience how great you are.”
Craig, School Owner in Japan and Online Business Coaching
“The training (particularly the new site) is beautifully put together, well supported and a powerful tool for those who want to contribute to hope and healing in the world. You will experience powerful change in your own life and you learn how to support others in making strategic changes. I am so glad that I found RMT — other coach training programs felt to me like “cookie cutter” programs or basic “helping skills,” such as reflective listening and open-ended questions. I appreciate that RMT is grounded in well-established therapeutic approaches. I have known Cloe’s work from the therapy world and I am so thrilled to be able to have her insights and support in the training process.”
Gail, Therapist and Coach
“It’s a great opportunity for personal growth and to be an “agent of change.”
Wendy, Nurse Anesthetist
“Your passion is contagious. I spoke to someone today, told him he would find the course material valuable to his personal and professional life.”
Hazel, Divorce Prevention
“Each new lesson brings new insight and understanding of the strategies. I look forward to everything. It is always fresh and new because of the different case studies. There are so many great things that it is hard to pick a single best thing. Understanding about the 6 Basic Human Needs has really helped me to look at life differently. I feel that it is money well spent to get the training to broaden my business practice and anyone that works with people would benefit from the course. If someone is looking at it just for personal reasons I would still encourage them to consider. You are all an inspiration to me. I aspire to be as comfortable with SI as you all are. I know that will happen with time and practice and adding this to the skills I already have.”
Joyce, Into Health, Wellness Coach and Nutritionist
“This is the best training for anyone who’s a coach and excellent for personal development.”
Line, Life Coach
“The course has given me inspiration. It’s a must! Love it!”
Mandy, Coach and Families Interventionist
“Keep up the excellent work. You help so many people, in so many ways – thank you! This training is excellent and has a lot of ‘rich’ material to learn and apply in life in helping others. I gained an understanding of the 6 basic human needs and of understanding how to fulfill them for myself and for working on helping others to learn how to fulfill them for themselves.”
Kim, Sell Aerial Photography and Life Coach
“Some of the videos have been incredibly inspiring. It is a great training that you can use whether you want to practice with clients or just in you own life. It really changes your life, the way you approach situations.”
Ana, Mother
“The best thing I got from this is my authentic self back. I love you guys. Thank you for putting this program together. You have helped to change, for the better, so many lives.”
Shan, Sales Manager
“I saved my marriage thanks to the training.”
Javier, Architect
“From this course I am learning to see patterns in life and how to enact positive change. It is awesome. It will change your life and raise your standards. Thank you!”
Elizabeth, Event Planner, Writer and Coach
“It is great and extremely valuable even if you only applied to your own life.”
Amba, Liaison for LBGTQ youth with adopting and foster families
“Excellent training! Great videos! Unbelievable information! I love the videos!”
Colleen, Coach
“I am always so moved by Tony’s interventions. And also always appreciate Mark, Magali’s and Cloe’s insights during the tele classes.”
Kim, Artist and Sales Agent
“Cloe, thank you for all the strategies for women. I have applied the 3 dates in a week strategy and it prevented me from getting involved with someone who is just not worthwhile. Thank you. Tony, thank you for that great gift you have in analyzing people. The videos have helped me to analyze myself and be responsible for my own choices.”
Lizbeth, Editor, English Teacher and Actress
“The course has given me the awareness of how I can immediately improve my own experience in any situation and that I could also show others that they could too if they are open to change. Thank you for helping me develop skills that will help me contribute in a very positive way.”
Tanya, Geotechnical Engineer
“I’ve gained the clarity and easy applicability of interventions that can be used in everyday conversations. I will tell others that it is the top of the tree. Inspiring, motivating and educational to a client, oh and that your own life changes in the process. THANK YOU for your vision and dedication to creating a world of passion and peace.”
Catherine, Life Coach
“Thank You. The concept of Human Needs Psychology has opened a whole new world for self-realization and for those clients with whom I work.”
Robert, Retail Management
“I am very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group of people trying to help people. It’s refreshing to step out of the negativity and the day-to-day grind so to speak and get a broader perspective of what is out there and the good that people are doing.”
Cindy, Operations Admin in finance industry
“You have designed an excellent program and I am enjoying it very much. It is very thorough and well designed.”
John, Life/Performance/Leadership Coach
“Thank you! Thank you! I am telling others, you will never regret it–it will alter your life for the better.”
Kim, Health Coach
“I really am enjoying the training. As a Christian, the basic teachings that you are sharing with us, are the teachings of the Bible – renewing our mind, giving us a sound mind which enables us to love and serve others. I twill tell others it will help them get more out of life and their relationships. They’ll be able to serve others by being in a better state themselves. It has helped me understand myself better. The elevation strategy is great. RMT explains and clarifies so much that I could never quite pin down.”
Kathryn, Registered Nurse & Volunteer at a Christian crisis pregnancy center
“The growth I have experienced with this program over the last couple months personally and with my husband have been amazing. I am looking forward to even greater growth and happiness as well as transitioning my interventions outside of my life and to the general population. The course has given me confirmation that my ‘quirks’ are not just me — that they are not necessarily something ‘wrong’ with me, but general patterns that many other women experience. I am not crazy or broken. I’ve gained a better and deeper understanding of these parts of myself. For example, I have always known about presence, but it was not until this program that I was really able to see how a lack of presence from my husband really is part of most of the ‘quirks’ I have. I would tell others, you cannot imagine how these principles will change you, your life, your understanding of yourself and others.”
LeeAnn, Operations Manager and Coach
“It’s an excellent program and a must for nearly anyone wanting to improve their lives whether through relationships, friends, family, or employment scenarios, it will help you better yourself with others.”
Chad, Results Coach
“I am able to live life differently, for the better, because of this course. One decision can change so much…for the better in my case. Once you take the training, there’s no going back! A big thank you!”
Margie, New Life Coach
“I am absolutely loving the training. My friends and family are all are impressed with the changes they’ve seen in me personally and also the effect on our relationships. I learned something significant from every video and every single teleclass. I am enjoying my life now more than ever. The program has given me many tools to help me get the career I want, and most importantly, I believe I have gained the confidence and motivation to pursue it relentlessly.”
Martine, Teacher
“The training was excellent, very intensive and transformative, and easy to integrate immediately into my private practice. On the personal level, it is extremely transformative and I find I am getting breakthroughs. The paradigm shift from modern psychotherapy encourages us to think about ourselves and our own needs. It is beautifully geared as a multilevel training where one can get one’s own personal growth as well as professional growth for beginning as well as advanced therapist/coaches.”
Laura, Naturopath
“I have a background in psychology, have coaching certifications from two other coaching organizations with solid reputations in the industry and this exceeds their training by far. It was great learning my own needs and how I get them met. This has allowed me to see how others get their needs met. Don’t wait to take this training!”
Karen, Educator, Program Administrator, Counselor
“This is going to take me up a couple levels in my field. I think the program has given me more confidence and new tools to add to my practice. Personally I have enjoyed each person I have come in contact. I feel the best surprise is my connection with Cloe. She is heart centered, intelligent, creative, has a warm heart and is very giving. Cloe has helped me define the way I want to coach.”
Carla, Therapist
“The training has changed completely my life, and I mean every one of these 37 letters. It has given me a bottle and a funnel to pour and use a tsunami of tools. I can only say thanks to every single one of you, and when I say this I really mean it .”
Felipe, New Life Coach
“My experience with the course was fantastic. I’ve been training for 25 years and thought I was really good before, but now with the training I received I feel like I’ve reached a whole new level of mastery/unconscious competence.”
Craig, Education Coach
“I had a great journey thru all of my learnings in this course. I have widened my way of thinking. My misson has become clearer, and I feel I master this way of coaching. The fun part is that I learn something new every day.”
Jarle, New Life Coach
“I loved the course. It was so much more than I expected. The information and priciples are so applicable to anyone’s life, business, and of course relationships. When I started this course, I had no idea why I was signing up. I just knew I had to. The information I learned had helped all of my relationships: personally and professionally. Plus, I have been able to evaluate all of my business offerings to see if and how I can make sure that they meet as many of the 6 human needs as possible. This strategy has really helped to fill in some of the gaps in my programs giving my clients a more fulfilling experience.”
Ali, Coach
“Thank you for your kind words. My experience with the RMT training was absolutely great. I have listened to all teleclasses too and done almost all of the bonus lessons but I have not submitted all of them. It is absolutely amazing. I am totally hooked on RMT and its amazing course. I am providing career coaching to 10 of my colleagues with the blessing of the training and development manager as well as the coachees’ line managers’ full approval. So my type of coaching (i.e. what I have learnt from RMT on strategic intervention) is fast creating a huge wave in my office. I might gradually push for more coachees and slowly switch from my current position to be a full time coach with my current employer.”
Moein, Internal Company Coach
“The training was incredible. Its great to have such a wonderful resource to be able to access and re-access. The videos are incredible. Future plans are to integrate the teachings of this course at a much deeper level. As is the challenge with such a comprehensive course, there is A LOT to learn. I will now be going back and focusing on some specific skills to master them. This would include integrating key techniques into my own coaching practice.”
Bryce, New Life Coach(now working for Tony Robbins companies)
“I had been searching for a Coaching program and felt unsure about the choices that were out there. I had almost given up and when I decided to research my options one more time, your program was up and running and you made if financially doable so I could start right away!”
LaShawn, Counselor
“I get quicker results from my coachees. Before I thought a coach was not supposed to give directions. I am have a direct way of communication and now I can be myself much more. The 6 human needs excellent!. The course is worth it! You will get a completely new fresh way of giving coaching.”
Kristina, Executive & Leadership Coach
“The training helped me sell my business as a dentist and start new as a coach. It helped me through my divorce, and I feel like iI am being a better mother. I am now coaching families, especially couples with children. You are all just doing fantastic.”
Lena, Dentist/Life Coach
“The training has been excellent. This is not the therapy that has people stuck in their stuff, but an understanding, realistic, non-pathologizing bootstrap approach that I think is much needed. Do it! I’ve been in Human Resources for 35 years and was licensed as a Professional Counselor a few years ago. I am starting my own practice, and this is help me with new skills and knowledge that I need to be effective. You have done a great job with this!”
Gisele Counselor, Coach, HR Professional
“One day my husband came home from work having decıded to quıt hıs work because he was fed up wıth people (including his boss).He watched one of the films, he dıd the values elıcıtatıon, and he realısed that hıs rules to feel apprecıated are not easy to reach. Thank you very much for all.”
Arzu Chemist, New Life Coach
“I have now done my first coaching sessions with a friend, and I feel that I have the tools from this training. Do this training! It is amazing. Even if you do not want to work as a coach, it is great for self awareness. I would like to thank the three of you, it has been tremendous growth! And Tony, as we say in Brazil: “when I grow up (I am 51) I want to be just like you.”
Fatima, Life Coach and Teen Community Program Worker
“Not only has the training help me understand myself and behaviors, but also it has helped me become a better father by understanding and applying the strategies in life with a teenage daughter. Now I understand what drives my behavior. This will change their life!”
Anthony, Small Business Consultant
“The training has helped me to realize that people are often reacting to past issues and not just responding to present situations. I have learned to approach people with more gentleness and not be upset if they do not react the same way. It helps you to grow no matter what profession you are in.”
Joan, Medical Technologist
“A big thank-you for this program. The 6 needs are very helpful personally and in my work as an internal coach. It’s important to immerse yourself by accessing all available elements of the program.”
Jan, Corporate coach for an Insurance Company
“This training has brought hope back into my life. I feel supported and encouraged. Its been a turnaround in my life. I love the teleclass every week. If I’m thinking of a question, it gets asked and answered. Cloe and Mark are so tender, helpful, kind, wise and so gentle with people and situations.”
Adrienne, Coach
“The training helped me to better understand my (and those around me) feelings, states of spirit or actions. Changing your life is not a myth but a truth available for anybody, anywhere, anytime. I would fully recommend this great experience. I want to thank them for sharing this valuable information and for making possible to join the course no matter what country you are living in or what proffesion do you have.”
Monica, Consultant
“This training has helped me improve my relationship with my husband. This is the best training imaginable. It’s must for everyone. I am very very grateful for this training. It has brought enormous positive changes to the life of my family.”
Ivetta, Coach
“I have been able to integrate most of the training into my life, but also in my work with others. Every minute is an “aha experience”. The training is not only illuminating it is also down to earth and very clear. The big questions are answered and the small ones are taken seriously. Cloe’s wisdom and experience is immense and Mark’s clarity is invaluable. The two make a team worth listening to.”
Alexandra, Coach
“The training provides excellent insights into the human drives, excellent relationship understanding, excellent information about teens. You’ll get far more out of it than you imagine.”
Candyce, Interior Designer
“I am a better coach and a better lay minister because I have so many more tools to use to help people. The single most useful thing I’ve gotten from the training is confidence.”
Leonard, Lay minister and businessman
“The course is well balanced. I have found the exercises, videos and the intellectual presentation, rewarding and these have enhanced my own clinical understanding and life in general. It provides efficient frameworks for quickly resolving client emotional problems. This is a most rewarding course to do both for everyday use and for clinical practice. I support and salute them.”
Bill, Clinical Immunobiologist
“The training helped me understand the human experience from a much wider perspective and allowed me to trust more in our ability to change, grow and evolve. Just in everyday conversations with people at work or anywhere, the training is evident in the way I respond to people. You are an amazingly dedicated group of people who inspire change and are influencing the consciousness of humanity.”
Catherine, Nurse and Wellness Counselor
“I came to this training as my relationship was hitting the rocks. I was in a desperate state because my wife had chosen to be with another man, and we have two small children. The training has help me keep true to myself during very emotional periods, and it has also now helped my ex wife, and I found a win-win scenario for our futures and our children. Thank you for the inspiration and your contribution. The training is a constant guide for me in what has been the most difficult yet most amazing time for me.”
Allan, Coach
“I’ve used the Six Human Needs in coaching 3 career professionals. It’s helped them open themselves to alternate possibilities and driven a new set of criteria with which to evaluate future opportunities. Thank you – great program and very effective””
Scott, Recruiter and coach
“The training has absolutely helped me develop an even greater understanding of myself, my relationships and my clients. Just last week I used the “Key Decision” work on a client and wow – it was right on.It was amazing to be a part of someone’s new understanding of their own behavior. You are all so gifted in the arena of human behavior, and I feel quite privileged to be able to participate in this valuable training. I absolutely love it!”
Loree, Coach and author
“It is the most amazing group, and I have loved all the posts and the interactions that occur on that page. It’s rich, honest and everyone is so caring. Everyone I have shared any sort of understanding I have gotten with this training is moved in some way. Cloe and Mark, you are a perfect team. Blessings to you all!”
Annie, Retired
“I love what I have learnt about human psychology and relationships, through this training. The results are beyond great. It has helped me in my own life, and thanks to what I learnt, I have been able to reach my dad and trigger very positive changes in his life, which to me has been worth the investment in this program by itself.”
Ola, Body-centered Psychotherapist
“I have done many Tony programs and always wanted to make his approach a main part of my work with my clients (I work as bodycentered psychotherapist), but I never really could make the useful transition from all the seminars to my work out of different reasons. This training helps me lot in doing so. The center of gravity in my work is shifting in bringing in the cornerstones of Robbins-Madanes Approach. I recommend this training strongly. Wonderful work.”
–Joerg, Body-centered Psychotherapist
“I am so impressed with the telecasts. You are often given some interesting situations and the way you respond has made me open up my way of thinking. When presented with a situation, you keep asking questions and that seems to be the key to really getting to the heart of the issue. At present, my favourite part of the course is the teleclass. I also have to say that the insight Tony has when working with people is awe-inspiring.”
Grace, Bankruptcy Administrator/Counselor
“I am working with three different clients right now. I started with free sessions, and everyone has wanted to continue. I appreciate the concept of the 6 Human Needs. It has changed my way of seeing the world, and as a result, I find it very easy to teach that to others. The concept is so simple, but it can relate to everything.”
Roman, Coach
“For someone new to self development and self growth, the training can be life changing if you commit to do the work by answering the questions in the videos and related homework. My therapist took this course also and when I shared with him that I was going to take it, he told me it was “outstanding, top notch and worth every dollar” I absolutely agree with him! Mark and Cloe are great!”
Lisa, Supply chain logistics consultant
“I listen to people in a very different way since starting this course. Slowly I start to recognise needs and patterns. There is more understanding for my parents. The course also helped me in helping my colleagues deal with fear due to two burgleries in the shop. The course material is great. I love the video’s and the teleseminars.”
Elke, Administrator
“I have a much clearer understanding of Tony’s work after all this time. I can recognize a sequence in the work that is pretty simple to see and do. I am getting more certainty that I am where I need to be in pursuing this type of work. I am seeing a change in my relationships with family and friends as I get more and more understanding. When you can show someone how easy and fast you can change a dis-empowering thought/beleif/feeling, the world becomes less intimidating and more compassionate. People become more connected and contribute more and the world is better for it. Thank you for this.”
Cis, Registered Nurse
“The Teleclasses, with the real-world experiences that people are having, are also, in themselves, an incredible source of insight and learning. Thank you VERY much for doing what you do!”
Evan, Coach
“I listen carefully to the insight that Cloe offers. She has perfected the art of listening between the lines and bringing the core of the issue to the forefront. I have her textbook from many years ago, but hearing from her directly is inspirational. Consider this an investment in a knowledge base you will only get from a masters program. Learning to coach is a complex skill set that needs supervision and experience to enhance the desire to help to the level of truly assisting change.”
Jan, Life and Health Coach, RNMS
“Without a doubt the training has improved my relationship with my wife. What I thought was a good relationship got even better! The unexpected improvement in our relationship from very good to Outstanding has been priceless. Cloe, Tony, Mark; First of all a sincere thank you for the opportunity to study Strategic Intervention. I know that it will have far reaching positive implications in my future.”
Kevin, Coach
“I used to believe that people don’t change, that they are who they are, but I now look at them as a work in progress with infinite possibilities. I am almost finished with training and feel that I have grown so much this year as a result of the training.ife and give you better tools to work with. I’m continually inspired by the training.”
Deborah, Retired Nurse
“This stuff amazes me. Daily. It has helped me in my personal life with my marriage. While we are happily married, my husband and I lack passion. But thanks to the videos, we’re finding it again. We also used some of the tools in a recent workshop. Not only does the training improve who we are, it improves the lives of others. But more than that, it gives us the confidence and the vehicle to genuinely help others make change. It works!”
Joleene, Nurse, Speaker, Author
“The training has empowered me to finally break down the barrier, open my mouth, and start really connecting with my wife again. I’ve also been able to use some of the techniques to help students deal with insecurity and feelings of low self-worth in my Audition/Performance course at the University in Zurich where I teach. I’m looking for more ways to use SI and the coaching in general in my teaching. You’re wonderful! You make a difference! I’m so glad I came!”
Stanley, Musician and University Instructor
“I have been executive coaching since 1999 but I can see how fast I can get results by using SI. After this training, I can walk help clients with personal issues I couldn’t do before in executive coaching, and it is so useful. Drop everything and go for it!”
Kristina, Executive coach
“This is the most comprehensive training I have ever seen, packed with information, strategies and techniques, a lot of support from the training and the student group. It has been an amazing experience!”
Yehudit, Social Worker, Coach
“My work is hypnotherapy, meditation. The work has given me a model that enables me to have a deeper perspective of what maybe going on for my client. Thank you both for your insights and words of advice to many. Cloe, I have gained insight into my family situations from hearing you work with others and this has been most helpful for me.”
Noeline, Hypnotherapist
“The more I pay attention to the training the more opportunities I get to use them. Situations just seem to come up with people. This is like getting a university education in life skills. I am so thankful that this kind of education is being made available.”
Preston, Financial services, coach
“This is the single most valuable thing I have done in my life other than being born, marrying my husband and bringing up 3 incredible children! I wish I knew this information as a younger person because I would have avoided most of the hurdles I have had to go though in my life. However, I strongly believe it is better late than never! My message to the three you is that I have never been so clear in my life about where I am going with all this beautiful information you have shared with me/us. You each bring such different and amazing gifts to this program that it is like watching magic unfold- and I want to continue sharing this message with the world.”
Caroline, Coach
“I have been able to be of better assistance to my clients with emotional problems. I recently used aspects of the training at a seminar on personal transformation for top insurance executives. It helped to make the session a great success.”
David, Coach/Lifestyle consultant
“This training has helped me to live my authentic self, enabling me to live from my highest intention. Do it!”
Kali, Government-Administrative Officer
“I know a lot of unhappily married women and if they can afford this program, I do recommend it because it gets them out of their head, and into thinking about the needs of their husband…and has the added bonus of Tony’s description of how men think, which may actually be one of the most useful things I’ve gotten out of this thus far!”
Jacqueline, Homemaker
“My wife and I have given already retreats (most of them spiritual, for family and couples) Now we have a lot more tools and strategies to give (especially to couples) to have a life full of passion and fullfillment. Starting with ourselves. The training is not theory, but very practical. It has profound and proven bases in psychology.”
Martin, Seminar Leader
“I am beginning to really listen to people and myself and dig deeper into what they are saying. I’m no longer afraid to ask ask and ask more questions because it will only help in understanding myself and others more and breaking the resistance. The training? It’s money and time and effort worth spent, and believe me once you start working on yourself you want to give it and spread the goodnews that anything can be solved. I am finally going to be doing something I always knew I wanted to do.”
Sophia, Teacher
“There is a wisdom about the content of the training that resonates strongly with me, as if somewhere I already knew it, but not in such profundity. I was in a state of heartbreak when I started, but have now managed largely to change my focus on to being grateful for what I have rather what I don’t have. This enables me to teach others to do the same in some trial coaching sessions I have started. Someone from a couple I coached recommended me enthusiastically to a newly separated wife for coaching – my first recommendation! I am so grateful to Google for putting the RMT ads next to my inbox page! And so grateful that you have made the course globally available. A heartfelt thank you.”
Leonie, Coach
“The training has been helpful to see and change negative behaviors in myself, my relationship with my husband and friends. I have encouraged numerous friends to move to a new place of contentment. The program is designed to help a person elevate their outlook in life, to reach beyond herself/himself in new and exciting ways to create a more fulfilling life.”
Marcia, Educational Products
“The training a very enlightening experience. It helps me to understand much better what happens around me, how people react and why, and gives me a much better understanding of my deeper self and of other human beings. You have put a lot of work in this and I want to thank you and congratulate you!”
Philippe, Math Coach
“Powerful stuff and the timing couldn’t have been better. I had been considering another coaching training program but struggled because it required traveling to 3 day study sessions for 12 months. That would have been a stretch. RMT has been a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.”
Cathy, Government Agency Supervisor
“I have been able to directly implement the 6 human needs and many of the strategies for life both in my coaching and in my personal life. Thank you for offering a terrific training opportunity, which also lends its self so well to improving the greater community of our people. Thank you Cloe, Tony & Mark!”
Maria, Coach & Therapist
“Thanks for creating this training. Its a game changer for life. I am able to bring so much of my unconscious decision making into awareness now. My capability to be a more positive parent, daughter, friend and guide has increased many fold too.”
Vandana, Healer
“DO IT! I know people interested in Coaching, I always talk to them about this program. Its the most complete one I’ve seen out there (and I’ve shopped around). The single most useful thing I’ve gotten from the training is understanding. Knowing that I have a decision, a choice to make in every situation life presents before me. That change is possible and that not only me, but people around me (friends and family) are more powerful than they think they are. I’ve stopped bad habits like biting my nails and watching too much tv and have become more focus about what really matters to me. It has been amazing. I’m understanding a lot of things about me, about people around me.”
Jorge, Business Process Consultant
“This is a the best training I have done in my life so far and I am really loving it. My life is changing in a good way. My self-confidence i stronger and stronger, also my fear of succes is fading away. I am coaching and all of my clients have had big changes in their lives. This is my way!”
Odd, Healer
“The course gives me a broader perspective on people around me and most importantly makes me stop and think very hard before forming opinions about people. You can only get positives from doing this training.”
Greg, Broker and consultant
“The training has been great for me both professionally (tremendous help in building a coaching practice, great strategies that work) and personally (relationship with my husband), and mindset on how to choose and create my life. DO IT! It’s a great way to better understand oneself and people.”
Nathalie, Coach
“This training will help you personally and professionally to improve relationships, discover untapped resources, and find out who you truly are. Thank you for creating this valuable training. Your message is impacting others all over the world to make it a better place and help people in need.”
Ruth, Legal worker
“This has been a great adjust to my 35 years of practicing Therapy, and it has helped me personally to grow and realize the cause of my behaviors and thinking patterns. It will give you great insight into the mind and behaviors of self and others. Thank you all so much!”
Daniel, Psychotherapist/Life Coach
“The training has helped me create new meanings out of past obstacles that held me back in particular areas of my life. The training will transform you! Cloe, Tony, and Mark, thank you for all you have done. The training was wonderful, each of you provided transformational information. I am forever grateful to each one of you.”
Kisha,Relationship Coach
“When I joined the training I was recovering from accident which resulted in broken spine, becoming paraplegic and heavily depressed. The training was a last straw. I am happy to say now, that the last straw worked. I don’t feel depressed. Life is here for me again. I am slowly coming to the point to build my practice and even am giving support to friends who are having hard times. Thanks to the training. The training is the best thing you could do for yourself.”
Marina, Psychologist and coach
“The training program is very comprehensive and cleverly set-up for a busy professional to be able to accomplish. Through these modules, I have become a better person and a better coach. I use the skills I have learned to improve the lives of my employees and my company benefits. Through the module on families, I have learned of a better way to interact with my ex-spouse which has improved our relationship. The benefit is that I have more contact with my daughter and there is less strife between her mother and I. My daughter is my heart. You have helped me with the skills I needed to be able to be closer to my little girl. This is a precious gift.”
“If you have a need to help others, this training will give you the tools to successfully meet that need. If you have a desire for self-improvement, this training will profoundly move you through your development phases. You will come out a different, and better person than the person you were before you started this program. If you are concerned about the time factor, the ease of working on the training as RMT has presented it, will ease that concern. This is a class A training program and these people know their stuff. My life is altered as a result of this training and I am eternally grateful. My relationships are so much more fulfilled.”
Nikki, Corporate Coach
“As a psychotherapist, the RMT programme is adding many new and extremely valuable skills. I feel more positive and optimistic about people’s ability to change than I was before. I would tell them that the training would help them personally and profesionally. That it is run in a very creative and flexible way, that the trainers and the support team are very encouraging and supportive. Firstly, thank you all for sharing your expertise with us, I find the teleclasses a great source of learning.”
Deby, Psychotherapist and Counsellor
“It has help me in so many ways. This training has totally changed my life, my health, my relationships, and my career. I think the six human needs and the elevation strategy are the things I use mostly, both in my privatet life and in my work as a coach.”
Johanna, Coach
“Do this course! It’s worth every penny and every moment of study. Learning about polarity between the masculine and feminine has not only shifted my marriage to a deeper state, but has allowed me to help another couple (my clients) to experience a deeper and more fulfilling relationship. Please continue being your wonderful selves… You are all a fountain of information and an inspiration. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for your work.”
Nycole, Counsellor, Coach, Massage Therapist
“This course helped me through one of the most difficult stages in my life, and still it is life saving (also the community that has sprouted from it). You are about to enter a very wise, loving, and empowering world! ”
Alexandra, Teacher
“All three are terrific teachers with the ability to convey information clearly. The training has enhanced my bag of tools. Utilizing these tools has enabled me to help clients move through their issues by using the platform of growth and contribution. The program is designed to give participants ways and tools for creating a life of choice.”
Bonnie, Parent Educator and Coach
“I currently hold a Diploma of Life Coaching, I am an NLP Master Practitioner and enrolled to complete my NLP Trainers Training in August. The RMT has given me the unique tools and insights to take my business to the next level. The videos are outstanding and the detail breaking down the interventions coupled with the exercises (homeplay) has strengthened my skills beyond belief. I LOVE this program, THANK YOU.”
Amanda, Relationship Coach
“The training has given me the self confidence I needed so much to go on in my life. The training has given me a new purpose, a new compelling future, and a new direction in my life. I got clarity and strategies to change what I don’t need in my life anymore and to get what I do want. Do it! You can change a lifetime of challenges in one year of training your mind. If everybody learned how to control their emotions and how to have great relationships, our world would be a better place.”
Carman, Sales
“To Mark and Cloe – as I always say – THANK YOU SO MUCH for your dedication and for investing in us so much! To Tony – you really changed my life, both in the program and in the last DWD seminar when I was onstage with you for the presence excercise. It really got me back to my core! This is the BEST program there is and I look forward to be able to participate with you on finding and developing new strategies. I think some students that took this program to mastery level as I did will love to help you develop it further.”
Ron, Coach
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work, advice & support you are giving, the teleclasses & trainings are awesome! The marketing modules have helped me focus my intent and vision for my clinic dramatically. Absolutely do it!”
Angela, Coach
“I have found the training to be immediately applicable both in my personal and professional lives. I has helped me get a much clearer picture of who I am , what motivates me and what I want. The training is invaluable, developed and designed to bring about deep and lasting change / transformation for yourself and others.You have a magnificent support team who find ways to facilitate ones learning and development. I have been having an interesting 12 months in my personal life and have always been reassured that my “investment” is in safe hands. It is good to deal with an organisation that practices what it preaches.”
Peter, Psychotherapist and Artist
“This has been amazing for me. I continue to learn so much from Tony and Cloe. After every unit, it seems that I have a client present with an issue for which that unit can help. I am using the material to enhance the lives and relationships of my clients daily. I am so loving this training. I feel that the skills will be timeless and invaluable and the more i use them, the better I’ll become and the more I can serve my loved ones and clients. Thanks for such wonderful material. Love it!!”
Deb, Relationship & Executive Coach
“If you want to be as effective as possible in understanding and helping other human beings, this course has everything you will need – and more. I’d like Cloe, Tony and Mark to know that I admire how thoughtful, kind, helpful and overflowing with wisdom all 3 of you are. For me, Cloe is one of the most incredible human beings a live – it is a privilege to listen to her change people’s lives and bring out the best in them, regardless of their situation.”
Cesary, Software Developer & Coach
“Your training has given me all that I need to learn to make things happen. I am encouraged to be a source of learning for others and will teach what I know to those who want to hear. I will do what I can to light the path for others.”
Rosangela, Wellness consultant
“I understand so much more about human psychology. It has helped me to be a better person, a better coach and have a better marriage. I have helped a lot of people in ways that I never felt fully qualified to do.- the personal stuff, as I am more of a business leadership coach, although always working with the person and self from the inside out. Just do itI NOW! Whoever you are and whatever you do, you will greatly benefit from this amazing training.”
Carole, Professional Coach, Trainer and Mediator
“My neighbor, who I have ben coaching for 4 months, no longer smokes, drinks soda or any caffine, had restored his marriage, started his own business and ” finally get why life is good.” Love Cloe’s analysis of a master at work. Thank you for melding the brilliance of 3 sharp minds and loving hearts into a new way of being for people. My life will never be the same, and neither will those of people I coach and interact with.”
Jeraldine, Massage Therapist and Coach
“The single most useful thing I’ve gotten from the training is a more creative way to problem solve. I have become more strategic in my coaching and in my personal life. I have already recommended people consider joining. I would tell them that it has information unlike any other program that can change the way you approach life and circumstances. You guys freaking rock!”
Ariana, Personal Success Coach
“RMT is the best investment I ever done In my life! It has completely transformed my life for the best! I have never felt more fulfilled, wiser, stronger or happier! A big thank you for all the knowledge, energy and love you shared with all of us! You are not only great professionals more importantly you are great human beings.”
Marea, Relationship Coaching Company Owner
“The best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the wealth of information within the curriculum. It’s great training that you can apply to yourself and your clients.”
Gilles, School Counselor and Psychotherapist
“This course has set my mind free! I can think more clearly! Taking this course is the best decision that you can make in your life! It is really amazing how my life started to change and is changing! Thank you to both of you for sharing your experiences and for the way you work! God bless you!”
Juan, Policeman and Teacher to Entrepreneurs
“What I appreciate most from the training is the coaching tools. The student support is great. When I needed help about a client, the answer came early next morning and helped me a lot in the coaching session. That was great! I would tell others that everything you learn in this training can be used as a tool on your self and others, and that learning about patterns- needs-spirals will help people to understand that we all are alike from nature’s side. These are wonderful training tools, and I’m happy to be learning from the best coaches in the world.”
Gary, NLP Master and Business Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training has been finding my authentic self and my self worth and how much I really value that. Only from there can I truly help anyone else. I find that the best way to help others is often to demonstrate by example of my self what successful strategies look, sound, and feel like. I believe in what you are creating with the RMT program.”
John, Transportation Specialist and Coach
“What I’ve gotten from this training is a new business! Great customer service, I spoke to Josh and he handled my needs very well. To others I’d say, “Do it. It’s an eye opener.””
James, Engineer Government Contractor, Relationship Coach
“What I really value from the training are two very meaningful, personal transformations that have made a difference in my daily life. I have highly recommended the content to several people.”
Jean, Retired from fashion marketing and merchandising
“The thing I most appreciated from the training is all the videos. To others considering this course I’d say, “Yes. For sure. I love the training and there’s so much to learn. Tony: I love your sense of compassion, your wisdom and kindness. Your knowledge is overwhelming and you are truly gifted. Cloe: You are very wise and I love your calmness. You make things so easy and simple for me to understand. Magali: I love your voice and thank you so much for responding to my e-mails. You help me tremendously. Mark: I listen to you very carefully because as a man your way of thinking and explaining things is very different than Cloe or Magali and I feel that it opens up a whole new dimension for me.””
Eliza, Kabbalah teacher
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is reassurance that I know what I’m talking about! Student Support was great. They responded quickly and effectively. To others I’d say: “Do it!””
Joanna, coaching, massage, yoga
“The most valuable take away from the training is a framework for working with issues in my life and those of my clients. I’d say, “Go for it and dedicate the time to complete it!””
Joel, Pastor and Life Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a breakthrough in my session with Cloe. Cloe gave me more breakthroughs; more than the 7 other sessions I’ve done in total. Thanks Cloe, I’m dating a lovely guy as a result of our session.”
Louise, Consciousness Coach
“Keep up the great work! What I appreciate from the training is an understanding that there is a lot to learn to become a great coach. If you want to be a great coach then this is the place to be.”
Lin, Realtor
“So far, I love it 🙂 The best things I’ve gotten from the training are the master unit videos. It’s a mind opener and you can learn a lot.”
Barbara, Lawyer
“From the training I have gained the understanding that anything can be changed! If you are considering taking this course you must do it! It’s the best thing.”
Marianne, Nutritionist, Detox Retreat Manager
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of many issues underlying similar behaviors in myself and others. I’ve told others that taking this course would change their lives significantly.”
Brenda, Speech Language Pathologist
“Go for it. It is one of the best trainings you will ever find. My life and my perspectives on life have changed for the better. I want to soon start my own group seminars and coaching and can’t wait to share all the wisdom that you have put together over these years. I’ve already started helping and coaching my own friends and family and it has tremendously helped everyone that I have worked with. Now I can’t wait to take this to the next level and keep touching more and more people and growing personally within. I have been watching all of Tony’s free videos online for a while now and they have changed my life and have transformed me as a person and have given me many breakthroughs. Now I want to help as many people as I can down here in New Zealand to help them find their own breakthroughs and to find themselves. Thank you Cloe, Tony, Mark and Magali for making this training possible and for helping millions like me.”
Sheldon, Business Development Consultant
“This is an excellent course. Go for it! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is expanded possibility! I’m enjoying the new learning.”
Patricia, Health Coach
“What I value most from the training is a better understanding of myself and my spouse, and a “clue” about how differently I am perceived from what I thought. That it is very helpful in understanding human behavior, including yourself, family, and friends, regardless of whether you want to be a coach or not. I appreciate the narrative that Cloe does on the films and that Mark does on the calls. It helps us understand what Tony is doing (seemingly “automatically”, since he is so good at it.)”
Connie, Dietitian and Coach
“IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is ‘The breakthrough’ for myself! Now I can help others to get to their ‘breakthrough’!!! YAY! Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much for all your work and time. It has to be an amazing feeling to know how much positive change you’ve helped to make in people’s lives! I hope to do the same!”
Danna, Hairstylist/ nail tech and Coach
“What I love the most that I’ve gotten from the training is knowing the importance of being able to change your state.”
Lucy, Coach
“Do it! It will make anyone a better person in everything they do. The incredible thing I’ve gotten from the training is gaining the knowledge I need to continue on my life path and lift people to happier and greater things. Thank you – would be the first thing I want to say. I think this course is a wonderful tool for creating better life, love and relationships in people. I have always wanted to help people realize that life is simple (not easy) and you are giving me tools that put me in a far better position to do what I was put on this earth to do.”
Dayle, Business Development Coach
“From the training I have found a deeper understanding of myself that supports my confidence to instill positive change in the lives of others. I would tell someone who was thinking of joining this training to respect their intuition and don’t hesitate to join. I would like the faculty to hear that this training will succeed in fulfilling their desires in making a lasting and loving impact of change in our growing societies on Earth, for a more unified and peaceful global village free of abuse, hate and wars.”
Lee, painting sub contractor
“JOIN NOW, do the work. What I’ve taken away from the training is my happiness! My peace! A new and much healthier relationship! Love and thanks to each of you.”
Rachael, Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a superior education, which enables me to become the best therapist/coach I can be. I have actually been contacted by many people asking my opinion of the training. They find me online and I always tell them my positive experience. I know some of them have signed up, I hope all of them! Thank you for creating the RMT family of coaches. I am especially happy that I was in the founding class and am still here now with TBT. I don’t believe it was just a coincidence for me. Love and gratitude, Peg”
Peg, Therapist
“What I’ve gotten from the training is the realization that change can happen very rapidly and doesn’t have to take years and years of therapy. Many thanks to Tony for coming to my elementary school back in 1993 and making a difference in the lives of the students.”
Dennis, Health and Safety Coordinator
“What I’ve taken away from the training is a clear system, as opposed to a bunch of dispersed and unrelated concepts. The strategies are rock solid and the supporting material helps you assimilate everything being taught. While it is a moderate financial investment and a large time investment, it will be incredibly valuable for leading change in any career or area of life. Thank you for making this available. You are creating a legacy that will live on for generations.”
Aaron, Strategic Communication Manager
“By taking this training you will understand yourself and others, so it is a very good investment. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is insight into what others and I need. My life is better because of this.”
Jose, Sales
“What I value most from the training is the archetype training. To others I’d say to get in here and get going with no hesitation. I’d like to say a big thank you for all the work you and the team do to facilitate a great training space.”
Tim, Sales and Coaching
“I would recommend the program. Thank you, for putting together a program which delivers immediate results to clients.”
Diane, Coach
“I learned from the training that motion equals emotion! If you are thinking about taking this course, it’s the best thing that you could do for yourself and the world! RMT is the best! I love the way all of you give of yourselves, thank you, thank you, thank you. I also love the FB page. The RMT group are an outstanding group of caring, giving, loving, mentoring people – you’ve led the way in helping foster this community by doing the same.”
Kathryn, Nurse and Counselor
“The thing I love most in the training is relating to so many of the people in the videos. It’s helped me to realize that getting to the truth sets us free. It allows us to believe those perceptions that feel good and loving can happen so quickly when we are ready and supplied with a good foundation of freeing concepts. Concepts that satisfy the mind so that the heart can engage in a profound way. I would encourage anyone thinking of participating in the SI Training. Even if they did not apply it as a coach, the information and videos are personally enhancing because it promotes opening one’s mind in all areas of life. It is a blessing to the world that each of you adds your expertise to the Strategic Intervention Training. I honor your decisions to hang with such gifted amazing co-creators.”
Sandra, Health Technician and Perceptual Sensory Trainer
“What I appreciated most from the training was listening to Magali and Mark interact; the 3 spheres of life, communication strategies, the crazy 8 and the importance of metaphors. Thank you!! ”
Joanne, Strategist and Interventionist
“The training taught me how to move forward in my life towards a fulfilling new career! I look forward to getting more information from interventions each time I watch them. I just love everything about this training. You guys give so much and allow all students to feel able and empowered to do what we are trained to do. Thank you!”
Sarah, Life Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training are the “Ahas” I’ve had about my own life.”
Aviva, Relationship Coach
“Do it if you know this is your passion! What I appreciated most that I’ve gotten from the training is seeing a master in action and learning solid principals. It’s just wonderful.”
Kevin, Internet Marketer and Coach
“Just keep doing what you are doing! What I learned from the training is a way to deal with my own issues. I’m looking forward to just learning more and more, and applying more to my life as well as that of my clients. To others I’d say, do it!”
Nicola, Counselor, Coach
“The course is great! I loved it. It really helps me to understand myself and others. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an understanding of the psychology of people — why they do what they do and what they need.”
Sophie, Corporate Coach
“The training taught me consciousness. It’s amazing to get the behind the curtain look at why and how the Wizard of Oz does what he does. I desire to be more involved!”
Dave, Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the ability to understand other people’s needs. The course is amazing with a so simple approach, but yet so powerful! Anyone can potentially learn this whether they’re looking to be a coach or just to apply in their own life. I can only express my deepest respect for all of you guys! You are doing such a fantastic job. I really feel that this is what we need. Your methods are so effective and the evidence is all out there. We are living in such a complicated world and you, I guess, found the alchemist. Well done!”
Nancy, Coach
“Go for it and see the value for yourself – it will change the way you view the world, strengthen your relationships and most of all, your relationship with YOU will be healed and deepened with love and gratitude. What I appreciate most from the training is insight into human needs psychology. You guys ROCK!!!”
Heena, Coach
“You are great! This course is a must. I really love Q&A calls, even though I’ve graduated, these calls are great value and experience to me. I really appreciate that now I know how to help others!”
Ivetta, Relationship Coach
“Definitely do it. I’ve watched many of the videos, started the journal and it’s all great. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is confidence for making choices in my own coaching work.”
Ann, Life Coaching
“Join, so you can change your life first, then you can help change others. What I’ve gained from the training is learning that I can have the best relationship with me first. I learned a lot about how to help couples stay together in tough times. I enjoy my weekly sessions with all three of you! All are very inspirational. Thank you for RMT.”
Nancy, Motivational Speaker and Relationship Coach
“I always LOVE the weekly live classes. They make my day, every time. There is so much love and support, honesty and empowerment. You all are beautiful beings. Student support was great, always kind and very helpful! If I could, I would give you the joy and exuberance I feel deep inside my heart and soul, wrapped in my passion and appreciation. I never have been more inspired and uplifted! I especially LOVE our weekly calls. Every one of you is so unique and special and by just being in your presence my soul is ignited to make a difference in this world. Thank you so much!”
Deva, Naturopathic Physician
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is new information. There is a great amount of information in the training. I love what Tony is able to accomplish in a short amount of time, I hope to be able to help the people I deal with in much the same way.”
Vicky, Writer, Patient Advocate, Laughter Yoga Instructor
“I have appreciated the extra teleclasses, such as SI for parenting, workplace etc, the Offer – Block, and especially the 3 sessions Magali had with the client and Mark narrating. I could use more of that. Well done!”
Tom, Social Worker
“This course is the best way to spend your money if you’re interested in broadening your perspective, learning meaningful and helpful skills and planning to help people to change their own lives. What I appreciated most that I’ve gotten from the training is a body of knowledge and practical skills to add to my years of experience as a professor and counselor. I feel challenged and intellectually, emotionally and spiritually alive! I adore the different communication styles and personalities of each of you. I love it when you discuss an issue and may not agree with one another, but remain respectful and open. I celebrate your differences, but love the way each of you uses the teaching paradigm and sticks to the points being discussed.”
Karen, Addiction Counselor
“To others I’d say: Just do it! If you want to grow here is the place. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or what your stage is, it will definitely impact your life and profession. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a real life change for myself, and a basic set of tools to bring up my practice to a whole new level. The student support is great. It’s an amazing support system and the idea of being coached by study buddies is a fabulous idea! You have created real value for an affordable price. And we can see that your focus is to help others. I wish you all success in the future.”
Usher, Coach
“What I’ve gotten from the training is a solid foundation to feel confident in understanding others from a deeper, more accurate, place in order to more easily feel the freedom of accepting others for who they really are. I look forward to continued insights from the variety of RMT program elements, opportunities to apply the learning, and the witnessing of success when a great match is made.”
Maria, Teacher
“If you want to understand human behavior, it is a ‘must’ training. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is that I create my own reality. This is fantastic, fabulous, healing for body, mind and spirit.”
Catherine, Healer
“What I’ve learned from the training is the bittersweet combination of becoming more humble yet stronger as well. The clarity I have gained in our lessons is incredible. Knowing the real truth and living it, and being a leader through actions has given me a grateful way of being most of the time, and to see the light when I get off track. Knowing the real deal in my head from life experience and RMT training has really set me free from toxic relationships because I now know it is my CHOICE.”
Annette, Life Coach
“You MUST join! My experience has been life changing for both myself and my clients. Nothing else on the market comes close to the tools and resources shared. I love the un-pack sessions and the way you share your mindset and thought process. Looking forward to more of this and of course time with Cloe – she is amazing. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a faster ability to think on my feet, acknowledging the world perceived my both myself and others and the tools to live resourcefully.”
Amanda, Coach
“The most important thing I learned from the training is how to embody the lessons and “walk the talk.” Student support was great and I had a fast response each time I needed it. This is the best training that I ever received and the only one that I would recommend to my children.”
Ana, Scientist
“If you want to be able to help people beyond goal setting to changing how they approach life, this is for you. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are the concepts of meeting needs and of changing state.”
Sue, Speech Pathologist
“I look forward to continuing to go deeper in the work we have been doing. What I value most from the training is an understanding of myself and my family. The support you all have given to help me to help my family through the many different ideas and strategies you have given to me and the other students whom I have had the privilege to listen to. Thank you for the ongoing care and support that each of you have given to us. Your insight is so valuable and having each of you to give us coaching and feedback is a treasure!”
Christine, Coach and Medical Massage Therapist
“It’s worth it! What I’ve gotten from the training is better life fulfillment.”
Zlata, Finance
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is growth. It is excellent and I highly recommend it. Just thanks for putting this together – it really serves.”
“What I’ve taken away from the training is the ability to affect my community and people I know. After profound changes in my life after attending UPW, Date with Destiny, Wealth Mastery, Leadership Academy and Date with Destiny Leadership in 2003-2004 it is such a thrill to passionately share and help others unlock their greatness the way Tony helped me!”
Brad, Life Coach
“What I appreciate most from the training is a clear understanding of many patterns and attitudes that make our life unhappy. Student support has been great. I have talked twice to Ruthanne and once to Cloe and they have been great and have helped me a lot. It is clear that this is not just a business, but that they care about us as students and potential coaches and messengers and speakers of your fantastic program. I think you are the most professional and knowledgeable persons in the sector. I can feel your real care for people and your interest in changing the world.”
Viviana, Economist
“What I’ve learned from the training are several strategies to use with students and parents I work with.”
Barbara, Education, Counseling
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is clarity. The way of presenting modules is just inspirational and educational. The amount of kindness, motivation and compassion grabs my heart, activates my mind and spirit, I learn with my whole being. It’s just a great program!”
Grazyna, Personal Assistant
“It is an excellent and comprehensive training. The training has taught me a set of skills to improve my personal relationships and ways to guide my clients to rapid and lasting change. Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing all your great knowledge, time and talent.”
Alison, Coach
“One of my friends was so impressed with my personal growth and changes that she is going to take the core 100. Thank you for this training that has been of great value to me. As I find my own unique way to work with the material and take what I’ve learned into the world I hold so much gratitude in my heart of all the work you have done to create this program. A heartfelt thank you.”
Amerinda, Aspiring Coach
“I am so glad that I found this training! In fact, while I was still completing the Core 100 training, I was already firm that I would continue to the Core 200 and TBT training. I have attended a number of coaching programs before, but RMT training is exceptional! It offers you a remarkable learning experience. I have been enjoying the training immensely! Especially, I feel fortunate that I could speak and learn so many great insights from Cloe directly (thanks to the Cloe time!) I have completed the Core 100 and am now doing TBT, which I found absolutely remarkable (thanks to Tony)!”
Fatimah, Life Coach
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is seeing the improvement it is making in my own life especially relationships. I would say that it is enriching, powerful and that the knowledge is needed by society today. I am enjoying it and getting to know all of you.”
Denise, Administration
“This is the best training I have ever seen. It gives a completely new perspective and meaning for life and work. What I value most from the training is that I have managed to sort out my personal life and resentment about my recent divorce. Wish I had this knowledge long before my marriage failed. Absolutely brilliant! Student support is great. Whenever I have a question, it gets answered very quickly and professionally. I am so grateful for all the good things I have learnt in this program so far and I am sure it will make a big difference in my personal and professional life. Your support and encouragement is amazing! Thank you so much!”
Liga, Translator and Linguist
“The best things I’ve gotten from the training are feeling and getting the strong wonderful input of Tony’s interactions with participants and Cloe’s wise explanations. It is learning by experiencing, by looking behind the curtain. Your work, dedication and integrity are amazing.”
Joerg, Bodycentered Psychotherapist
“What I gained from the training is the prospect of a compelling future. This is not like any other training; it can transform your life. Thank you for helping me to create a compelling future!”
Erik, Finance
“It is a practical training program that also provides training on how to convert coaching into business. It gives the flexibility of doing the course at your own pace. Exposure to live coaching by experts and practice session for students is of tremendous value. If you want to help people solve their problems, this is the training you want.”
Debashish, Automobile Engineer
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the couples and individual intervention process. Thank you guys.”
Osnat and Avishay, Marriage Coaching
“What I appreciate most from the training is that I’m taking control of my environment and how I feel about the circumstances of my life and life events.”
Kerri, Child Development Counselor
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is that I am getting insight into my inner being and understanding how I am wired and what to do to change the things I don’t enjoy about myself. I am very happy to be in the program. It is a great learning process for me. Thanks for all you do!!!”
Lene, Musician
“What I really benefitted from in the training is a better understanding of behavior. I think you have a fine program that will prove beneficial to those who apply it!”
Brad, Business Consultant
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is motivation to learn more.”
Carmen, Marketing
“What I’ve gotten from the training is my personal transformation from a wounded man back to an effective person. In 2003 I retired from 29 years of Child Protective Service. I was a broken man. I had been at death’s door with the door wide open. Prior to RMT I healed a great deal. RMT, additional training, a little therapy, a lot of ADD and PTSD treatment has transformed me into as effective a person as I have ever been. The personal and professional excellence I had before burning out in life is reaching a higher level than ever before. If you pour your heart and soul into this training, you will benefit more than you can possibly imagine.”
Larry, Strategic Coaching
“I look forward to finishing the homework and getting my certificate! I realize how amazingly useful this work is and I also see the amount of time, presence and intent it requires to master it. I greatly appreciate this because it is a training that requires real commitment and there is a great sense of satisfaction and pride in completing it. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are clarity and an expanded view of human behavior and the possibility to realign oneself no matter what life throws at me. It is by far the best training in understanding human needs and behaviors and in how to transform any negative or limiting behaviors and beliefs through a step-by-step comprehensive and results-based manner. To Cloe, Tony, Mark and Magali: I am deeply grateful for your years of work in creating this program. I appreciate your vision, patience, perseverance and commitment to teaching this work to the masses. Your guidance and listening skills have inspired me to enhance my own listening skills so as to become even more present and effective as you all are on our weekly calls. Especially to Cloe, I would like to share that you are a mentor figure to me even though w e have not yet met or spoken. This teaching format has allowed me to connect with you (Cloe) and all of you in a manner that transcends direct face-to-face connection and at once, allows for that personal interaction. I have been listening to you, Tony, since 1998 and I have attended UPW and have now applied to crewing. Mastery University is next on the list for 2014. May you continue to be deeply blessed. Know that you are all deeply appreciated and loved.”
Anne-Marie, Coach
“I would say, if you want to improve the communication in your life, and you want to make a positive difference in peoples lives, or even to improve your own experience, then do this course! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the knowledge that I can actually help people with their issues and problems. It’s quite amazing!”
Craig, Advertising Consultant
“The training had taught me that I can change my model of the world. Do it! It is amazing, not only for yourself but for all the people you interact with. Thank you for all that you do!”
Jen, Aspiring Coach
“I love the training. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is a better understanding of myself, and some of the things that lead me to some of the decisions I have made over the years. The training is an eye opener. It has caused me to do a lot of self-evaluation, and enlightened me in many ways. Whether you do it to become a certified Life Coach or just to experience the exercises for greater self-awareness, and greater understanding of others, it is great information.”
Yonna, Nurse
“It’s the perfect training if one wants to be a real leader for his-her environment. What I appreciate most from the training are tools to introduce and guide a client into his-her first coaching session. Thank you to all of you, to all your dedication you bring to every session. It’s not a program; it’s an expression of Love towards Humanity. Love to all.”
Louisa, Coach
“Life is so worth living and having the right tools to help you succeed is invaluable. What I’ve gained from the training is being a positive window for the people I love most to look thru.”
Kala, Childcare Provider
“Absolutely go for it! It’s a revelation both personally and professionally. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the ability to recognize my own needs and subsequent behaviors and how to manage myself better and help my clients do the same.”
Beccy, Coach, Trainer and Writer
“This training will provide an all-round awareness of self and others. It teaches you how to get the most out of yourself and your relationships with other people. You will also learn how to create more fulfillment and fun for yourself and other people. The best things I’ve gotten from the training are the strategies that I have learnt and that I can use in my life and also help my friends and family to use in their jobs and social lives. Some of the strategies are so simple but they are very effective and they provide people with clear concise steps to take, which make progress achievable. Congratulations! You’ve put together a training that people can learn from but also really benefit from by watching live interactions between Tony and his clients. Seeing people change in an hour or two increases one’s belief that this is possible. People really can be helped to change whatever they want to, if you have the right strategies and tools and the desire is there to do so. The support system and especially the weekly phone calls are excellent as they keep you connected in what could otherwise be quite a distant form of training. Thanks and well done.”
Matthew, Management
“I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful gift you all have given me and so many other aspiring coaches. Earlier, I used to just watch the videos and pay attention to Tony. Over time, I realize that I am learning so much from the teleclasses with Cloe and Mark and Magali’s work with Rebecca. Thank you all for being my teachers. Love and Respect.”
Ashlesh, Coach
“What I’ve gotten from the training is a new mindset, a different way of looking at every aspect of life. I feel like I have finally walked out of the fog I have been living my whole life in. I spent 4 years in college, and learned more in the first week of my classes through RMT then I did in those 4 years. Not only did RMT help me understand how I can help others, but also it changed the way I look at life. I found myself; I am motivated, excited, and genuinely happy every day. I look forward to my training, every time I click on a new unit I feel like a little girl opening a Christmas present, excited to find out what new gift is inside. About three weeks ago I met a young man who had given up on life. He was loosing his home and prepared to live in a tent, lost his girlfriend, and had no job. I read his FB page and there was a brief story about his past. I felt intrigued to talk to him. His life story gave me chills. There was so much damage I honestly thought to myself there is no way I could help him, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I thought about all that I had learned in this training. I thought to myself he was more then willing to share all of those things, maybe he uses this story to feel significant. I told him that I was working on a coaching program and I was new at it, but I thought he could benefit from having a life coach. He laughed at me and said that he was beyond help, he threw more details of his damaged past at me, talked to me about his multiple past suicide attempts. I decided I would use all of the tools I learned and do my best to help him, if he gained nothing from it all he would have lost was a little bit of time. I used the strategies and helped him create goals (he had none) I even helped him build a free web page. He texted me yesterday that his rent is all paid, he set up a handful of tattoo appointments, set up tattoo parties, and he is working on re-building his relationship with his girlfriend. When I opened that text message I cried, I knew that this training had helped me, and I was able to use it to fix little issues with family and friends, but this man I wasn’t sure about. I was shocked.”
Jamie, Coach
“It will sure help you open your mind. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the ability to improve my understanding of communication and behavior to make remarkable change in my life and others. Thank you so much for all that you do to make this present and future humanity more aware of how we interact, understand and heal each other.”
Paul, Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist
“Thanks so much for this opportunity. What I’ve appreciated most from the training is awareness of what drives me.”
Gail, Lean Program Director
“The best things I’ve gotten from the training are tons of tools and ideas for helping people identify and overcome the blocks to living the life they desire. Student support was great. I always felt welcomed and encouraged to reach out. Very nice staff, even on the voice mail!”
Kimberly, Chiropractor, Counselor, Nutritionist
“The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is an awareness of strategies to lead others to their chosen goals. Thank you for delivering an excellent program.”
Nancy, Educator
“The most valuable thing I’ve gotten from the training is the six human needs! I can understand WHY I do what I do and why others do what they do very easily. I would tell others that if they had the money and this was the direction that they wanted to go that it is probably the best Life Coach Training available and that it will change their Life for the better.”
Angie, Fitness Professional
“What I love most that I’ve gotten from the training are motivation and skills to be a better coach. I love the human needs aspect of the training. It was a perfect complement to my background in business and psychology. Great job. It has a definite impact!”
Lisa, Coach
“The best things I’ve gotten from the training are a different perspective, worldview, basic needs, giving more in order to receive, the powerful hold that beliefs and values have on us.”
Alison, International Development
“Some of the things I’ve learned from the training is a clear understanding of the motivations that drive people, use of emotion for positive purposes and loss of fear. Keep up the good work, I love the systems approach.”
Vivienne, Psychiatrist, Coach, Therapist
“The information is great. What I’ve taken away from the training is the knowledge that change can happen quickly.”
Diane, Education
“If you want to improve your life and that of generations after you – run, don’t walk, and enroll! The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is the confidence that I can push through my anxiety and come out stronger! Please know that this is the most powerful experience I have ever had and cannot wait to learn more and share it with others in my new career. I have spent years learning about myself, and this is the missing piece. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Kathy, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker
“What I learned from the training is the ability to know myself better and change the way I see change.”
Francesca, Aspiring Coach
“I would tell others that if nothing else has worked for you, this will. My life has changed, and I feel that the effectiveness of this training can help anyone no matter what his or her challenge is. There are concrete strategies and support that are not offered in other programs that I know of. They work and are changing lives. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is seeing others light up and lead the life they were meant to live. I have been so impressed with all of the support staff. Thank you Tony, Cloe, Mark and Magali. You have changed my life and are making a positive change to many others that are in my life. The training you provide is something that I can bring to my clients every day and to my family, friends, colleagues and people I do not even know. Love and light shared worldwide.”
Sue, Personal Trainer
“What I appreciate most that I’ve gotten from the training is the self awareness I have gained. It has been mind blowing! and the personal growth has been life saving! Thank you for providing such an invaluable tool for students and the world too!”
Venessa, full-time mother
“It’s life changing. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is seeing things from different angles. Already shedding light on what makes me tick. I have a lot more to learn. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ”
Deanna, Holistic Health Coach
“What I’ve gotten from the training is the realization that I can become far more effective. I really get the feeling that your mission is to help us coaches to be more effective, patient and loving with our clients.”
Marie, Coach
“What I’ve gained from the training is that it gave me a better understanding of myself and other people and transformed my relationships. I would tell others to absolutely go for it, this program is life changing and anyone interested in helping himself or herself and others on a personal level should go for it! Hello all and thank you for this amazing gift you have all put together and are blessing humanity with. ”
Stephanie, Lawyer
“Go for it! It’s a life transformational experience that will help you answer to the human needs of all the people who come in contact with you. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is to understand that all behavior has a positive intent 🙂 Yes! I love what you guys have created: a universal training to elevate human capacity for growth and contribution.”
Josiane, Psychotherapist and SI Coach
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work, advice & support you are giving, the teleclasses & trainings are awesome! The marketing modules have helped me focus my intent and vision for my clinic dramatically. Absolutely do it!”
Angela, Coach
“This is going to take me up a couple levels in my field. I think the program has given me more confidence and new tools to add to my practice. Personally I have enjoyed each person I have come in contact. I feel the best surprise is my connection with Cloe. She is heart centered, intelligent, creative, has a warm heart and is very giving. Cloe has helped me define the way I want to coach.”
Carla, Therapist
“I feel that you are really doing your best and I find the product amazing. The weekly calls and all that is great! Thank you very much! It’s great for your life and offers a good structured approach. The single best thing I’ve gotten from the training is more understanding for my wife and my relationships.”
Joachim, Management Consultant/Trainer/Coach
“It’s definitely worth it both from a professional point-of-view, especially if they are in the coaching or consulting fields, and from a personal point-of-view, as it does impact the way you perceive your relationships with others and your interactivity with them. Keep up the excellent work & keep rolling it out to more & more people!”
Liana, Marketing Consultant
“The self-awareness I have gained from this course has been mind blowing! And the personal growth has been life saving! I look forward to learning even more tools to enable me to discover more about who I am and be able to use this to help others. For others considering this course I would tell them to commit fully and keep an open mind to a new way of thinking. Thank you for providing such an invaluable tool for students and the world too!
Venessa, Full-time Mother