The Power of Vulnerability

Anna Lise stood up at a Date With Destiny in 2002 to ask Tony a question about her fights with her husband. The next two hours would transform her life. With Tony’s help she discovered a “Key Decision” she had made as a child in relation to a terrifiying home situation, a decision that had since controlled and limited the direction of her life and her relationships with her family. On having this experience with Tony, and seeing the true potential in her life, Lise showed the utmost courage and creativity in reinventing the choices she wanted to make from now on. She went home and, simply by embracing the vulnerability she had given up in herself as a child, simply by focusing on this one choice in her life, Lise completely transformed the quality of life of her adult children, her grandchildren, and her estranged sister. By our count, by simply deciding to make the best decision she could make for herself, Lise positively transformed the lives of 11 people in her family.

Lise’s conversation with Tony became the second Robbins-Madanes film ever made, and has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people seeking to revisit decisions they made in the past so that they can reopen the real potential of their present and future.

Lise came back after the intervention to give back to the community, becoming a senior trainer and leading hundreds of individuals to greater personal change. She passed away last week after a long bout with colon cancer. We will all miss her humor, insight, caring, humility, and of course the beautiful vulnerability she learned to enjoy in that conversation with Tony.

-Mark Peysha

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